Drivers’ License in Nigeria: Requirements And Cost

Drivers’ License in Nigeria: Requirements and Cost. The Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) issues driver’s licenses, which are official legal documents that provide the bearer with the right to drive. Here is all you need to know about Drivers License registration.

Drivers' License in Nigeria: Requirement and Cost

Drivers’ License

Without a driver’s license, it is against the law to drive in Nigeria. In the United States, a driver’s license is a government-issued document that grants the privilege to drive. Obtaining a driver’s license in Nigeria requires that you be at least 18 years old. Nigerian drivers licenses may be granted to people of any age, although age isn’t the sole criterion. There are actions to take and additional prerequisites to meet. The registration is also not free; it takes time and money and is good for three or five years.

The Federal Road Safety Commission, which includes the Federal Road Safety Corps, was formed in 1988 solely for the goal of preventing accidents and assuring motorists’ safety. Also, the Commission is in charge of setting policy, while the Corps is in charge of carrying it out throughout the nation.

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Importance of Drivers’ License

It is a legally binding document granted by the Nigerian federal government, which gives its nationals and non-citizens or inhabitants the independence and permission to drive (although it is not just issued in this country). Individuals also have the freedom to travel wherever they choose without fear of being followed or intimidated since they have a driver’s license. The Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) introduced a new commercial driver’s license in 2012, which includes security measures such as a health certification need for drivers.

Three years before its expiration date, the driver’s license had to be renewed by motorists. A new five-year driver’s license will be issued in 2016, according to federal government policy. The legal driving age in Nigeria is 18 years old. To obtain his or her license, the candidate must first complete instruction at an approved driving school.

How much is a drivers’ license in Nigeria?

The price of a Nigerian driver’s license may be seen below:

  • N8,000 for a Driving school Certificate.
  • Certificate of compliance with VIO: N1,000
  • Certificate of eye examination: N500
  • License for three years costs N6,350.
  • The cost of a driver’s license valid for five years is N11,450.
  • A new license can set you back anything from N16,000 to N20,000 altogether.

How much will the New Licence Cost me?

Licence Class Validity
Class A ₦5,000 ₦8,400
Other Classes ₦10,000 ₦15,000

Please note the following:
1. There might be other charges dependent on the payment channel selected.
2. Where applicant chooses to apply for multiple classes, each class will be charged separately.

Drivers’ License Types

  1. Class A: This is the license for motorcyclists.
  2. Class B: Any other than a motorcycle, taxi, stagecoach, or omnibus, a motor vehicle with a gross weight limit of 3 tons or less. Personal automobile owners who want to drive their own cars instead of commercial vehicles would benefit from this license.
  3. Class C: A vehicle other than a motorcycle with a gross weight of fewer than 3 tonnes. Drivers of taxis will like this.
  4. Class D: any other kind of motor vehicle not listed above. Commercial drivers will like it, but so will non-commercial drivers.
  5. In this class, a vehicle that is neither a motorcycle nor an articulated vehicle is classified as Class E. Perfect for anybody who does not fit into one of the two categories mentioned above.
  6. Tractors and other agricultural equipment of Class F.
  7. Class G: Vehicles with articulation. Especially for truck drivers who have a distinct head and torso.
  8. Class H: Vehicles used in earth-moving operations. This sounds like a license that allows the holder to operate any vehicle on the planet. That’s something you should give a go.
  9. Class J: Physically challenged drivers’ license.

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Documents Necessary for Obtaining a Nigerian Driver’s License

You will not be granted a Nigerian driver’s license if your paperwork is incomplete. The following is a list of documents that must be submitted:

  • Certificate of completion of a driving school
  • Learner’s permit.
  • VIO Certificate of Testing.
  • Certificate of birth/Declaration of age.
  • FRSC-approved hospital optometrist certificate.
  • Proof of payment for a driver’s license (bank teller or print out).
  • National Identification Number.

