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How To Become An OAP In Nigeria

How to become an OAP in Nigeria. Do you want to know what it means to be an OAP? Are you interested in learning how to be an OAP? This article entails the details about the bone of contention.

How To Become An OAP In Nigeria

Who is an OAP?

I’m sure you’ve been curious what OAP stands for, On-air personality. On-air personalities, presenters, and broadcasters are other terms for radio personalities. An on-air personality’s responsibilities range from live performances to delivering discussion and interviewing guests for various programs. Because you are responsible for producing fresh ideas and material for the public, the job of an on-air personality necessitates innovation.

Despite working in a facility, radio personalities must also present at performances and events. Workers must communicate with event planners and attendees over the radio, in place, and via social media. Radio host roles in the entertainment industry are in high demand. A profession as a tv on-air personality has long been admired. Many individuals want to be on the radio. The profession of a radio personality entails popularity and status. A radio personality’s responsibilities might be extensive.

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Responsibilities of an OAP

The following are the functions of an OAP:

  1. Produce unique material and live broadcasts that are both entertaining and instructive.
  2. Participate in and generate unique material for all social media platforms, as well as manage one’s online profile.
  3. Keep the station’s integrity intact.
  4. Keep an eye on the music and advertisement logs.
  5. Ensure that marketing and contests are carried out correctly.
  6. Handle the control board and carry out manufacturing tasks.
  7. Attend studio activities and distant broadcasts in person.
  8. Other responsibilities as assigned by management.


  1. A good presenter with great creative abilities is required.
  2. Good performance abilities are required, as well as a good working understanding of recording sound equipment required for on-air and production performance, such as on-air digital systems.
  3. It is necessary to be familiar with the format and the intended audience.
  4. An outstanding on-air voice with a proven track record is necessary.

Steps on how to become an OAP in Nigeria

1. Career Investigation

If you want to work as a radio technician, you must conduct an extensive study and be well-versed in the subject. Find out what the criteria are for the position or station you wish to work at. Typically, companies decide on the specifics of what they seek from a job application. Many good radio presenters nearly usually start at the bottom and work their way up.

Countless months of job skills may be required before such an applicant is given the opportunity to manage his or her own program. The enrollment job helps you to develop your expertise and voice while also attracting an audience.

2. Get a degree

Radio anchors frequently graduate with a degree in telecommunications, media, or broadcasting. Whereas a degree is not required, getting some expertise in communication classes assists radio presenters to have a fundamental understanding of the profession. Presentation skills, journalism, and news reporting are some of the other courses available. You can consult with experts in the industry to decide the best method to attain your objective.

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3. Listen to radio programs

It is critical that you listen to the radio as an aspiring radio presenter. This will help you gain a good understanding of radio operations. Make yourself acquainted with a plethora of channels, programs, and materials. You’ll observe how other radio broadcasters manage programs and broadcasts from there. When you listen to different programs, you may understand where you belong and what sorts of shows you’d like to present. Do not underestimate how much you may learn from listening to others speak; you will learn how to present and coordinate yourself confidently.

4. Prepare that proposal

Passion can be a very appealing quality when pitching an idea or trying to persuade someone to do something. Consider encountering somebody who works in radio; how then can you persuade that person that you are not like the scores of people out there longing to do radio, but that you are created for radio, and vice versa? Unless you were prepared, it will come naturally. So, writing down those thoughts helps in the long term, especially for unplanned occasions. A reasonable enough idea in the proper hands (e.g., a train’s program director) might be a very excellent start.

5. Creativity

When you’re more engaged with talk shows and programs, you will obtain ideas and a better understanding of what interests you in the business. Make a note of any thoughts that occur to you. It is essential to begin cultivating and fine-tuning your ideas so that when the appropriate chance presents itself, you can seize it. Vlogs on YouTube or podcasts are examples of such concepts. When you start working on your own ideas, an employer gains trust that you can handle their own firm as well.

6. Look for that internship

Internships are as important as schooling in going into radio, if not more so. It’s crucial to get fingers with hosts, the production, and equipment, as well as learn how everything works. It’s similar to positioning your foot in the door you’re attempting to push open. Based on how successfully the Internship is utilized, it might turn out to be a significant opportunity for the majority of people. It improves your CV, offers you new ideas, and the value of meeting more people cannot be overstated.

7. Participate in Your Radio Station’s Events

Radio announcers would often go in, transmit their program, and then walk out – this is no longer acceptable since it gives the impression that you don’t care about the station. You must interact with your station by appearing as a guest or contributing to other people’s shows, mentioning them in your own broadcasts, and maintaining close liaison with your teammates. Support within your station helps to make it seem more like a home for you, your employees, and your viewers. Audiences will stay engaged for a prolonged period if they believe they are part of a larger total.

8. Don’t be boring

Does nobody want to listen to someone who is boring? The first key to becoming a successful radio host is to have a distinct voice and point of view that sets you apart from the throng. There is enough mediocrity in the world, and you should not be content with being just another radio host. Even the most mundane issues may be made exciting by the finest radio hosts’ passion and ability to provide a fresh viewpoint. Wear your interests on your sleeve and have fun with what you’re doing; your audience should be able to do the same.

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It takes time to develop into a great radio host. Take these suggestions into consideration, and you’ll be well on your way to enhancing your presentations and connecting your audience to quite a new level.

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