Low Sperm Count In Nigeria: Signs, Treatment, Causes & Cure

Low Sperm Count In Nigeria: Signs, Treatment, Causes & Cure. Get Informed On The Causes And Cure Of Low Sperm Count. Check This Post Now. 

Low Sperm Count

Are you having low sperm count? Are you looking for reliable information on how to deal with low sperm count? Then you have come to the right platform for this information. In this article, I am going to show you what causes low sperm count as well as how to cure it. Let’s get started!

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What Is Low Sperm Count?

When you hear low sperm count, what comes to your head? Well, low sperm count means when ejaculation is fewer than normal. This is one of the major cause of infertility in men.

Even though you are not trying to have a baby, your sperm count can determine your overall health. This is the reason you need to be sure of your sperm status. The normal sperm count volume according to the World health organization is 1.5 – 7.6 mL.

You cannot say that you have low sperm count except your doctor assess and test your sperm. Frequent visits to the hospital for check ups would help you if you struggling to have a baby.

What Are The Causes Of Low Sperm Count In Nigeria?

Here are some of the causes of low sperm count:

1. Genetics

One of the major causes of low sperm count is Genetics. This is due to the fact that a defect in one of the chromosomes can cause inability to make sperm. This is a major cause of infertility in men.

2. Surgeries

The next cause of low sperm count that we have on our list is past surgeries. These surgeries are usually the ones that have been performed around the genital area of a man. This can destroy the sperm cell of a man.

3. General Health

The next cause of low sperm count that we have on our list is general health. The way you take care of your body can influence the level of sperm you produce as a man. Hence, you need to be very careful because you might be harming your sperm cells with your reckless lifestyle without you knowing.

4. Sexually Transmitted Diseases

The next cause of low sperm count that we have on our list is sexually transmitted diseases. Having sexually transmitted diseases can interfere with the production of sperm as well as sperm health.

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How Can Low Sperm Count Be Cured?

1. Stop Smoking

Smoking as well as consuming other harmful drugs can reduce normal sperm count. If you smoke and you are dealing with low sperm count, try reducing the level of substance intake.

2. Surgeries

Another effective treatment for low sperm count is surgery. You may be recommended for surgical correction or repair if you have varicocele or obstructed vas deferens.

3. Counseling And Medications

Counseling and medications can help improve sperm count. Counseling is very much effective when dealing with sexual intercourse problems. If you are experiencing this, try seeing a counselor who might refer you to a doctor if the case is beyond counseling.

4. Antibiotics

There are cases where bacterial infections can affect sperm count. Antibiotics is a great way of treating these infections so that one can have the normal sperm count. However, do not take antibiotics without your doctor’s prescription.

5. Hormonal Treatment

Inconsistency in hormones can cause fertility issues in men. Here, hormonal treatments are very much necessary and effective to get normal sperm count.

6. Losing Weight

People with higher body structure are more likely to experience low sperm count than people with lower body structure. If you are big in size as a man, you can try losing weight to improve sperm count.

7. Avoid Tight Boxers

According to research, men that wear tight boxers are more likely to experience low sperm count. Try using loose cotton boxers instead.

8. Improve Your Vitamin Supplement Intake

Vitamin supplement intake is a great way of improving sperm count. However, you would need to first take a test at the clinic to know if you have vitamin deficiency hence supplements would be necessary to take them back to normal level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Low Sperm Count Matter If You Do Not Want To Have A Baby?

Yes, low sperm count matters even if you are not trying to have a baby because it indicates good overall health of a man.

2. Can Thin People Have Low Sperm Count?

Of course, any man can have low sperm count regardless of body size however, men with bigger body size are more prone to low sperm count.

3. Can One’s Lifestyle Influence Low Sperm Count?

Yes, it can be one of the causes of low sperm count.

4. What Is Semen Test Analysis Based On?

Semen test analysis is based on three basic factors which are: the volume of the sperm, shape of sperm as well as the movement of sperm.

5. Can Masturbating Cause Low Sperm Count?

The answer is No, Masturbation does not have any effect on your sperm count even if you do it frequently.

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