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10 Ways To Start Ready To Wear Clothing Line In Nigeria

10 Ways To Start Ready To Wear Clothing Line In Nigeria. Ready-to-wear or Pret-a-porter is the fashion design term for clothing marketed in a finished condition, in standard clothing sizes.

“Ready-to-wear” are clothes that are mass manufactured clothing in which the measurements are made to fit most people. It’s also referred to as “off the peg”, “off the rack” and “made to measure”. In terms of clothing such as hats, t-shirts, shorts, underwear and socks it doesn’t make a huge difference as these types of clothing don’t vary too much between different body types.(Norvin Mago)

Ways To Start Ready To Wear Clothing Line In Nigeria

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Cloths are very important aspects of living in as much as humans do not walk around naked, it shields the body from some forms of damaged caused by the environment. Cloths have also been considered as fashion.

Do you wish to start up a clothing line business? Do not fret as you have come to the right platform for such information. I have come up with substantial information on how you can start you own clothing line business.

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What is a clothing line?

A clothing line is a collection of outfits irrespective of gender (male or female) in a name. Clothing line is simply a fashion collection.

How much does it cost to begin a clothing line business?

It depends on how big you want to start your clothing line. But with roughy 250,000- 300,000 you can start up an average clothing line business.

Do i have to make the cloths myself?

No, you do not have to make the cloths yourself but you do need knowledge of the business if you are not going to make the cloths yourself to be able to differentiate between good quality and bad quality.

Here are ten ways which are necessary in stating up a cloth line business:

  1. Learn the skill and the trade
  2. Decide on what is best for you and the customers
  3. Conduct a feasibility study
  4. Draw a business plan
  5. Draw a marketing plan
  6. Make ready your office or location
  7. Make plans with tailors that would help you sew
  8. Provide and get ready the materials needed to start up
  9. Register your brand
  10. Take action

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10 Ways To Start Ready To Wear Clothing Line In Nigeria


It is very key and important that before one goes into any business that one learns the skill or trade. For the case of clothing line, this is very important because for you to be able to distinguish a great cloth from a cloth that is not properly made, you should have a great deal of knowledge of it.

Even if you do not intend to make the cloths yourself, you do not want to be outsmarted in your own business.


After you have learnt the skill of trade, it is important that you decide on what is best for you and your customers. This is because you do not want to make things your customers do not like or what will not attract more customers to yourself. Again, you do not need to overwork yourself or be too forward by making things that you are not really conversant with, this is simply said as deciding also what is best for you.

Here, the key rule is simplicity, quality and quantity as well. One of these features should not supersede the other except your customer decides on what they want themselves.

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A feasibility study is a study that is used to determine the viability of an idea or business idea. A feasibility study tells us whether the business would be successful or not. Do not just assume things with your mindset. A good feasibility study will show the strength, weaknesses, opportunity and treat of the proposed business. If one decides to skip doing or conducting a feasibility study, the business has a higher tendency of failing.


If the feasibility study conducted for you business proves to be viable, then the next step is to draw a business plan.

Many people on many occasion confuse a feasibility study with a business plan which is not but they go hand in hand to make a successful business. A business plan simply a plan that proposes the future objectives of the business as well as set strategies for achieving these objectives. It is compulsory that a business plan is written down in a document so as to always go back to it to know if your business is achieving those set objectives or not.


A marketing plan is one that is very important in that it shows how marketing will be done in order to attract or bring more customers to patronize your business. To as extent, the success of a business is based on marketing and advertisement. It is important to produce a good marketing plan. You can market in different ways whether you choose to make it digitally or analogue.

Digitally, you can advertise of many platforms through influencers as well. If you decide to go analogue, you should seek professional marketers and not just use random people.


Another very important thing to do when starting your own clothing line is to provide an office or location which you can easily be reached.  You should also try to display some of the random clothes tryout have made to attract passers by.

However, if you do not have a location yet, you can make the market such that it would be available online.


The next step you should take is making plans with tailors or companies that would have you sew. If you do not wish to make the cloths yourself then you need proper fashion designers to help you out.

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The next step would be to provide materials that would be used to start up the business. If you have tailors, fashion designers or companies making the cloths for you then, you might not necessary need to get so much materials depending on your agreement but you would need to provide adequate capital to start up the business.

However, if you wish to make your cloths yourself, you need to get adequate materials and equipment needed for your business. Example of materials and equipment that you might need to start up a clothing line are; sewing machine, needle, thread, cloth material, weaving machine etc.


The next step you need to take after getting the materials and equipment for your business is to legally register your business and now you are ready for the market!



If you have taken all of these steps then what else are you waiting for? You are ready for business. Take action and start!


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