How to Obtain a New Drivers License

  1. In order to get your driver’s license, you must first enroll in a driving school. Driving schools abound throughout the nation. After completing your training, you may next apply for your driver’s license.
  2. The school will take you to the Vehicle Inspection Officers for a driving test once you’ve finished your instruction. The exam is designed to see how well you handle the car in tight spaces, heavy traffic, and on the crest of a hill without crashing. After you pass the exam, you will get a certificate from the school.
  3. Visit a DLC branch near you: Present your certificate at any DLC office and ask for a driver’s license once you’ve obtained it. You have two options for paying the licensing fee: either online or in-person at a recognized bank. Officially, a three-year license costs N6,000 and a five-year license costs N10,000, however, the actual cost may be more. Mine cost me N15,000.
  4. Fill out the online application form by clicking here, then print it off after you’re done. If you’re paying online, be sure to save and print the receipt and the payment form.
  5. To have your paperwork signed, take it to the DLC and show it to the VIO there.
  6. Please go to the DLC FRSC officer for biometric collection. To apply, you’ll have to provide biographical data, your address (home or workplace), phone number, birth date, and a passport picture.
  7. You will be issued a temporary driver’s license for 60 days while your permanent license is being processed. Don’t get your expectations up since the permanent license may take a lot longer than anticipated.
  8. You’ll be informed by text message on your phone when this happens.

How to Renew Your Driver’s License Step by Step

  1. Visit to apply online, then print your application after filling out the necessary sections and your payment receipt.
  2. You may pay your license fee in person or online at the designated banking institution.
  3. Bring your paperwork to the DLC and get it signed by the Board of Internal Revenue Officers or the VIO.
  4. For biometric data collection, see the Federal Road Safety Corps Officer at the DLC.
  5. You will be issued a 60-day temporary driver’s license.

Drivers’ License Fraud

There are three methods to get a driver’s license in Nigeria:

  • Making the difficult decision to renew your driver’s license in person at an FRSC office.
  • To have the job done for a hefty fee, you negotiate with “express license agents.”
  • Signing an agreement with a phone license manufacturer for a fraction of the price

Of course, the vast majority of people would never consider using a fictitious driver’s license to get behind the wheel. They also don’t have the endurance to battle with FRSC officers due to a lack of time and patience. As a result, the second approach is the most popular, despite the fact that it comes at a price that is well above anyone’s expectations.

Despite the fact that many Nigerians are aware of the scams and tactics, they continue to fall for them. Why? Due to the fact that they have no other option if they want their licenses granted on schedule. As a result, they’d rather pay extra to have things done quietly than risk the repercussions of challenging government processes. Most of those drivers haven’t taken any driving lessons and haven’t passed the VIO exam, we’re certain.

While it’s true that using “agents” may save time and effort, completing your own driver’s education, exams, and requirements is the best way to guarantee your own safety on the road in the future.

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Finally, if you’d want us to assist you with more updated knowledge on the same subject at the appropriate time, please supply us with your name and email address through our Contact page. Also, feel free to use our comment box to ask any questions about this tutorial.

FAQs On Drivers’ License in Nigeria

How do I pay for the New Licence?

Payment for the new licence can either be made online on the application Portal at or at any of the participating banks.

I just renewed my licence. Can I continue to use it until it expires?


I am a fresh applicant. What do I need to do to obtain the new Driver’s Licence?

1. Visit an accredited driving school and complete the mandatory drivers training.
2. Obtain a driving school certificate number from the accredited driving school to be used to initiate a fresh application.
3. Access the, click on DL Application tab and select New Driver’s Licence Application.
4. Provide your Certificate Number (Which is the number on the certificate provided from the driving school attended) and click on submit.
5. Fill in your application details and submit and make payment.

What happens to a driver’s Licence that have recently expired, Say February 2018?

Initiate Renewal Application from the FRSC DL Portal.

Can I send somebody to an Information Processing Center with my passport photograph and other documents to process my Licence application on my behalf?

No, applicant must be there in Person.

After I supply my information, will I be able to change it later?

Yes, you can change your details, but you will be required to provide relevant supporting documents.

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