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Effective Marketing With The Smallest Investment

Effective Marketing With The Smallest Investment. Get Insight On The Best Marketing Strategies For Your Small Business. Want To Know More? Learn More Here!

Effective Marketing Strategies For Small Investments

Do you have a small business? Do you wish to push it further but confused on the best marketing strategy to use? It is very possible to market a business that is very small; you do not need to so much money before you can market your products. However, the marketing strategy that one would use for a big investment or business is quite different from the marketing strategy that would be used for a small investment. This is because they do not have the same level of capital as well as the fact that small businesses need to be properly nurtured unless they would crash at the slightest mistakes.

I have put down some effective ways which one can do effective marketing for a small investment or business. However, it is important we understand the concept of market and what it really means before we look at the tips.

What is marketing?

Marketing simply involves any action taken in order to promote one’s business with the sole aim of getting people patronize the business.

What are the effective marketing strategies that can be used for a small business or investment?

There are different marketing strategies that can be used for a small business or investment but I have put together some that would be very helpful; for one’s business.  Here are some of the effective marketing strategies that one can use for one’s business:

  1. Content marketing
  2. Follow up with customers
  3. Take advantage of free consultation
  4. Hold trainings at a very cheap rate
  5. Partner with other businesses
  6. Post reviews
  7. Make sure your products or services are quality


Content marketing is by far one of the best ways to market small business, in fact, content marketing can be used for both small and big investments and it works very well. Content marketing can simply be said as a kind of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of material mostly online like videos, write-ups and so on.

The whole essence of content marketing is to stimulate the interest of a person in another person’s or an organization’s product or services. Content marketing should be done in such a way that the content would be quality contents free from plagiarism and convinces one why one should get a certain product.

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Another effective way of marketing a small business is by following up with customers properly.  when you have a customer that has patronized your business before, you should not think that it is the end of business, you have to keep following up with that customer to get reviews on how your product or service helped the individual. You also need to be very kind when talking to your customers in order not to push them away. This simply means that you must make your customers service top notch. Customers that have patronized you before and have used your products at one time or the other will definitely refer other people to you.

Also, follow up is not necessarily meant for customers that have patronized your business before alone. Follow ups can also be dome on potential customers that has shown interest in your product or service at one point in time or the other. The whole essence of this is to stimulate their interest in your products or services; it could be that they have forgotten.


A lot of people when starting up their businesses place charges on their consultation, in as much as everyone wants to make money, starting up with a free consultation service can go a long way in marketing your business for you. This is how it works, if you place charges on your consultation, most people would likely want to patronize bigger business that offer same because they feel they are more competent.

If your consultation is free, it would give room for customers to see how competent you are and would see reasons to patronize your business.

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Of course trainings are ways that people make money from their businesses but if you wish you market your products and services in an effective way, then you can opt for holding trainings at cheaper rates that what is being charged on a norm.

For instance, a person that just started a toothpaste business should not charge the same amount with what bigger companies charge for their trainings. This is because; many people would rather go to bigger organizations to learn. The whole idea of making you trainings cheaper than usual is to attract a lot of people. However, you should not just stop with conducting cheaper trainings; you have to make use of the trainings to reach out to a wide range of people. You can thus distribute souvenirs like flyers for the people that attended the training to give other people.


One can easily partner with other businesses to promote one’s business. A practical example of this is a makeup artist that is not well known partnering with a photographer, the fact is that the makeup artist would get more jobs and be able to reach a lot of people when partnered with a well know photographer because photography and makeup go hand in hand. The photographer can also refer people to the makeup artist.


If you have a small business which you want to market and build to become a bigger business, then you should take reviews very seriously. You can get reviews from customers that have patronized your business before. Reviews are simply the customers experience using your products or services. However, it is important to post only good reviews that would make people want to patronize you.

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The most important of all these tips however is the fact that if you want to market your products or services effectively, then your products or services needs to be quality products. Most at times, you do not even need to convince people to patronizing your business, let your quality do the talking!


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