List of Punishable Crimes in Nigeria (Updated)

List of Punishable Crimes in Nigeria (Updated).  Capital Crime List In Nigeria.

Punishable Crimes in Nigeria

“simple offence” means any offence which is declared by law to be a simple offence or is punishable by imprisonment for less than six months. This Act may be cited as the Minor Offences (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act.

Acts performed by individuals, groups of persons or an organization that are harmful to some individuals, a community, society or the state, of which are forbidden and punishable by law are referred to as crimes. The government through instituted authority possesses the power to restrict the liberty of an individual that commits a crime, and provide punishment based on the severity of the crime perpetrated.

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There are several crimes that are publishable by the law in Nigeria. It is however pertinent to note that while every crime breaks the law, not every infringement on the law counts as a crime such as breach of private law, torts, and contracts breach.

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List of Punishable Crimes in Nigeria (Updated)

This is a list of punishable crimes in Nigeria:

  1. Treason
  2. Instigating invasion of Nigeria
  3. Concealment of treason
  4. Treasonable felonies
  5. Promoting inter-communal war
  6. Inciting a mutiny
  7. Aiding and inciting to mutinous acts or disobedience of members of the Armed Forces or Policemen
  8. Assisting escape of prisoners of war
  9. Overt act
  10. Causing disaffection among members of the Armed Forces, Police or Prison Officers
  11. Going armed to cause fear
  12. Smuggling in disguise
  13. Forcible entry
  14. Provoking breach of peace by offensive publication
  15. Disclosure of official documents
  16. Public officers inviting bribes on accounts of their own action
  17. The person giving bribes on accounts of actions of public officers
  18. The person inviting bribes on accounts of actions by public officers
  19. Extortion by public officials
  20. Public officers interested in contracts
  21. False claim by a public official
  22. Abuse of office
  23. False certificates by public officers
  24. Administering extra-judicial oaths
  25. False assumption of authority
  26. Impersonating public officers
  27. Impersonating members of Armed Forces or Police
  28. Unlawfully wearing the uniform of the Armed Forces
  29. Selling it uniforms of the Armed Forces to unauthorized
  30. Bargaining for offices in public service
  31. Making false statements to public officers with the intent
  32. Perjury
  33. Fabricating evidence
  34. Corruption of witnesses
  35. Deceiving witnesses
  36. Preventing witnesses from attending
  37. Conspiracy to bring a false accusation
  38. Destroying evidence
  39. Perverting justice
  40. Contempt of court
  41. Aiding prisoners to escape
  42. Permitting escape of prisoners
  43. Prison officers accessory to breach of discipline
  44. Removing property under lawful seizure
  45. Obstructing officers of courts of justice
  46. Counterfeiting gold and silver coin
  47. Preparation for coining gold and silver coin
  48. Unlawful inquiries with the object of making counterfeit coins
  49. Repeated uttering of counterfeit current gold or silver coin and the possession of such coins
  50. Making, issue, and circulation of promissory notes payable to bearer on demand, without authority
  51. Stopping mail by post
  52. Intercepting postal matter
  53. Tampering with postal matter
  54. Wilful misdelivery of a postal order
  55. Obtaining postal matter by false pretense
  56. Secreting letters and telegrams
  57. Fraudulent issue of money orders and postal orders
  58. Fraudulent messages respecting money orders
  59. Unlawful franking of letter
  60. Sending dangerous things by post
  61. Retarding delivery of postal matter
  62. Obstructing mails
  63. False statements in an application for passports
  64. False statements in statements required to be under oath
  65. False declaration and statement
  66. Violation of secrecy of the postal matter
  67. Shooting at custom boats or officers
  68. Resisting officers engaged in preventing smuggling
  69. Refusal of public officials to perform a duty
  70. Neglect of peace officers to suppress a riot
  71. Neglect to aid in suppressing riots
  72. Neglect to aid in arresting offenders
  73. Disobedience to Act, Law, or Statute
  74. Disobedience to a lawful order issued by constituted authority
  75. Offering violence to officiating ministers of religion
  76. Disturbing religious worship
  77. Indecent practices between males
  78. Causing or encouraging the seduction or prostitution of a girl under sixteen
  79. Defilement of girls under thirteen
  80. Allowing persons under sixteen to be in brothels
  81. Procuring defilement of women by threats, fraud, or administering drugs
  82. Abduction of a girl under eighteen years of age with the intent to have carnal knowledge
  83. Keeping brothel
  84. Prostitution
  85. Unlawful detention with the intent to defile
  86. Conspiracy to defile
  87. Attempts to procure abortion
  88. Attempt to procure own miscarriage
  89. Supplying drugs or instruments to procure abortion
  90. Exposing for sale things unfit for food or drink
  91. Adulteration of food and drink intended for sale
  92. Dealing in diseased meat
  93. Sale of matches with white phosphorus and the use of white phosphorus in the manufacture of matches
  94. Murder
  95. Killing on provocation
  96. Attempt to murder
  97. Attempt to murder by convict
  98. Accessory after the fact to murder
  99. Written threats to murder
  100. Conspiring to murder
  101. Killing unborn child
  102. Concealing of birth of children
  103. Unlawful possession of a human head
  104. Acts attempted to cause grievous harm or prevent arrest
  105. Grievous harm
  106. Preventing escape from wreck
  107. Intentionally endangering persons traveling by railway
  108. Attempting to injure by explosive devices
  109. Maliciously administering poison with the intent to harm
  110. Wounding and similar acts
  111. Endangering the life or health of apprentices or servants
  112. Abandoning or exposing children
  113. Setting man-trap
  114. Reckless and negligent acts
  115. Sending unseaworthy ships to sea
  116. Endangering steamships by tampering with machinery
  117. Evading laws as to shipping dangerous goods
  118. Assaults on persons protecting wreck
  119. Rape
  120. Abduction
  121. Kidnapping
  122. Deprivation of liberty
  123. Compelling action by intimidation
  124. Compelling action by assault
  125. Concealment of matters affecting liberty
  126. Slave dealing
  127. Bigamy
  128. Child-stealing
  129. Desertion of children
  130. Defamation
  131. Stealing by persons in office
  132. Bringing stolen goods to Nigeria
  133. Fraudulent disposition of mortgaged goods
  134. Fraudulent appropriation of power
  135. Robbery
  136. Attempted robbery
  137. Burglary
  138. Obtaining goods by false pretenses
  139. Conspiracy to defraud
  140. Frauds on sale or mortgage of property
  141. Pretending to exercise witchcraft or tell fortune
  142. Receiving stolen property
  143. Unlawful possession of arms belonging to the Armed or Police Forces
  144. Taking reward for recovering of property obtained by means of felony or misdemeanor
  145. Trustees fraudulently disposing of trust property
  146. Directors and officers of corporations falsifying books or accounts
  147. False statement by officials or companies
  148. Fraudulent false accounting
  149. Fraudulent accounting by a public officer
  150. Arson
  151. Attempt to commit arson
  152. Obstructing aircrafts
  153. Forgery
  154. Casting away ships
  155. Attempt to destroy property by explosives
  156. Removing boundary marks with intent to defraud
  157. Wilful damage to survey and boundary marks
  158. Sending false certificate of marriage to the registrar
  159. Lending certificates for personation
  160. Making or dealing in infringing copies of copyright work
  161. Corrupt acceptance of the gift
  162. Interference with an executive or legislative order
  163. Publication of false news with the intent to cause fear and alarm to the public
  164. Unlawful drilling
  165. Fouling water
  166. Assembling for the purpose of smuggling
  167. Misconduct with regards to corpses

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