12 Ways On How To Make Money Easily As An NYSC Corp Member

How To Make Money As An NYSC Corp Member | 12 Ways to Make Money Easily As An NYSC Corp Member

How To Make Money As An NYSC Corp Member

Being an NYSC Corp member has always been the dream of most undergraduates in tertiary institutions with the belief that they will contribute their quota to the development of the country.

Corps members are usually posted to cities far from their city of origin which is why we think we at DailyTipsFinders come up with the post about how to make money as an NYSC Corp member.

As we already know that the NYSC period could be the amplest time to generate massive income for yourself if you know what to do. There are certain businesses you could venture into during the service period. Before you finish your NYSC program, you would have become an employer of labor yourself, contributing to the national economy and developing your own personal.

This article contains the 12 Ways To Make Money As An NYSC Corp Member. So kindly sit back and relax for the below tips about how to make money as an NYSC Corp member.

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Twelve (12) Ways to Make Money Easily As An NYSC Corp Member

1. Start A Home Tutoring (Tutorial) Service:

Do not shy away from this lucrative business which sells like hot-cake. You have gone to school – you have gathered expert knowledge, at least to an extent. So by and large, I think you have what to offer in terms of knowledge to others.

2. Start A Bakery Business:

As an NYSC Youth Corp member, if you have baking skills, you could make a lot of money baking confectioneries like cakes, fish roll, and other sausages. People are somewhat scared of taking to this business due to inadequate knowledge of the market environment and how to get clients quickly, given the presence of already existent experts and veterans in this field.

3. Start A Dry Cleaning or Laundry Service:

Dry cleaning business or laundry service is very lucrative. So you have to stop the thinking of looking down on the business. You can be visiting houses to get jobs at first. Once you have a lot of orders, by which time you must have gathered sufficient cash, you may consider renting a space at an affordable rate. This could be a shop or an open space. But start from where you live first. That is, start small and grow big.

4.Organize Professional Training Services:

I want to belief that before embarking on your NYSC program, you should have a talent or natural skills. So You can make money by organizing training and seminars within and outside your neighborhood based on what you have known before. Entrepreneurial training is one of the biggest areas you could venture into and make a lot of money from by helping people acquire certain profitable skills for their businesses.

5. Helping with student’s Projects and assignments

If you are posted to a tertiary institution, you can start approaching the students with good curtesy and packaging that you can help them with their projects or assignments.

We all know that most of these students don’t have time for such on their own due to laziness or some other factors. So you can do that for them and collect your money.

Imagine you writing an assignment for 30 students or project work for 10 students in 3 departments. you should know how much is likely going to enter your pocket.

6. Monetize your Skills

Haven’t you heard that “the gift of a man shall make way for him”

That skill of yours, don’t you think you can make money from it? If you can Dance, beat drums, play any instrument, make hand crafts and so on.

Tell people you can do such and arrange a class for them; may be every weekends and offer to teach them for a token. If you are really god at what you proclaimed to be doing, you will be surprised how much you will make out of it.

7. Livestock farming

There is gentle and cool money in this practice than what people do see from outside. Go into rearing of poultry birds, fishes, snails and rabbits and make good money. After you already have those animals to sell, package yourself and walk up to hotels and restaurants, tell them you have chickens, snails, cat fish you can be selling to them at cheaper rates. And many people will surely be willing to buy from you; because you are a Corper.

8. E-book Production

Are you good at writing? You can start putting your great ideas into writing even when you don’t have enough money yet for its publication. You can produce them as e-books. E-books will cost you virtually nothing to produce.

write about how to solve some difficult challenges, how to make some food recipe, how to write and pass exams e.t.c. Then go online and use that your same facebook account and inform people about your book.

And trust me you are going to sell pretty well if the books really addressed a good problem.

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9. Blogging and other Online business

You can learn how to go about blogging in just few days. You will start writing and make good money from it. I could remember my first blog started even before my service.

There are lots of legitimate businesses you can do online and smile to the bank everyday.

10. Computer centres

You can open a small computer center where you do some typing, photocopy and scanning. To set this up will only take a small amount of money. And you can also start teaching people some little stuff about computer in your shop.

All those fresh secondary school graduates. Teach them the use of computer and you will be surprised we have lots of them that will keep recommending you to their friends.

By this, you will be able to pull more cash to make ends meet.

11. Video game centres

This also is a good way of making money for the male corpers. All you need to do is set up a small shop and get video games there, encourage students to start patronizing you by giving discounts on the games they play. If you have 50 students playing game at your shop daily, you should know the amount you will be realizing at the end of the month. Don’t forget, you won’t need any subscription for it, only a source of power. That’s all, and you are good to go.

12. Plantain chips production

Did that sounds funny? Yes. Just the same way it sounds funny is the same way it brings in good money for serious corpers who understands packaging and lucky enough to be posted to where we have bananas in surplus.

Make them, package them well and put your brand on it. Sell them in schools and to other retailers and make good money.

The most important thing is to study your environment and see which of these business ideas will work best in your locality.

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