How To Make Money With Email Marketing (Ultimate Guide)

How To Make Money With Email Marketing (Ultimate Guide). Everyone is increasingly using emails and you need to learn how to make money with email marketing.

Email Marketing

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a strategy in which you reach out to a large group of targeted audience via email to promote your products and services. Your emails may be about an upcoming sale, a new launch, a special offer or anything related to your business.

The idea mainly is to create brand awareness and build loyalty and trust by reaching out to people via email.

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Practical Example Of Email Marketing

Email Campaign

Open your Gmail account and go to your promotions tab(Refer To Above Image). You can find lots of emails showing you different promotions and ads for many products.

The products could be software, services, or even real products you can order to your home.

Many companies, if not all companies use this strategy to promote and sell their products.

They just send emails to people letting them know about new products, thus having possible customers that could buy their products. Nice!

In other words, Email marketing is a highly effective strategy for sending emails to prospects and customers. Effective marketing emails convert prospects into customers and turn one-time buyers into loyal fans.

In the post below, I’ll tell you how to make your email marketing campaign a big success, even if you’re just getting started with email marketing.

How To Make Money With Email Marketing (Ultimate Guide)

Now you must be wondering how to earn money from an email list. I’m gonna show you what I have learned about list building and the various ways that people make money with an email list and prove why it is so essential to build a side hustle. Furthermore, I’ll even include a few examples of how much money can you make with email marketing and how I make money on my email list for you to take with you.

1. Sell Other People’s Products or Services

The truth is we’re selling and being sold something every single day.

When a person tells you their name, you’re buying it. They are selling an identity to you, and you accept that identity unless, of course, they give you a reason to not believe what they are selling.

If you give people what they want and need, there really shouldn’t be much selling involved. Overall, the key is finding the right products for other people to sell.

My favorite thing to sell is affiliate products. Affiliate marketing means if someone on your list buys a product with your link, you will receive a commission from it.

Now, some people will get immediately annoyed that you try to sell them something and then unsubscribe from your email list. But guess what? They were never going to buy from you anyway. So you don’t want them on your list.

Good riddance!

If you’re wondering how to find more affiliate programs to sign up for and start making money, here are a few I highly recommend:

Each platform has several affiliate offers you can join. You can search for the ones you like, apply to them, and grab your affiliate links!

A word of caution: do not sell your email list things you are not buying yourself. To sum up, people know when you’re bullshitting them. So don’t bullshit your list. They will know.

And stick with high-quality products along the way. They last longer, and your audience will thank you for this.

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2. Sell Your Own Product

This is the one I hear about most often. The way it works is you come up with a great idea, promote it, then make money from it using your email list step by step.

When you think about it, selling your product is one of the best ways to make money with an email list. Instead of getting a 10-40% commission selling existing affiliate products, you keep 100% of the profits yourself.

The hard part of creating a product is the time it takes to complete it and having to figure out what you should create. Nevertheless, many people who are making money off their own products don’t tell you that the product they made the most money from is often not the first one they created.

Therefore, factor that into your time. Your first product may be a flop. Your second product may be a flop. Taking this path is risky business.

Here are a few things you can do to make sure you choose the right product to create.

  1. Solve a problem for everyone else that you’ve already solved for yourself.
  2. Survey your email list and see what they want.
  3. Pay attention to what content on your blog is doing the best. Can you make a product around that content?
  4. What questions is your email list asking you? What type of articles are they clicking on the most?

If you can create a product that incorporates those four elements, you should be golden.

But that’s not a guarantee. People can be fickle. Just go into its creation knowing that it may not be all sunshine and roses. However, if it does succeed, it’ll be awesome.

3. Rent or sell your email list

Renting or selling email addresses is not the best option for monetizing your email list, but a great way to make some quick money. Businesses are always on the lookout for email lists with legitimate subscribers to purchase or rent, and that’s where you come in.

Renting or selling email addresses can be a good fit if you can pair up valuable audience and high-quality partners, in order not to dilute your brand. This approach can bring you opportunities for attractive rates, but be aware, as renting or selling mailing lists can also lead to complaints and unsubscribes.

