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Environmental Problems And Solutions In Nigeria

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Environmental Problems And Solutions In Nigeria. Want Substantial Information On Environmental Problems And Its Proposed Solution? Check This Post Now.

Environmental Problems And Solutions In Nigeria

Are you worried about the environmental problems in Nigeria? Are you willing to know how these environmental problems can easily be solved? Then you are definitely on the right platform for such information. This particular article seeks to cover all the information you would need on environmental problems and solutions in Nigeria. It also seeks to broaden your knowledge about your environment. First, before we look at the environmental problems in Nigeria, it would be beautiful to look at our key concept “environment problems”. Let’s get right into it!

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What are environmental problems?

Environmental Problems are simply are those harmful effects of our human activities the environment generally. While environment problems refer to those harmful effects, environmental protection refers to the steps we take in protecting the natural environment of humans from damage.

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What are the practical examples of environmental problems?

There are so many examples of environmental problems which i cannot write all down but i have put together some that are really obvious in our everyday lives. Here are some of the practical environmental problems we can have:

  1. Pollution
  2. Depletion of Resources
  3. Climate change
  4. Deforestation etc.

What are the environmental problems we have in Nigeria?

Everyone is usually carried away with one thing or the other in that we always play ignorance to many of the things in Nigeria not knowing that it can cause a lot of harm to us. We should not take these things for granted because they have adverse effects on us or our environment sooner or later. Here are some of the environmental problems we battle with in Nigeria:

  1. Air pollution
  2. Noise pollution
  3. Water pollution
  4. Industrial waste
  5. Oil spills
  6. Climate change


One of the most obvious environmental problems that we have in Nigeria that we need to take very seriously is Air pollution.  Air is basically what we need every day to be able to survive which means that we may have every other thing in Life but without Air, it is impossible to survive. Polluting the air thus causes harmful to the humans at large breathing in polluted air.

One disturbing fact is that Air pollution is not just peculiar to Rural or Urban areas in Nigeria. It os peculiar to both the urban and rural parts of Nigeria. A practical example of Air pollution can be said to be releasing harmful gases that mixes with the air.

Much of Air pollution started because of industrial revolution that has taken over the world today. While a major culprit of Air pollution are industries that we have that make use of some sophisticated machines that can pollute the air. This does not mean that we do not contribute to air pollution in our own ways. In fact, if you would agree, i would say all Nigerians contribute to air pollution one way or the other. This is because we do not have a stable power supply and we most times rely on generators to do the things we need to do. Generators releases harmful gases to the air and the same goes for everyone that has a car.


Another very important environmental problem that we have in Nigeria is Noise Pollution. In fact, this particular environmental problem is the most annoying of all. Noise pollution simply refers to polluting the environment with Noise. Nigeria in particular is a very noisy place in that it accommodates a lot of noisy people. So many things can cause noise pollution anyway and i think the most obvious of them all is still this generator problem.

Indeed, we do not have a stable power supply in Nigeria and use of generator is an option but it causes a lot of air pollution as well as noise pollution. Some people even make it worse by turning on generators at odd hours when people are supposed to be sleeping.

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Another environmental problem that rocks Nigeria so badly is Water pollution which simply can be referred to as polluting Natural bodies of water in that it causes the water to be contaminated and bad for drinking and other usages. We see this every day as Nigerians do not have culture on where to dump their refuse many times make use of shores of Natural bodies of water.


Another environmental problem that we have in Nigeria is the problem of Industrial Waste. We know that we have quite a number of industries in Nigeria and there is a problem of properly discarding these waste without it having adverse effect on man and his environment generally.


Another environmental problem that we have in Nigeria that you need to know is the problem of oil spillage. Oil spillage has become a thing that has rocked Nigeria for years now and it has posed serious damage to Nigerians. When there is an oil spillage, it contaminates the water as such, all the fishes dies. Leaving a lot of people hungry while no one can actually make use of the water affected


Another environmental problem that we have to deal with in Nigeria is the problem of climate change. Climate change has been an effect of polluting the environment constantly and has in turn depleted the ozone layer.

How can these environmental problems be solved in Nigeria?

Although, these environmental issues or problems that we have looked at cannot be avoided totally, it is important that we keep in our head that they can only be reduced. Here are some of the ways by which these environment problems can be reduced:

  1. Education on the effects of pollution
  2. Proper drainage systems
  3. Practice civilization properly


One of the ways i feel these environmental problems or issues can be solved by by properly educating the citizens of Nigeria on the adverse effect of pollution on man because many of these things are done with lack of knowledge

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Another way which i feel that these environmental problems can be solved is the government helping us to provide proper and secure drainage systems where waste cannot leak to pollute the environment.


Another way by which these problems can also be solved is by all of us putting hand together to practice civilization properly. What i mean is, many people who pollute the environment are aware of the dangers but they do it anyway because they are uncultured. Without putting hands together, it will be difficult to reduce environmental problems.

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