List Of Grocery Items In Nigeria – Provision Items In Nigeria

Groceries are simply food items that are sold in the super markets, so if you buy any food item from the mart or store, you buying a grocery.

Grocery Items In Nigeria

It is important to have a first hand knowledge of these food items sold in a mart or super market when going for shopping to avoid forgetting what you want to buy.

On the other hand, some people do not even know the food items that are sold in a supermarket, The aim of this article is to eradicate ignorance and create awareness on food items sold at the supermarket.  Some popular supermarkets in Nigeria are; Shoprite, Twins faja, Grocery bazaar, Globus Supermarket and so on.

What Is Grocery Items?

Grocery Items means supply items, non-food items, foodstuffs and drinks including, without limitation, any or all of the following:

(i) dairy products (including without limitation milk, yogurt, ice cream, cheese and/or any other items commonly found in a grocery store and/or supermarket dairy section),

(ii) produce (including without limitation vegetables, fruits and/or any other items commonly found in a grocery store and/or supermarket produce section),

(iii) coffee (including without limitation whole bean, ground and by the cup), tea and candies (including without limitation packaged, bulk, and full service chocolates, confections, and other items commonly found in a grocery store and/or supermarket candy section),

(iv) nuts, snack mixes, and other bulk food items,

(v) bakery products (including without limitation fresh breads, desserts and/or any other items commonly found in a grocery store and/or supermarket bakery section),

(vi) meat (including without limitation beef, pork and poultry),

(vii) seafood (including without limitation fish, shellfish, and crustaceans),

(viii) liquor, beer, wine and/or other alcoholic beverages,

(ix) sandwich, deli and convenient meal solution items (including without limitation sushi, deli meats, and deli cheeses), and

(x) vitamins, herbs and supplements.

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Check out the LIST Of grocery Items IN Nigerian below:

Here are 10 categories of Grocery items and its sub categories will be itemized thereafter.

  • Fruits
  • Canned food
  • Beverages
  • Frozen food
  • Diary Products
  • Condiments
  • Fat and oil
  • Grains and cereal
  • Vegetables
  • Snacks and candy



Fruits are the fleshy and sweet product of a tree or other plant that contains a seed or seeds and can be eaten as food. There are different types of fruits that can be found in a supermarket, some of which are:-

▪ Oranges

▪ Apples

▪ Grapes

▪ Pineapples

▪ Watermelon

▪ Avocado pear

▪ Banana

▪ Mango

▪ Tangerine

▪ Carrots


Canned food are perishable food items that are stored in cans in bid to preserve them. Canned food can stay up to a very long time before they get expired unlike the its fresh counter part. Some of the canned foods that can be found in the supermarket are:

▪ Tinned tomatoes

▪ Baked beans

▪ Sweet corn

▪ Corned beef

▪ Hot dogs

▪ Green peas

▪ Tuna fish

▪ Green beans

▪ Canned meat


A Beverage is any type of drink except water. Beverages can range from chocolate drinks to carbonated drinks.  Some common beverages sold in the supermarkets are:

▪ Chocolate drink

▪ Tea

▪ Carbonated drinks( for example; Coke,pepsi)

▪ Smoothies

▪ Chapman

▪ Juice

▪ Coffee


Frozen food are foods that are kept in the ice room or freezer in other to preserve them. Frozen food are also part of groceries that can be found in the supermarket, Examples of frozen food are:

▪ Chicken

▪ Gizzard

▪ Fish

▪ Turkey

▪ shrimps

▪ Meat


A dairy product is food produced from the milk of mammals. Examples of diary products are:

▪ Cheese

▪ Milk

▪ Yogurt

▪ Fura


Condiments are substances that used to spice or add flavour to food. It is basically to enhance and complement the meal. It can be put in food while cooking or after cooking the meal. Examples of condiments are:

▪ Salt

▪ Ketchup

▪ Mayonnaise

▪ Curry

▪ Thyme

▪ Turmeric

▪ Seasoning cubes


Fat and oil is widely known as one of the six classes of food but has recently been categorised as a type of Grocery found in any supermarket. Some examples of fat and oil are:

▪ Cooking oil

▪ Butter


Grains (cereal) foods can be divided into four main groups. They are:

▪Breads – Wholemeal, wholegrain, white, rye, pita, lavash, naan, focaccia, crispbreads, damper

▪Breakfast Cereals – Ready to eat, high fibre (wholegrain) oats, porridge, wholewheat biscuits

▪Grains – Rice, barley, corn, buckwheat, millet, semolina

▪Other products – Pasta, noodles, English muffin, crumpet, rice cakes, couscous, popcorn, flour.


Vegetables are parts of plants that are consumed by humans or other animals as food. Vegetable form a very important part of human diet, Its health benefit are numerous. Some examples of vegatables are:

▪ Cabbage

▪ Spinach

▪ Bitter leaves

▪ Water leaves

▪ Egg plant leaves

▪ Scent leaves

▪ Fluted pumpkin leaves


Snacks and Candy are popularly known as junks, They are very sweet artificial food which children love the most.  Some examples are :

▪ Chips

▪ lollipop

▪ ice cream toppings

▪ Sausages

▪ Burger

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