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10 Reasons Men Don’t Listen To Women

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10 Reasons Men Don’t Listen To Women. Get Informed On Why Men Do Not Listen To Women. Check Out This Post Now.

10 Reasons Men Do Not Listen To Women

Are you a woman? You want to know why your man doesn’t listen to you? You have definitely come to the right place for such information. I have identified a couple of reasons why mean don’t listen to women which i think would be very useful for you. Lets go into them right away!

Here are some of the reasons why men don’t listen to women:

  1. Men don’t understand what women want
  2. Men can’t handle dumping
  3. Ladies want agreement
  4. Ladies don’t want any man to fix her
  5. Men are always thinking about something else
  6. Enthusiastic response
  7. Men hate to be interrupted
  8. Men are in another room
  9. Men just aren’t interested in the gossip
  10. Ladies tend to be all over the place

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10 Reasons Men Don’t Listen To Women


Ladies, when all is said in done, talk with feelings that men can’t translate now and again. Men will in general be immediate when they need or need something. Ladies need to support, express and procedure through words and how they feel. Men need to get down direct. Frequently, when a lady needs to be heard she makes some hard memories communicating precisely what it is that she needs. Ladies are moved by how others feel. They would prefer not to hurt others. They are sustaining and profoundly mindful of their environmental factors.

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The craft of discussion requires tuning in as well as understanding what is being said. Men call it “dumping” and may feel that their lady is basically emptying every last bit of her psychological weight onto him. Since men are hereditarily wired in an unexpected way, they feel overpowered by all the feelings. A man starts to feel baffled since he can’t “fix” the issue or issue. It isn’t that he’s not hearing what his partner has communicated. It’s simply that he can’t take steps to a snappy arrangement so as to facilitate her pressure. What’s more, to him, such a venting is testing. It feels as though he’s being assaulted. Men don’t process their feelings well overall and they typically have their own worry in a monster knapsack that must be emptied. It isn’t so much that they aren’t tuning in. It’s simply that they are shielding themselves from their own passionate strife that they can’t discharge a similar way that a lady can.


Most ladies manage a million issues in a 24 hour timespan. They are moms, managers, entrepreneurs, spouses, little girls, and a hundred different positions. Now and again what they need is to be held and feel recognize for all that they do. They simply need to feel that they are doing the most ideal activity. A lady needs to realize that her man is the last individual to underestimate her. Men convey their own caps in a day. They will in general look at in light of the fact that they have to overlook all that they persevered. A lady needs approval to feel sustained and when she requests a supposition it is on the grounds that she is unsure or questioning her own capacity to settle on the correct decisions.


Men like to fix things. At the point when a lady goes to her man with an issue however discloses to him that she doesn’t need it fixed the man blocks out. Men need to assault an issue and set out to settle it. They can’t break down it and attempt to make sense of fifty different ways to defeat it. He simply needs her to be upbeat. The second a lady identifies with her man that he isn’t to fix the issue, that man will quit tuning in and center around something that can really be fixed.


A man can be sitting unobtrusively or driving his vehicle somewhere down in considered something that is critical to him. He may even have his earphones on tuning in to music or a web recording while at the same time thinking. Men are not multitaskers. They will in general spotlight like a laser on whatever it is they are doing. So they will in general tune out whatever isn’t what they are taking a shot at or thinking about. They aren’t overlooking their ladies. They are just in their own head space. On the off chance that a lady needs to be heard she needs to make the highlight stand out enough to be noticed in a caring manner.

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Men have an inclination of feeling overpowered by the sustaining of adoration. They start to look at sincerely as an endurance sense. It’s dependent upon the lady to make time to get some information about him and his needs. On the off chance that she feels unheard, at that point she needs to likewise give her accomplice a similar regard she expects in being recognized. Men despise annoying. They block that out right away.


Let’s be honest, most ladies can out talk a man. At the point when she’s highly involved with sharing and afterward requests an assessment however his supposition doesn’t evaluate to what’s in her mind, she will keep destroying her way in the discussion. Men don’t prefer to be shutdown or interfered. It takes two to tango in a relationship and in a discussion. It’s not every one of the uneven. Recall that “tune in” has indistinguishable letters from “quiet.”


Ladies are continually performing multiple tasks. They can be emptying the dishwasher, making supper, taking care of a youngster, and looking at everything that occurred in their day. Her accomplice might be in another room, and in spite of the fact that she is working for all to hear, he truly can’t hear what she’s adage. He can hear her talking uproariously however he can’t make out what she’s attempting to pass on. On the off chance that you need to have a significant discussion with him hold back to have him before you.


Men truly could mind less what occurred in the big name world. They couldn’t care less what befell your associate with her significant other. Your accomplice needs to think about you. He needs to hear you talk about your fantasies, your coexistence and what relates to his prompt world. On uncommon events will you hear him talk about his companions or their issues. On the off potential for success that you can’t have tuning in to him chatter about computer games, vehicles, sports or work, you can envision how he feels about something that doesn’t relate to him. Men get exhausted effectively with these kind of discussions.

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At the point when a lady is overemphasized her line of reasoning skips around from subject to subject. Your man might be staying there attempting to get a handle on the association however he can’t discover it. He gets lost in the meandering aimlessly of your considerations. What’s more, quickly he begins to go through his own day and daily agenda. Men make some hard memories shuffling to such an extent. It is awkward for them. They like to discuss each subject in turn not five distinct ones that are approximately associated by how they caused their lady to feel. It is ideal to remain on each subject in turn while having a discussion with your man. He would enormously value it.


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