Top 20 Differences Between Schooling And Education

Top 20 Differences Between Schooling And Education (Complete Details). Get Information On The Differences Between Schooling And Education. Check Here.

Differences Between Schooling And Education

When it comes to schooling and education, there are similarities and many people think the both as the same nut the truth remains that both schooling and education are not of the same region, they only have some similarities but there are differences in between. In this article, we will be giving you differences between the two but first we need to have a better understanding of the two.

What Is Education?

Education on it’s own is the process of imparting knowledge, skill and judgement through academic institutions and otherwise. Education itself includes facts, skills, beliefs and ideas that have been learned, either formally or informally. The term ‘education’ covers not only formal but also informal methods of acquiring knowledge.

The formal aspect is always systematic and well administered by authorities, and also each stage of formal education leads to higher levels in education. While the informal doesn’t appear systematic and it is never pre-scheduled, or properly administered. It comes randomly and also depends on the interest of the learner.

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What Is Schooling?

School on the other hand is the main stage of formal student education in most developing countries. It is common for younger people who are below the age of schooling to attend pre-schools for basic educational skills. Now in the modern day, school education is also seen as one of the basic rights of citizens.

Also, most developed and developing countries have government schools and their fee is rather affordable to the general public.

Top 20 Differences Between Schooling And Education (Complete Details)

1. Improving The Society

Education keeps improving as the society gets better while on the other hand, no one knows the origination of schooling.

2. Formal System

In Education, the formal system is systematic as the formal means of education like schooling is different from that of informal because of the pre-scheduled program, administration and levels that lead to one another.

3. Wider

Education is wider, as it has the formal and informal while schooling is the first stage of formal education in many countries as it conveys a narrower and specific sense of education.

4. Periodic

Schooling is periodic as it lasts within a fixed period of time. For instance, schooling in a university may take four to six years, which that chapter becomes completed but in the case of education, it relates to the totality of one’s academic journey from the least to the uppermost. Education  never ends as it is continuing.

5. Individual Choice

Education depends on the individuals choice but schooling looks fixed for everyone as every parent sends their children to school from a young age.

6. Education System

Schooling stands for the formal education system that take place in school while the term education includes a number of different sources of knowledge both formal and informal.

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7. Planned

Schooling is the experience that others planned for you while education is what you take away from the experience.

8. Life Long Journey

Schooling is just the first step in building your basic educational foundation while education is the life long and life wide learning journey as you traverse on the phase of life.

9. Lifetime Gain

Education is the culmination of facts, experiences and like we earlier stated, it is gained over a lifetime but schooling is associated with the institution of education.

10. Location

Schooling is done in school while education happens anywhere and everyday of our lives.

11. Subjectiveness

Schooling involves you been subjective to an instructor or a tutor while education is by choice.

12. Flexibility

Schooling is  not always flexible while education can always change.

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13. Curriculum

Schooling works with a curriculum while education does not.

14. Leadership Roles

In schooling, there are leaders but in education, there may not be assigned leadership roles.

15. Memory

Education is what you remember after schooling has been completed.

16. Thinking Capacity

Education teaches you to think independently while schooling is associated with you memorizing what you are taught.

17. Broadness

Schooling is narrow while education itself is a broader one.

18. Career Path

Schooling builds you towards a career while education builds and equips you for life.

19. Comprehensiveness

Education is the comprehensive term while schooling is the initial stage of formal student education.

20. Knowledge

Education is a body of knowledge that helps you live peacefully in the society while school is a physical place that transmit and share knowledge that may not still be grasped.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Education And Schooling Have Similarities?

Yes, both education and schooling have similarities too.

2. What Is The Purpose Of School?

The main purpose of school is to provide for the fullest possible development of each learner for living morally, creatively, and productively in a democratic society.

3. What Type Of Word Is School?


4. Who Made School?

Horace Mann.

5. What Is The First School?

The first separate school was the Nizamiyah school. It was built in 1066 in Baghdad.


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