10 Awesome Ways To Build A Strong Marriage With Your Spouse

10 Awesome Ways To Build A Strong Marriage With Your Spouse. It’s a time to establish good patterns and ways of being together that should continue for the rest of your marriage. 

Ways To Build A Strong Marriage With Your Spouse

Marriage entails a lot more than having a flamboyant wedding and dancing all around the wedding cake. What’s more after marriage? Do you wish to know how you can build that happy and strong marriage with your partner? If this has been your trouble for a while, relax, we have answers to your questions.

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We have gotten a handful of information gathered from different marriage experts on how to build and maintain a strong marriage with your partner.

What is marriage?

Marriage is simply or most commonly referred to as matrimony. It is a union between two people mostly male and female that establishes the right and obligations between them as well as their children. Marriage is a concept that is universal culturally.

Does having a strong and happy marriage mean that I would not argue with my partner?

No, having a strong and happy relationship with your partner does not mean that you would not have argument. It bottom line is being able to manage the arguments instead of escalating it.

Here are 10 ways by which you can build a strong marriage with your spouse:

  1. Communication
  2. The past is the past
  3. Respect one another
  4. Learn to say “sorry”
  5. Treat your spouse family like yours
  6. Make decisions together
  7. Give a bit of privacy to your spouse
  8. Learn to trust your spouse
  9. Show love and not just proclaim it
  10. Make “love” and not just “sex”

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10 Awesome Ways To Build A Strong Marriage With Your Spouse


The number one tip to building a strong marriage is the ability to communicate to your spouse properly. You should be able to ask your partner what the matter is when you seem him or her troubled. Feeding your partner with silent treatment can mar the foundation on which marriage is built. Your partner should be your best friend whom you can tell anything that is bothering you without the fear of getting judged.

Communication in marriage helps you understand your partner better as well as binds you together.


Once you get married, you need to understand that the past is the past. You cannot start comparing your partner with all other partners you have been with in the past. You need to understand you are now with a life time partner and that individuals are different. You cannot expect your husband or wife to behave exactly the way your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend behaves.

Let go of your old experiences and move on to make new ones with this special person.


Respect is key in maintaining relationships. It should be noted that respect has nothing to do with age and it is reciprocal. If you learn to respect your spouse, I am sure you will be respected as well.

You shouldn’t also shame or correct your spouse with a third party. It breaches respect.


Learning to say sorry could be a lot difficult than it seems especially when you are not at fault. If you want to build a strong bond with your partner, you should learn to say sorry when there is a misunderstanding regardless of whether you are at fault or not


Most failed marriages are usually caused by lack of understanding with probably one spouse and the other spouse’s family. You should learn to treat your partner’s family as yours to build a strong marriage.

I have seen a marriage that has gotten broken because the husband kept giving his wife money for his mother and then she kept spending part of it before he finally found out and sent her packing. In as much as you do not want families to be a third party in your marriage, extend the love you show your spouse to them as well.


Decisions concerning your marriage or family should be made together. The man remains the head and the woman is the neck. you should know that without both of them, there would be no marriage. It is wrong for either of the partners to be autocratic in decision making.


Everybody develops mood swings on one occasion or the other. You should learn emotional intelligence so that when you see a time that calls for a little space for your partner, respect it.

Again, you should not just bug into all affairs of your partner that does not concern you or the marriage except your spouse calls you into it.


Trust is like the solid foundation which every relationship should be built on. It is impossible to have a healthy relationship without trust.  The bottom line here is that you should not just jump to conclusions if you see or hear things that are not supposed to be about your partner. This is because it might be mere rumor.

If your friend tells you negative things about your partner, you should learn to say “my husband or wife wouldn’t do that”. When you get home, you can talk it out with your partner also learn to believe whatever your partner because, it is good for your mental health and your relationship as well.


Things are actually easier said than done. If you love your partner, learn to show it. Do not be selfish and make sure you take note of the fact that little things go a long way in showing how much you love your partner.

For instance, if you see your partner going through a lot of paper work after the day’s job, offer to help and don’t just sit there pressing your phone or watching the Television. Another example of how little things can go a long way to show love is in Nigeria, where we do not have stable power supply, you can charge your partner’s phone if you wake up at midnight to charge yours. It might seem like a small thing but trust me, try and see how your partner feels about it.


Many couple fails to understand that making love is quite different from having sex. While sex simply mean intimacy with your partner to satisfy your sexual desire, love making refers to intimacy with your partner to fulfill or satisfy your sexual desire as well as your partner’s.

Love making for couples should be done on a regular as it improves the bond between them.

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One thing that you should also know for you to maintain a relationship, you should avoid the four horsemen as identified by John Gottman as the biggest causes of divorce which are:

  1. Criticism
  2. Defensiveness
  3. Contempt
  4. Stonewalling (silent treatment)


If these tips are properly followed, you would get the best out of your relationship and I really hope this information was really helpful to you. Cheers!

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