[SOLVED] Facebook Code Generator Bypass 2022 | How To Login

[SOLVED] Facebook Code Generator Bypass 2023 | How to Log Into Facebook If You Lost Access to Code Generator. In this article, I will walk you through on Facebook Login Code Generator.

Facebook Code Generator

Facebook code generator is important because it provides Facebook users with some security features to keep them safe from outsiders. So by using the special security that Facebook provides you, you can safely use the app and no one can ever get access to your account.

I am sharing this information because it took me over some months to regain access to my facebook account when i bought a new iPhone. I asked myself different questions like, Where do I find my Facebook code generator?, How do I find my 6 digit Facebook code?, How do I generate a code for Facebook? Etc. Because one can only access the Facebook Code Generator if you are logged in, but in my own case, I couldn’t login even after resetting my password many times, It keeps bringing this image below;

Facebook Code Generator Bypass

In this particular article, I’m going to explain to you what a code generator is, where we can find it, and many more.

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What is Code Generator on Facebook?

The code generator is a feature in your Facebook app used with two-factor authentication to keep your account safe. So when this feature is on or activated and you want to log in from a new device or a cellphone, a security code will be generated or sent to your phone. Then you can use the code to confirm that it is you who are trying to log in to the account.

  • The code generator works well on your cellphone and you don’t even need an Internet connection to get the code. The code can also help you to reset your password if you want.
  • The code you get will expire after 30 or 60 seconds and if you don’t use it during this time you need to get another one.
  • If the code you get is not working, you can reset it by tapping on “My code doesn’t work” to get a new one.

I strongly recommend you guys use this feature on all your social media including your Facebook. By using this feature your account will be safe against hackers and anyone else who is trying to get access to it.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

This is a feature that works almost on all social media. Social media provides this feature to add extra security to their users. So by enabling this feature on your social media apps including Facebook you can protect your account more.

When this feature is on, every time you try to log in to your account from different devices, the app whether it be Facebook, Instagram, and so on will send you a new code. So this makes your account safe because no one but you can get access to your account through the code you get.

How to Access the Facebook Code Generator

Code Generator is a convenient way to access two-factor authentication codes without a mobile number. The tool will come in handy when you’re traveling or don’t have mobile reception. Code Generator is available inside the Facebook app for iOS and Android.

To access the Facebook Code Generator from Android or iOS, open the Facebook app, click the hamburger icon in the top right, scroll down, expand the Settings & Privacy menu, and select Code Generator. Here you’ll see the tool run through new security codes every 30 or 60 seconds.

Lost Your Phone and Can’t Use Code Generator?

When you’ve set up your phone to be the key to your Facebook account, losing or breaking it could be a problem. Here’s what you can do in the event that you lose access to Code Generator.

1. Let Facebook Text You a Confirmation Code

Do you still have access to the mobile phone number you included under two-factor authentication? Maybe your provider could send you a new SIM with the same number. In that case, let Facebook text you a confirmation code. Unfortunately, Facebook can only use that one number for two-factor authentication, even if you’ve set up other phone numbers under your profile.

From the screen asking you for the login code, select Need another way to authenticate? (bottom left), then click Text me a login code, and wait for the text to come in. You can also let Facebook call you.

2. Use a Saved Recovery Code

After setting up two-factor authentication, you had the chance to save a set of recovery codes as a backup. Maybe you printed the code, took a screenshot, or wrote it down and stored it in a safe location.

If you haven’t saved recovery codes, be sure to do it as soon as you regain access to your account. Should you ever again lose access to Code Generator, you can use one of these codes to log into Facebook from a new device or location.

3. Approve the Login From an Authorized Device

Whenever you successfully log into Facebook from a new device, application, or browser, Facebook asks you whether you would like to remember it. You won’t need a login code the next time you want to access Facebook from that authorized device and location. Now that you can’t access Code Generator, this could be your private backdoor into your Facebook account.

Try to access Facebook from a browser or app you’ve used previously. Maybe you’re still logged in on an old laptop, your work computer, or your tablet. When you find a device where you can still access Facebook, you should see a notification asking you to approve the new login.

4. Confirm Your Identity

None of this working? Submit a request to Facebook. In the menu that pops up after you select Need another way to authenticate (see option 1), select Get More Help, and let Facebook walk you through the steps to recover your account.

You’ll have to enter an email address and upload a copy of your ID, which can be a passport, driver’s license, national ID card, or other official documents.

Once you have provided the requested information, Facebook will email you with further steps for account recovery.

You can also access the above recovery route through any browser, on desktop or mobile. Go to m.facebook.com and log into your account using your mobile number, email, or username and password. When prompted for the login code, click Having trouble? > I don’t have my phone > Continue.

In the next screen, Facebook will tell you to log in from a known browser. If that isn’t an option, click Contact us. Like above, you’ll have to provide an email address, ideally one that was linked to your account, and upload your ID and a message to Facebook.

Did you manage to log back into Facebook? Remember to save recovery codes, set up a new authentication app, and update your other recovery options.

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Where Can You Find a Facebook Confirmation Code?

You can obtain a Facebook login code in three different ways:

  1. Facebook can text a confirmation code to a mobile number associated with your account.
  2. From an authentication app, like Duo or Google Authenticator. Moreover, the Facebook mobile app includes a Code Generator that automatically generates a fresh security code every 30 or 60 seconds.
  3. From a list of Facebook recovery codes that you have saved as a backup.

