10 Type Of Ladies Every Man Should Avoid Completely

10 Type Of Ladies Every Man Should Avoid Completely.

Type Of Ladies Every Man Should Avoid Completely


Finding someone you can finally invest your emotions on and share your time and space with is one of the best thing that can happen to anyone. However finding the wrong, bad or troublesome one will end up having a negative effect in your life, your emotions and even mental balance. The challenge is sporting the good ones and checking the red flags to know when to run.

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10 Type Of Ladies Every Man Should Avoid Completely

Here are 10 red flags to always check for. If your partner or crush shows one or more of these traits, you should take to your heels.

1) The Overly Entitled ones: They feel they have a right everything and anything. Once you say hi, you are supposed to do this and buy that. The money in your pocket is their right, you should give it all to them because you are asking them out or dating them. They feel entitled even down to your last drop of emotions and energy. For them, it should only be about them, they expect everything from you and will give little or nothing. They are women, so you should always give and they should always receive.

2) The Mannerless Ones with Loose Tongue: These ones don’t know how to talk, act or apologise when they are wrong, but are always ready to wash you clean with their ever ready razor sharp tongues. They will not hesitate to give you the insult of your life and tell you things that will pierce your soul directly just to prove a point. They do not know how to act around people, they are rude and will even embarrass your guest, friends and family at the slightest provocation. Avoid them!

3) The Attention Seekers: They must be noticed where ever they are or go. They are beauty addicts and fashion freaks, just to ensure they always get noticed at all cost. If they fail to be noticed, they put up a show. They can spend money meant for important things just to buy the latest cosmetics, or sexy cloth. Dressing provocative and always taking photos are their special talent. They are always on social media hunting for attention, if you see them, run.

4) The Toxic Feminists: These ones take feminism to a whole new dimension. Everything is a competition, they do not see you as human, no! You are a male and a threat for that matter. In a bid not to be intimidated by the imaginary threat, they become too rigid and make everything a tussle. They don’t hesitate to remind you they are independent and don’t necessarily need you. If you get angry, they will dare you to do your worst. Take to your heels my brother!

5) The Violent Ones (Fighters): She will break your head if you misbehave! The slightest argument, she is already holding you by your collar or waist. You provoke her, she will destroy all your belongings in the house and vandalize your household gadgets. You try to defend yourself, she would scream for the whole town to hear. She is quick to pick up weapons to threaten you and also quick to post Photos on social media when it backfires on her. Next thing you are baptized woman beater. Avoid them like a plague!

6) The Money Lovers/Gold Diggers: These one literally live and crawl out of a rat hole everyday but ask them out and you will hear “I can never date a broke guy”, that is their anthem. They are lazy, dumb and can’t make a penny that is unconnected to their body, however they are ready to insult you for not being rich enough. They won’t hesitate jumping to the next richer guy if they see one. Save your money and run!

7) The Incorrigible Ones: Everything they do is right, they can never be wrong, Instead they pick a fight. You do not tell them they are getting it wrong, you do not give them directions, you do not tell them what to do. When they are wrong, it’s your fault, you should always apologise. Try to correct them and you start a fight, they cry and you end up apologising. Brother stay miles away from them!

8) The Fantasy Dreamers (Telemundo And Zee World Addicts): You should really avoid these ones unless you are ready to do all the things they see on TV. Act like their favourite Philippines or Indian actor. Love them like you came to this world without a brain. They can tell you to jump in front of a moving car just to test your love for them. No matter how hard you try, you can never love them the way they fantasize. You will drain yourself out and still they are not satisfied. Unless you want to die loving, take to your heels!

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9) The Loose Ones And Sex Addicts: Finally on the list are the sexually insatiable ones. The ones that are already looking at your waist to see the size of your dick while you are still asking them out. They jump from bed to bed testing every guy they meet. Once you start dating them, pall bearers start starring at you. They have so many Male friends and uncle, they may love you but can never be faithful to you. Run for your dear life!

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