Top 10 Best Lightening Creams in Nigeria & Prices (Updated)

Top 10 Best Lightening Creams in Nigeria & Prices (Updated). Quality lightening cream variations are offered by lots of brands today; as a result, it is indeed possible to find entirely natural creams for fair complexion skin, but it’s not that easy! Moreover, good body cream for chocolate skin has to be effective after all!

Best Lightening Creams in Nigeria

Different girls want to bleach their skin for various reasons and bleaching will most certainly lighten your skin to the color you have almost dreamed about!

Take a look at these names of cream for fair complexion that are being sold like hot cakes at the moment: these creams will transform your skin into fair and white miracle. What is important is that your natural skin color doesn’t really matter whether it’s dark charcoal or if fair complexion!

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Top 10 Best Lightening Creams in Nigeria & Prices (Updated)

These creams will repair and transform your complexion into a soft and fair miracle. The most interesting thing is that your natural facial color doesn’t matter be it fair or dark charcoal.

1. Fair & White (Gold) Tone Body Lotion

One of the foreign creams for fair skin complexion that you can get in Nigeria is Fair & White (F&W) Gold Ultimate 2 body toning lotion.

This lotion great is especially for those that are seeking to rejuvenate their fading skin.

The Fair & White Tone Body cream contains an AHA solution which is great for whitening and exfoliating dull fair skin.

The lotion which is housed in a 250ml gold color and stylish bottle equally helps to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines, thereby destroying all signs of aging.

2. Neutrogena Body Lotion 

Neutrogena body lotion is very great for both fair and light skin tones but might not be a better choice for absolutely dry skin.

The cream does not feel greasy or heavy on the body and as such, is compatible with Nigerian weather.

The body lotion moisturizes and softens the skin while allowing it to also breathe.

3. Jergens Natural Glow

Jergens Natural Glow body lotion is very perfect for the ladies that are desirous of getting tan on their fresh fair skin.

The lotion is formulated out of natural ingredients that enhance the skin with a full shade of domestic and natural-looking brown complexion in few days.

Many people actually use this foreign cream for fair skin in Nigeria as “bus stop cream” in a bid to maintain the skin spec they already achieved.

4. Nivea Extra Whitening 

The Nivea cell repair extra whitening body lotion is purposely formulated to repair dull, damaged, uneven, flaky, and rough skin.

This milky formula’s body and cell repair lotion claim has appeared to have been tested and confirmed based on people’s reviews about it.

The lotion is also good for fair-skinned people without the intention of getting lighter but just want to keep and maintain their natural skin shade.

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5. Fair & Brite cream

Fair and Brite body cream doesn’t have to be the most patronized skin whitening cream in Nigeria before it can be effective.

The body lotion lightens the skin color but doesn’t whiten. Hence, if all you pray for is just to glow and lighten your skin, why don’t you go for this simple solution now?

6. ZetaWhite

Zeta White is produced in the UK and it is one of the foreign fairness creams that work wonders. That sounds cool, isn’t it?

The cream makes your skin lighter and softener. It contains the only natural formula and can be found anywhere in the world.

7. Amoils H-Age

The Amoils H-Age so the free formula is produced by FDA approved laboratory. It’s widely known for its natural element for eliminating dark spots.

Although Amoils H-Age is neither a cream nor a serum, but rather an oil. It’s a safer and milder alternative for whitening or skin bleaching.

Its natural formula gets rid of age spots, liver spots, and dark spots caused by excessive pigmentation.

8. Lotus Herbal White

Without a doubt, Lotus Herbal white is one of the top-notch foreign tube creams for fair skin in Nigeria right now.

Its major ingredients include fruit extracts such as mulberry, grape, milk extracts, and many more.

This Lotus Herbal White cream fights against light exposure and harmful sun rays. Plus, it can also serve the purpose of a moisturizer.

9. Extreme Glow 

The Extreme Glow Lightening Serum is made out of natural ingredients. It help rejuvenates the skin complexion and protects it from strong UV rays and harsh weather.

10. Clean & Clear Fairness Cream

This foreign body cream for fair complexion gives the skin a special glow from within. It is free of greasy oil and doesn’t accumulate dirt.

Bonus: Fair and Lovely Face Cream

The Fair and Lovely lotion is an advanced multi-vitamin face lotion. It eliminates black spots and works for sunburns on the face.

More so, it leaves behind glowing effects and brightens the skin. It can be found in any well-stocked cosmetic store anywhere in Nigeria.

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Tips For Effective Skin Lightening

It is best to get a lightening cream with sunscreen effects as this will reduce the cost of getting sunscreen. If you have a toning cream, you might be careful not to get a lightening cream with it. This is because the best toning cream also gives lightening effects.

Please make sure you go for a bleaching cream in Nigeria without side effect. Many of these creams do not permanently whiten the skin, but over time, with consistent usage, melanin production will be reduced and hyperpigmentation occurs less frequently.

Also, when deciding to use between lightening lotion or lightening cream, your skin type should be considered. The difference between Lotion and cream is that; Lotion has a higher water concentration, while cream has a higher oil concentration. Lightening cream should be used by people with dry skin, while lotion should be used by people with oily skin. People with normal skin types can use either.

To avoid the build-up of dirt in the skin, it is necessary to exfoliate the skin. Due to the oil and dirt accumulation, the lightening cream might not work effectively as it is not able to penetrate the pores. So, it is advisable to exfoliate thoroughly before using any lightening product and continue exfoliating once in a while.

Using a lightening cream is not the end of your skincare problems, there are other skincare routines to do to get the best results. These tips will help you get the best of your skin;

  • Use sunscreen; avoid the sun as much as you can and use sunscreen always when going out
  • Quit smoking; smoking reduces oxygen flow, and this will make the skin look dry, pale, and unhealthy.
  • Use mild soap; strong soaps strip the skin of oil and this dries out the skin.
  • Use moisturizer; the skin needs enough moisture to look radiant, use moisturizers or creams that also functions as a moisturizer.
  • Eat a balanced diet; your skin also needs nutrients. Eat lots of fruit and vegetable to provide the skin with enough nutrients.
  • Drink water; the saying “drink water and mind your business” is a valid one in skincare. Drinking enough water keeps you hydrated and gives the skin a glow from inside. Mind your business to avoid unnecessary stress as this can make the skin break out.

Skincare is a form of self-love, it should be done because you feel beautiful and you love your skin, not the other way round. Remember these tips when next you want to get products for your skin.

Where to Buy Best Lightening Cream in Nigeria

Check big supermarkets like Spar, Shoprite and Prince Ebeano in Ikejai. You can also buy online from yaoota, Konga and Jumia.

There you have it, the best body creams for light skin in Nigeria. Remember to always use sunscreen if the lotion of your choice doesn’t come with SPF and even those that come with SPF, if it is lower than SPF 30, I advise you to get a sunscreen that is SPF30 above so these best body creams for light skin in Nigeria will work effectively.

So if you desire perfect and glowing skin in the shortest time possible, this article brings you the top 10 best skin lightening creams and lotions in Nigeria with the fastest actions.

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