Beyond codes, you can also create a physical second-factor security key to log into Facebook through USB or NFC.

Since two of the methods above depend on a mobile device, make sure you have at least one other method to log back into Facebook, in case you lose that device.

Logged In on Facebook, But Lost Your Mobile Device?

To prevent access to your Facebook account from a lost phone or laptop, terminate the app’s Facebook session. If you registered your phone’s number, go to Facebook > Settings & Privacy > Settings > Mobile > Lost your phone?, and click the Log Out on Phone button.

At this point, you should Remove the number of the lost phone.

If you have lost a device other than your phone, or if you haven’t set up your mobile number, there are multiple ways to log out of Facebook from other devices.

Go to Facebook (on a recognized device) > Settings & Security > Settings > Security and Login > Where You’re Logged In, find the respective session, and Log Out. If in doubt, end multiple sessions. This will log you out of the app.

Until you get your phone back or can set up Code Generator on a new phone, you can save a batch of backup codes as described above. You could also set up another third-party app to generate codes.

And in the future, always make sure at least one device, other than your laptop or phone, has an authorized login. It could be a home computer that you’ll always have access to. Only ever let Facebook remember devices and locations that are private and safe. And frequently review your list of Authorized Logins and Remove outdated items.

To be safe, also update your Facebook password.

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Facebook code generator not sending SMS (how to fix)

So if you are not receiving the 6-digit code via SMS, there is nothing to worry about. Here I’ll walk you through some simple steps and show you how to fix it.

1. Wait for a couple of hours or some days

When you tap the code multiple times, you may enter the wrong code to Facebook. So, it’s better to wait for a couple of hours, then try again. Make sure you won’t tap sending code button twice.

2. Check your connection

It’s always good to make sure you have an stable connection. to know that you should open a browser on your smart phone, or send a message on Whatsapp to see it will be delivered.

3. Make sure app is connected to the Internet

Sometimes, users disconnect their app from internet, and they turn off the mobile data for some apps. So, make sure you have turn the data for the Facebook app on your phone

4. You are in a prohibited regions

Facebook is banned in some countries, so if you think that could cause a problem, it’s better to use VPN, or change your IP, then try again.

5. Something wrong with your sim provider

Some simcards won’t receive the Facebook code, in this case you must login to your Facebook app from other devices, if you have, and change the phone number.

If you can’t login through that, you should use need more help option on Facebook.

6. Check your mobile setting

Sometimes, you have blocked the app on your phone, it’s better you check these two options.

(Fix Facebook code generator not sending SMS on iPhone)

  • Open the Settings.
  • Scroll down to where it says Messages.
  • Now make sure iMessage option is toggled on or simply enabled.
  • Also, make sure that Send as SMS is toggled on.
  • Scroll down a little further and make sure that the Filter Unknown Senders is toggled off or disabled.
  • If you still have the issue there is probably a glitch or something restart your phone and delete your Facebook and install it again, that’ll fix the issue.

(Fix Facebook code generator not sending on Android)

  • Go to Settings.
  • Scroll down to where it says App and hit it.
  • Find Messages and hit it.
  • Go ahead and hit Permissions.
  • Make sure all the options especially SMS are toggled on.
  • If you still have the issue simply restart your device and delete the app and install it again.

7. Contact Facebook

If you still couldn’t receive the code, you should contact Facebook. To contact Facebook you should use “My code doesn’t work” option or Forget Password, and Need more help?

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Facebook code generator bypass

Honestly, there is nothing you can do except to go and ask the Facebook support team for help. Also, if you have the recovery codes that you got after you enabled two-factor authentication you can use one of them as well.

So if the code generator feature is not working for whatever reasons, you can try one of the following and hopefully solve the problem.

  • Facebook Recovery Codes

This only works if you have already saved the recovery codes somewhere. By the recovery codes, I mean the bunch of codes that you got after you enabled two-factor authentication. So if you have those recovery codes you can use them to log in to your account.

  • Text Confirmation Code

If you still have the phone number that you added to your account which I think you probably have, then you can reach out to Facebook and ask them to send you a confirmation code to your phone number.

  • Identity Verification

If neither of the above solutions worked for you there is also a third solution that you can give it a go. From the login page go on and tap “Need another way to authenticate?”

Then select “Get More Help” and Facebook will provide you with some solutions.

Basically, it will ask for your Email address and it will also ask you to send them a copy of your ID which can be anything. Or it may ask you to write down your password as well as your user name on a piece of paper and then take a photo and send it to their support team. This solution may take some time but it will work and you will get your account back.

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Keep Your Facebook Account Safe

Every day, we hear from people who have lost access to their Facebook account. Unfortunately, we can’t help most of them because they failed to set up recovery options, had their passwords cracked, and when hackers access their account, their contact data was reset. In cases like that, you can only hope that Facebook will help you recover your account.

So, don’t let it get that far. It only takes a few minutes to enable two-factor authentication and save Facebook recovery codes. While you’re at it, update your email address and phone number linked to your Facebook account. Once disaster strikes again, you will be able to recover your Facebook account.

Over To You

In this article, I tried to answer some of your questions about the code generator on Facebook, and where you can find it. I also explained what two-factor authentication is and how to activate it and many more. Hopefully, you have found what you have been looking for in this article and protected your account.


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