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How To Answer Comprehension Passages In Exam

How To Answer Comprehension Passages In Exam. Do You Want To Know The Secrets Of Answering A Comprehension Passage? Check Here For More Information.

How To Answer Comprehension Passages In Exam

Comprehension Passages are one of the most important aspects of English and they usually appear in Exams. I have had a lot of people complain that they do not ideas of the answers to the comprehension passages that appear in exams or tests even after they have read the passage. Are you having this problem? Do you want to always pass your comprehension passages in exams? I have good news for you as you have come to the best platform for this information. I have put together the rudiments of answering comprehension passages without stress no matter how technical the questions may be.

What is the importance of a comprehension passage?

A comprehension passage which is used in many English language exams is a set of questions following a passage which seeks to test a reader’s or student’s ability to read and comprehend what he or she has read. it is important to note that English language as a subject cannot be taught successfully without having to treat a comprehension passage.

If you are a student, you should know by now that there is no way you will avoid English language in general and comprehension passages in general because it is a compulsory subject irrespective of the course you study which is the more reason why one should take it seriously.

Why do people fail comprehension passages questions?

This question has been on the mind of many students which I have put down some reasons why many students fail this aspect of English after notable observations. Some students even claim that many national exams engage in negative marking and other unfavorable things that make students fail a lot. This is a big fat lie as it is only used as an excuse for their failures. Here are a number of reasons why a lot of students fail comprehension passages questions:

  1. Lack of ability to read properly
  2. Poor knowledge of vocabulary
  3. Impatience


This is by far one of the biggest problems of many students when answering a comprehension passage. They do not always take enough time to read the passage properly and many at times misinterpret the point of the passage. This problem can be solved by reading the passage you are giving properly and thoroughly before answering any of the questions.

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Another problem with students that makes them fail questions on comprehension passages is their poor knowledge of vocabulary. This is because most comprehension passages are made up of vocabularies that students have no idea from. However, some students do not even make time to get knowledge on more vocabulary and as such, always blank on questions pertaining to comprehension passages.


This is a big problem that has put so many students to fail. This problem is not only concerned with answering questions on comprehension passages but also other subjects on general. The problem of impatience most times has to do with the limited number of time one has to answer questions compared to how many questions one has to answer. The anxiety this builds up is what causes impatience and must be avoided by students.

What are the tips on how to answer comprehension passages questions correctly?

There are few tips that would be helpful for one to be able to answer comprehension passages questions correctly which i have tried as much as possible to put in the easiest way it can be understood. If these tips are taken to heart properly, then one would be able to a large extent answer these questions properly. Here are the tips:

  1. Read the passage carefully and severally
  2. Do not make assumptions
  3. Try to read in between the lines
  4. Improve on your vocabulary
  5. Try to understand what exactly the passage talks about
  6. Reduce anxiety and calm your nerves

How To Answer Comprehension Passages In Exam


This is by far one of the most important things to do when answering questions from a comprehension passage. You would have to read the passage carefully without rushing to be able to know what its talks about and also read in severally should in case you missed a point on your previous readings. While reading, try not to be distracted because it can disturb your reasoning at that point.


Another tip that one should take very seriously when answering questions from a comprehension passage is avoiding assumptions. One should never assume an answer because many at times, the things we think are the answers are most likely not the answers especially in difficult or harder comprehension passages for competitive exams. People that make assumptions of the answers most times end up failing them


When reading a comprehension passage, you do mot just read it like a story book. You try to read in between the lines because that is where the answers lies. Try to take note of figures of speeches as well as idioms to be able to properly understand what it really means.


If you wish to pass a comprehension passage exam successfully, then you should try improving on your vocabulary because you might be shocked to discover that regular vocabularies were not used in the formation of the passage. One way which you can improve on your vocabulary is by setting a traget for yourself by at least learning one new word everyday.


You do not just have to jump to the answers just like that, you have to take your time to properly understand what the passage really talks about. You can do this by reading the passage several times.


This is a serious problem among students which is they are always very anxious due to the limited time or the fear of not answering the questions correctly. One should try and reduce tension when trying to read a comprehension passage to be able to have full concentration.


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