Types Of Brain: 10 Functions Of The Brain

Types Of Brain: 10 Functions Of The Brain. Get To Know The Functions Of The Brain. Check This Post. 

Types Of Brain
The brain is a very important part of the body system and should never be taken for granted as it helps the human body and any other body system perform well and live. The brain is also a complex organ that controls thought, memory, emotion , motor skills, vision, breathing, temperature, hunger and every process that regulates our body.

There are also some parts of the brain and in this article, before giving you the functions of the brain, we will be listing the different part of the brain which is; the Cerebral cortex, Cerebellum, Hypothalamus, Thalamus, Pituitary gland, Pineal gland, Amygdala, Hippocampas and lastly the Mid-brain.

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What Is The Brain’s Function?

Without your brain, you will never be able to receive information from your five senses. The brain also receives inputs including touch, vibration, pain and temperature from the rest of the body. Your brain also helps you interpret information so you can really understand. Here are some of the other functions of the brain;
1. Thoughts And Decisions
2. Memories And Emotions
3. Movements
4. Perception Of Sensations
5. Breathing And Temperature Control
6. Speech And Language
7. Visual Perception
8. Awareness
9. Problem Solving
10. Hepls Control Sleep

10 Functions Of The Brain

1. Thoughts And Decisions

One important thing as a human is to make decisions all by yourself and this is one function of your brain. The brain easily makes you think deeply and make good decisions. The brain controls our thoughts, memory and speech.

2. Memories And Emotions

This is a top function of the brain as it helps you recall and also have emotions too. With the help of the brain you can remember moments in past life because without the brain you can never remember anything and the ability to feel love and to be loved will be absent.

3. Movements

Brain easily helps you move around. The brain connects with the spinal cord to allow you efficiently move around. The brain controls the movement of the arms and the legs.

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4. Perception Of Sensations

Your brain helps you feel pains and sensitivity around the body. With the help of the brain, you can be able to be fully sensitive and get the feeling of a touch because without the brain you won’t be able to.

5. Breathing And Temperature Control

The brain helps control your body temperature and helps you breathe well too. Your breathing organs is connected to the brain to be able to effectively function.

6. Speech And Language

Another function of the brain is to help you process your speech fluently and helps you interact in different languages. You can never be able to speak any language you have learnt if you don’t remember them. The brain controls our way of speech.

7. Visual Perception

The brain also helps connect your visions to know and recognize people, objects and anything around you.

8. Awareness

The brain gives you self awareness. It is believed that three brain regions are critical for self-awareness, that is the insular cortex, the anterior cingulate cortex and the medial prefrontal cortex.

9. Problem Solving

The brain helps articulate you to solve problems on your own. This remains a crucial function the brain gifts you.

10. Helps Control Sleep

The hypothalamus is a peanut sized structure that is deep inside the brain, contains group of nerve cells that act as control centers affecting sleep and arousal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are The Brain’s 3 Major Functions?

The brain controls our thoughts, memory and speech.

2. What Are The Four Parts Of The Brain?

Frontal, pariental, temporal and occipital.

3. Who Discovered The Brain?

Edwin Smith discovered the brain.

4. Where Is Brain Located?

The brain is housed inside the bony covering called the cranium.

5. What Color Is The Brain?

The brain is pinkish, grayish color.

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