What Is The Difference Between A Scanner And A Photocopier

What Is The Difference Between A Scanner And A Photocopier?

Difference Between A Scanner And A Photocopier

Are you among people who think that scanners and photocopiers are the same things? Then, you may be surprised after you find out the differences between a scanning machine and a photocopier. Although they operate in similar ways the method of output is not the same. Thus, let’s consider how a scanner differs from a copier in detail.


Definition of Copiers and Scanners

The main function of an ordinary copier is to replicate docs onto paper. It represents a plane element of glass and the task of a user is to put papers on it. After that, a copier will take sheets of paper one by one with the assistance of special feeders, record a picture of the doc, and print duplicates of this doc.

A photocopier can print paper of various sizes. Everything will depend on the brand and type of the copier. Also, while one copier can create prints of black and white colors only, others can provide users with color prints.

A scanner machine works like a copier. It takes images of docs that a user places on a plane element of glass. Scanners provide users with the possibility to make digital options of the pictures and save them on PCs in PDF or other formats. A user is able to manage the input tune-ups and choose the necessary resolution for future scanning results. After that, digital files can be utilized for different purposes. You can simply view files on your PC or send them to your colleagues by email.

What User Skills are Necessary?

A copier and scanner machine also requires a few various skills from users. As a rule, the copying process is simpler in comparison to scanning. The majority of models of copiers expect users to simply push one button to start replicating in black and white colors. While the second button should be pressed to get color copies. Also, there can be several other buttons that stand for parameters, for example, imprinting quality and the sum of duplicates. To master these buttons will not take much time and is not complicated.

Also, you should understand how to place a sheet of paper and just in case how to eliminate jams of sheets of paper. If you are going to make a scan, you should have all the skills mentioned above. Additionally to these skills, you should likewise have primary lore of PCs. This will assist you to govern the scanning, imprinting, editing, saving, and transferring processes of scanned pictures.


Role of Copiers and Scanners Today

Copiers have become a widespread piece of office equipment since the 1970s. Nowadays, the majority of copiers are considered multifunction devices. At the same time, scanners are suitable devices for those businesses that decide to go “paperless.”

Since technology has developed, the scanning process has reached a new level. There is no need for users to go to offices and make use of an ordinary machine in order to make a scan. They can have a portable scanning machine directly on an iPhone or Android device.

For this, users simply should install a special application on the device. Of a large number of applications, there is the best iOS Scanner app that is surely worth your attention. PDF Scanner App as the title implies enables users to scan PDF docs directly from their device. The opportunity to process and convert docs to other formats such as TXT, JPEG, etc. is possible for iPhone users with this application.

By using this tool, you benefit only. First, you should not waste money on purchasing a copier. Secondly, this application should obligatorily try those users who do not take out paperwork. Just by your device, you can make scans within clicks and send the necessary receivers.


Definition of Multifunction Devices

While some users select to utilize scanners to avoid working with paperwork, others who prefer paper, make use of copiers to transmit and record documents. To make business routine simpler, special devices were developed that combine these two functions.

These devices are known as multifunction. They combine a printer, copier, and scanner in a single device. If you wonder “what does a printer scanner do”, everything is simple. Such a device provides users with the functions of a printer and scanning machine simultaneously.


Pros and Cons

If you are planning to purchase a copier or scanning machine for your working space, you should note that a copier will cost less. Although these devices can seem similar externally, a copier is a more easy-to-utilize appliance for your workers. It does not require additional buttons, destinations, and features. The main task of a copier is to produce duplicates and it deals with it with a high level of effectiveness.

On the other side, the limited functionality of a copier can have a bad impact on managing your business. This is where a scanning machine will be handy for producing digital pictures of high-resolution from photographs or text. After that, you are able to deliver these images to any place.



Nowadays, business owners can make use of helpful devices starting from ordinary copiers to multifunction devices. Since you have the answer to the “what does a printer scanner do “question and have a representation of the difference between the copier and scanning machine, the choice is for you. According to the budget and purposes of your company, you can select what device to use.

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