Top 10 Health Insurance Companies in Nigeria (Updated List)

Top 10 Health Insurance Companies in Nigeria (Updated List). There are top health insurance companies in Nigeria that help individuals looking to secure their future from such misfortune.

Health Insurance Companies in Nigeria

The health sector is one of the most vital sectors in the world, with billions being pumped in per day to create a better life. Also, the emergence of the insurance industry has created a merger from which everyone can benefit. Therefore, we can protect ourselves by taking up health insurance, ensuring basic health treatments are covered whenever we fall ill. Today, health insurance is very vital and has now even been made mandatory to be provided by employers for employees.

Insurance not only brings peace of mind but also provides some financial protection for unexpected accidents and other risks in life. There can be many reasons for insuring, including the desire to protect your family after your death or loss of earning power or to protect your home, car, or other assets in the event of theft or disaster.

An Insurance company is simply a company that provides insurance services.

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What Are The Benefits Of Health Insurance?

Although having health insurance comes with numerous benefits, we can summarize them to be:

Financial protection:

Health insurance is one of the ways to keep you financially secure. Therefore, this is probably the best advantage of purchasing health insurance and prevents you from spending your savings. In addition, having health insurance helps cover hospital bills from emergencies.

Multiple options: 

Back in the days, insurers only offer basic health insurance plans without much flexibility. However, health insurance has grown to incorporate a wide range of policies. Some good examples of these are family insurance, personal insurance, group insurance, and much more. Therefore, these plans allow you to take advantage of medical group coverage and save less instead of purchasing individual health insurance.

Cashless hospitalization: 

the emergence of cashless hospitalization has eliminated the old way of doing things. In time past, you would have to cover your hospital bill and get reimbursed by the insurance company. Therefore, this means that if you can’t settle your bills at that moment, you wouldn’t be treated. However, you can now get full treatment without cash.


lastly, health insurance gives peace of mind and a feeling of complete safety, especially if you purchase a family or group plan. There is a sense of calm that follows knowing that you and your family are covered against medical emergencies.

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The Role of Insurance Companies

The role of insurance companies is to help their customers manage risk. Buying insurance with an insurance company is equivalent to transferring part of your financial risk to the insurance company. When you are not insured, you will have to bear the financial risk yourself.

After you purchase the insurance, you will become the insured or the beneficiary. You pay the insurance company an amount called “premium” as a price for asking the insurance company to take the risk for you. If you encounter an accident that falls within the scope of the contract, you can file a compensation claim.


  1. Hygei HMO Limited

Established in 1986, Hygeia is one of the major health insurance firms in the country.

Their health care plans are quite affordable and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a small scale industry or a large corporate organization, Hygeia will deliver to you first class health insurance service.

Also, they have the retail plan which is made available to individuals and their families. However, if you would like to get additional information on any of these plans, you will have to visit their website to find out and get a quote if you’re interested.

  1. Total Health Trust Limited

With over 270 000, Total Health Trust is one of the largest health insurance firms in the country.

The company was established in 1998 and has grown since then to become a national leader in pre-paid health care service provision. Total Health has over 500 private clinics and 1550 NHIS-accredited clinics and hospitals.

Their staff strength is over 200 with their head office in Lagos and 11 regional offices in Kaduna, Abuja, PortHarcourt, Calabar, Ibadan, Benin, Ibadan, Enugu, Ilorin and Abeokuta.

Also, the company has the financial and technical backing of a foreign based company – Liberty Group of South Africa.

  1. AIICO Multi Shield Nigeria Limited

Incorporated in 1997 as a health maintenance organization, AIICO Multi Shield Nigeria was the first HMO to be registered by the NHIS in 2005. Seven other HMO would later follow suit.

The company offers a range of plans which are simple to operate and give you access to a nationwide network of providers.

Their plans include:

  • Standard
  • Executive
  • Super-executive
  • Magnum and
  • Evacuation plans

Their customer service lines are available 24/7 and you can make enquiries whenever you need to. Also, all Multishield plans incorporate health promotion and preventive healthcare services in to their core service.

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  1. Integrated Healthcare Limited

With their IT driven approach to health care, Integrated Healthcare is one of the major HMOs is in the country.

The company was incorporated in 2000 and have provided reliable and affordable healthcare in the last 17 years of its existence.

Their head office is located in Garki, Abuja. Also, they operate a 24 hour call centre which makes it easy for their customers to receive quick response to their enquiries.

Additionally, they provide regular health education and personalized health care services to their enrollees.

For more information on their products and services, you can call their customer care agent or visit their website.

  1. Princeton Health Limited

Princeton Health was founded in 1999 and was incorporated in 2000. Their business model is based on the American managed healthcare system but has been adapted to suit the healthcare system.

The company is chaired by Prince Olagoke Oladinni, a prominent entrepreneur their services include:

  • Hospital registration
  • Primary care consultation
  • Emergency care
  • Specialist consultation
  • Annual physical and laboratory check up.

Princeton operates both the pre-paid and National Health Insurance schemes. The service offered by Princeton includes 24 hours healthcare services and preventive healthcare programme as well as a 24 hours help line for medical advice.

  1. Healthcare Security Limited

Healthcare Security is one of the top HMOs in the country. Their headquarters is located in Abuja and they have zonal offices with adequate penetration into every part of the country.

Their plans include:

  • Budget plan
  • Budget plus
  • Standard plan and the
  • Executive plan

You can visit to get the full details on which of their plans suits you. You can also compare these health plans to know which is best tailored to your unique need.

Overall, Healthcare Security is known to provide premium healthcare services to both their client and the healthcare facilities.

  1. Defence Health Maintenance Ltd (DHML)

Owned by the Ministry of Defence and the Nigerian Armed Forces, DHML is one of the top HMOs in the country.

The company was accredited by the NHIS in 2006 and has consistently provided healthcare services specifically to military personnels and their families.

Currently, DHML operates about 159 Military primary healthcare providers and over 2000 civilian healthcare providers and 157 secondary and tertiary providers.

The company has over 22 offices located in different parts of the country with its head office in Abuja.

  1. Clearline International Limited

Incorporated in 1994, Clearline commenced operation in 1997 as a national health maintenance organization.

Since inception, the company has consistently delivered quality health care service and currently has a network of over 2000 partner hospitals.

Their healthcare plans are tailored to meet the unique demands of their clients which include individuals, families, groups, companies and the public sector.

Their approach is customer oriented and their organizational clients are usually attached with a medical case officer and a client service officer to take care of all matters relating to healthcare.

Their popular products include the corporate health insurance scheme, tertiary health insurance scheme as well as the family and individual policy.

  1. Mediplan Healthcare Limited

Incorporated in 2000, Mediplan Healthcare is one of the foremost HMOs that have been duly accredited by the NHIS.



  1. Premium Health Limited

Registered in 1997 as a health maintenance organization, Premium Health has grown its share capital from 100 million in 2006 to 500 million in 2010. Their head office is located in Ikoyi in Lagos.

The customer base at Premium has grown exponentially in the last few years to over 250 000. Premium Health is known for their world class healthcare service delivery and some of their plans include:

  • Premium Platinum
  • Premium Comprehensive
  • Premium Select and
  • Premium Basic

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Having known why you need to take out Insurance, and provided with the list of top 10 Health Insurance companies in Nigeria, you should conclude an insurance contract directly today for the sake of future unforeseen events especially. Health insurance is one of the underrated policies available in the insurance industry. However, the truth remains that it offers several benefits and helps you save money. In a nutshell, health insurance is a good buy for everyone.

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