How To Start Data Reselling Business In Nigeria

How To Start Data Reselling Business In Nigeria. Data reselling business is not a new thing for us. This business is the type that requires a small amount of money as input, but a significant amount of money as an output.

Data Reselling Business

In this article, you’ll learn all the methods, ways and alternatives through which you can start your very own data selling or reselling business in Nigeria at little cost while outlining the benefits and shortcomings of each of the methods discussed.

Data Reselling is a form of business in which an individual buys data bundles in bulk and resells to consumers at small quantities.

A data reseller in an individual who purchases data bundles from VTU platforms and telecommunication companies and sells to people at a higher price to make a profit. These days, financial institutions such as banks, fintech companies have added airtime top-up and data purchase to their services. They get to make money when their customer purchase data and airtime from their platform.

Nigeria has four telecommunications companies which are Airtel, Glo, MTN and 9Mobile. However, MTN has the largest coverage in Nigeria due to the large number of internet users who use their service.

MTN sells 1GB for ₦1,000 and 1.5Gb for ₦1,200. As a data reseller, you can get 1GB MTN data for as low as ₦450 and sell them for ₦600 or more. A data reseller can purchase such data at a cheaper rate and sell to his customers at a higher rate.

Who Is A Data Reseller?

A data reseller is an individual who gets internet data bundles at a very cheap price and resells it at his own rate to earn profit from it.

A data reseller can sell data through his website, social media channels or via his wallet. Today, we have a lot of data resellers selling internet data on Facebook and Instagram.

A data reseller is a middleman between the telecommunication company and the consumer. The data reseller buys bulk data at a reduced price and he sells it to the end-users.

Requirements To Start Data Reselling Business

The following are the requirements for starting data reselling business.

Finance or Capital

Money is involved when starting a business venture, especially if it is a genuine one. Data reselling is not one of the ways to make money online without paying anything. As a matter of fact, you need to invest or spend money before you start data reselling business.

However, this is not to say that you need to break the bank or empty your account to start. When starting the data reselling business, you need money to purchase data and also fund your wallet.

Laptop or Smartphone

Data reselling is an online business which cannot work without a mobile phone or laptop. You can deputize your smartphone to start this business.

So there is no problem if you don’t have a laptop or computer system. You can run your data reselling business effectively from your mobile phone device.

Internet Connection

Data reselling also requires internet. You should have a steady internet around your area if you intend to start this business venture. Most of the data resellers find customers online and also sell data online to their customers. Hence, you need to have a stay online regularly.

Bank Account

Also, you need to have a bank account that will serve as a medium of payment. Your bank account is the channel where you get payments from your customers.

After you must have received orders from your customers, you get to forward your account details to your customers. After you receive payment, you can go on to process the order and send the data to your customer.

you get a reliable and effective data reselling that will give you insightful information about the data reselling business.

How Much Do I Need to Start Data Reselling Business

Since you do not have the financial power or connection to go into direct partnership with telecommunication networks, you can become a reseller by getting a data reselling pack from a data reselling platfor

Data reselling is one of the cheapest online businesses to start today. It requires little money to start and you can start this business for as ₦1,000 (depending on the scale you want to operate).

Even if you want to go on a large scale by setting up a website for your data reselling business, you don’t need huge capital for it. However, your capital depends on the level you intend to operate. You cannot start the data reselling business with ₦1,000 and you expect to make ₦10,000 daily.

You start the data bundle reselling business on the data size and scale you intend to operate. If you are going to be reselling and transacting with a large number of people daily, then you will need to start with ₦10,000 above

How Can I Make Money From Data Reselling

It is very possible for you to make thousands of naira from the data bundle reselling business. The secret of being successful in the data reselling industry is having customers.

For instance, if John funds his wallet with ₦5,000, buys 1GB data for ₦470 and sells for ₦600. He gets to tell his friends in his school and community that they can get data bundles from him at a rate cheaper than what the network sells.

This is to say that he earns up to ₦130 profit from a single data sale. If John gets to process lots of orders like 10 to 20 per day, he will get to earn ₦1,300 and ₦2,600 respectively and can proceed to make a profit of more than ₦50,000 on monthly basis.

The more people buy from you, the more money you get to earn as a data reseller. You can tell your friends and people around you that they should stop looking for where to buy cheap data because you can sell internet data bundles to them at a cheap rate.

The internet is the new business hub, you can sell data to people online without having a physical meet-up with them. Hence, data reselling business allows you to make money online from your home. You can create awareness about your business and make people know that you sell internet data bundles online. Making money in the data reselling business will never be a problem for you if you have customers.

How To Start Data Reselling Business In Nigeria

Guide On How To Start Data Reselling Business In Nigeria

To start data reselling, you need a reselling platform. A reselling  platforms are places or websites where you can get airtime and data at cheap rates. Even if you are not buying data in bulk, these companies allow you to get access to cheap data bundles online.

Therefore, data reselling companies allow you to purchase data at the same rate the banks buy them – even if you are not buying it in bulk.

There are various platforms you can start data reselling in Nigeria but we recommend Vtuking.

The Vtuking is very easy to use. All you need is to register and get started. After Registration, you have to fund your wallet with minimum of ₦1000 to start purchasing Data, Airtime and others. VTUKing remains the Best.

Recharge And Get Paid, How It Works

How register or create VTUKing account

  1. Register on this website:
  2. Click on ‘menu’ (if you’re using a mobile browser, this is located at the top right).
  3. Click on ‘Data Menu’ and select ‘Buy Data.
  4. Select the network of your choice.
  5. Choose the data plan you want and type in your number.
  6. Click’ buy data’ (you’ll be required to fund your wallet before you can start to use any of the services.)

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When you click ‘buy data ‘your data should be deposited in your mobile line within minutes.

After that, what next? Well, I am very happy to inform you that you are done with the buying now its reselling.

Why You Should Start Data Reselling Business?

Without mincing words, there are various reasons why you may decide to start data reselling business this year. Some of them include;

  • Low capital to start up, you don’t need to borrow huge loans to get capital to start this business.
  • You can sell data to people with your smartphone.
  • You don’t need to have a website to start.
  • You make commissions and make profits from each sale.
  • Data reselling is less stressful compared to SME data.

Benefits Of Data Reselling Business

There are lots of opportunities and benefits for data resellers. If you make a decision to start internet data bundle reselling business today, here are some of the privileges you would enjoy.

  • You get to build a brand for yourself.
  • You make a lot of profits for yourself.
  • You make money online by selling data bundles.
  • You grow your brand into a VTU business and start selling services.
  • Payments are made to your bank account.
  • You make commissions for yourself when you help people to pay their electrical bills.
  • People will see you as a reliable person if you are legit.
  • People will also refer you to their friends if your services are legit.
  • You can also do DSTV/StarTimes/GoTV subscriptions, sell airtime and send bulk messages as a data reseller.

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