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How To Start A Laundry Business In Nigeria (Dry Cleaning Business)

How To Start A Laundry Business In Nigeria (Dry Cleaning Business).Are you looking for a good business idea that can bring you at least 500,000 Naira monthly? Then you need to learn how to start a dry cleaning business in Nigeria We are happy to write this post, as it will introduce you to one awesome and highly demanded business – laundry and cleaning services. 

How To Start A Laundry Business In Nigeria

Everyone feels very happy wearing neat and well ironed clothes. These are very important especially when going for job interviews. Do you want to get information on how to open and run your own dry cleaning business profitably? Then you have sourced this information from the right source.

This article will provide firsthand knowledge on every thing you need to know about a laundry business as well as what it takes to start up a laundry business.

How much can you make from a laundry business

You can make a lot of money from Laundry business depending on how you set up and the scale. But for the purpose of this article, let’s see how much you can make from running your own laundry business.

Let’s assume you charge N500 to wash and iron a shirt. You can charge more or less, it all depends on the location of your business. In a day, you wash about 20 shirts. That is 20 x 500 = N10, 000.

Assuming you also wash suits and you charge N1500 for that. In a day, you wash up to 10 suits. That is 10 X 1500 = N15, 000

From the above, washing shirts and suits can make you N25, 500 every day. That will be N175,000 in a week and N700, 000 a month.

But this is just a peek into it. You can make ten times of that or even lower. It all depends on how you run your business. You can make millions a month.

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What is a laundry business?

A laundry business is one that offers public services on sorting, washing, drying and ironing of clothes and attires.

What are the services you offer a laundry business man or woman?

You can choose to offer different services as a laundry man or woman but the most popular services offered by a laundry man or woman are:

  1. Dry cleaning: This type of service involves properly sorting, washing and drying of customers clothes. It is important that dry cleaning should be done with the right soap. Starching the clothes can also be a part of dry cleaning service.
  2. Ironing clothes:This involves using the iron to stretch clothes so that they look straight and lovely when worn.

What are the benefits for using laundry service?

There are many benefits for one if one patronizes the laundry service. However some of them are:

  1. It is really affordable to pay a laundry man or woman
  2. You get your laundry done on time
  3. You get a professional touch on your clothes
  4. It helps you keep up with personal hygiene
  5. The quality of your cloth will not deteriorate on time.

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Why you should start a laundry business

1. You can start with no money (just doing home service)

2. There are always customers if you market your business well

3. The cost to set up is not much. You can start small and grow

4. It is very profitable. You cam make a lot of money from laundry business

5. You can start from your home if you can’t afford a shop

6. You become a boss and stay in control of your time

7. You can run it as a part time job in addition to your main job to raise extra income

How can I start up my own laundry business?

Here are tips on starting your own profitable laundry business:

  1. Get the skill
  2. Make a business plan
  3. Get a business permit
  4. Get a good location
  5. Get your dry cleaning instrument or equipment ready
  6. Advertise or market your business


It is no longer news that before you go into any business, it is very important to learn the skill of the business. This is to improve professionalism and creativity as well as uniqueness of your own business. Don’t just think that dry cleaning is only about washing and ironing of clothes. It is more than that as you have to be able to identify the quality of clothes to avoid fading, you should also be able to identify the right soap with which to use on the cloth and many more. If you have issues on getting or perfecting your skill then you can take online tutorials on it as well as talk to a professional about it.


The next step you need to take after getting the right knowledge on how to handle clothes is making a business plan which many people skip and as a result, their businesses fall. The purpose of making a business plan is to be able to set objectives and goals for your business which is important for its growth. You should also state the means to which these objectives and goals would be accomplished in the business plan. A good business plan should be written in a document and not written in the hearts. This is to ensure you being able to access yourself after a while if you are meeting up with your goals or not.

You can choose to share your business plan with you close associates such as your close friends and families for correction and ideas on making your business as unique as possible.


Getting a business permit is very key once you have made your business plans. It is almost impossible to open your own dry cleaning business around the world without a permit.


One you have gotten your business permit, it is then time to get a good location for your business. A good location is on that would be easy to get by a wide range of customers. If you want to succeed in any business you do, it is important you get a very good location for your business. It is more advisable to get a location along the road side and not in lonely streets even I it appears to be cheaper. You should also place a signboard that would make people to know that the dry cleaner is available there.


You certainly cannot start any business without the instrument or equipment used to start the business. After you have gotten a very good location that would help you reach out to a lot of customers, then you can proceed to get your equipment or instrument.

Some of the equipment you might need for your dry cleaning business are:

  1. A washing machine (s)
  2. Starch (cold or hot)
  3. Detergents for washing
  4. Shelves
  5. Clothes hangers
  6. Tags
  7. nylons
  8. buckets
  9. iron
  10. ironing board
  11. water storage or a tank
  12. washing basins for the clothes
  13. A generator set etc.


It is almost impossible for your business to thrive in any business without advertising your business. You can promote your business both online and physically. A good way to advertise is by placing signboards and posters close to where you have your office.

You can also print fliers and share around the neighborhood and also make your services very affordable according to the area where you have your location. You can also offer some free services as promo and also make your customer service top notch.

Here are ways you can market you laundry business:

  • Put a sign post outside the shop to let people know what you do
  • Use social media. People spend most of their time these days on social media, why not use it to promote your business?
  • Offer promotions and discount. People love discounts, offer a discount like 20% off.
  • Print flyers and share in your neigbourhood
  • Word of mouth. Tell people you know and urge them to help you tell their friends
  • Do home delivery and pick up. You can offer to go pick up clothes and deliver them after washing, all your customers need to do is call you
  • Go to offices and inform the workers of your services
  • Be fair in your prices.

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What are the challenges faced by a Laundry business man or woman?

Challenges are not inevitable in anything we do. It is almost impossible to do business withou facing any challenge whatsoever. Below are some of the problems are can be faced when involved in laundry business:

  1. Low margin especially if so many customers are not available
  2. Frustrating customers
  3. Inability to identify clothes that are not tagged.
  4. Retenting customers
  5. Competition etc.

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