4. Create a Paid Newsletter

A paid newsletter is often overlooked as a form of making money because who even does paid newsletters anymore? I do, I do! And it is going well for me! I am a case study that paid newsletters actually work!

Why not charge a monthly or even a weekly fee for people to get the content they want? If it saves them time, makes them money, or helps them in a big way, people will gladly pay for a newsletter. People love a shortcut.

If you’re going to charge for a newsletter, you just have to make sure it is worthwhile for your subscribers.

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5. Host a Webinar

There are two schools of thought when it comes to making money from webinars.

  1. You can charge people to attend the webinar.
  2. Or you can give excellent information for free in the webinar and then sell them on something in the end.

The latter method is how most webinars work.

An additional benefit to doing webinars is gaining more email subscribers. The first webinar I hosted was for a company I was working for at the time. We ran a simple Facebook ad for a couple of weeks. It resulted in 2,000 more people being added to our mailing lists!

Two thousand email subscribers over two weeks!

Even if those who signed up for the webinar did not buy or if they didn’t attend the webinar at all, you can still sell them something else down the line via your email list. For this reason, webinars are not only a way to generate income, but a way to build your list quickly.

6. Advertise on Your Email List

I really like this one as a way to bring in an income because it is just so easy.

Here’s how it works.

If you want to make money with an email list, you need to be in contact with your subscribers regularly. Additionally, you should have a go-to format that you use to do this. I enjoy an excellent newsletter format.

And if you are doing the newsletter format, you can charge brands to be in your newsletter that week. It can be a banner ad, a link to their blog post, whatever.

It’s that simple.

You can charge a flat fee for mentioning them as long as you disclose that they are paying you to mention them in the email.

I do this in my weekly newsletter to my list. It’s the last section of every weekly email. When I don’t have ads from companies, I just add affiliate links instead.

An easy way to get advertisers to pay you for this is by including newsletter mentions in your media kit. Include how much the ad will cost them and stats on your list that will reel them in.

7. Host Sponsorships

This one is similar to writing a sponsored blog post.

Instead of creating a piece of content for your blog, you create content for your email list. For example, think of it as a long email that talks about a product you enjoy. Specifically, I have found that many bloggers use this form of email for affiliate products, and it works out well for them.

But this can also be done in agreement with a particular brand too. For example, I have done campaigns for brands where we contract an email to my list into a campaign for a sponsored blog opportunity.

If you are negotiating with a brand and are looking for more to offer to get a bigger paycheck, and you already mentioned your social media accounts, highlight your email list. If you have open rates and a list size to tell them about, they may be very interested.

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8. Offer a Service

This one uses your email as more of a way to advertise a service if you have one.

For example, if you are a freelance writer looking to write for other bloggers, you could email your list saying that you offer a service and are looking for clients. Of course, your email list should be relevant to the service you are offering, or you’re probably wasting your time.

9. Promote Cost Per Click Offers

These are similar to affiliates, but instead of someone buying, they only have to click the link.

If you have reliable click-through rates, this is a pretty good way to bring in income. Just make sure that your offers are relevant to your list and have been checked out by you.

Remember, don’t bullshit your audience! They will know!

10. Partner with Other Bloggers with Products

There are a ton of great affiliate programs that are by other bloggers out there. And honestly, they pay the best. You can earn as much as 30% – 40%. However, sometimes, you can go just a teeny bit further and put a campaign together to get even more sales.

Maybe you could work together to host a webinar or a particular challenge. And you can bring in more attention, traffic, email subscribers, and revenue for both of you.

If you see a product that fits your brand well that you want to promote and can see years of working with another blogger, working together on a specific campaign may not be a bad idea.


But before you start implementing all these methods, start by building your blog or website online and collecting your email list. If You Need A Blog/Website, I Can Build One For You At An Affordable Fee, Contact Me Here

Make sure you get a big validated email list, and you can start making a lot of money just by sending emails.

I hope I gave you some enthusiasm to start working and getting some money. I will be waiting your ideas in the comments section below.

If you have any questions concerning Email Marketing, please feel free to use the comment box below and ask us your question. I will be very pleased to answer you.

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