How to Feed Your Dog in a Proper Manner

How to Feed Your Dog in a Proper Manner.

How to Feed Your Dog in a Proper Manner.

It’s no secret that among all the pets getting adopted, dogs are the most popular ones. These wellness companions, however, need a healthy and proper diet for their holistic development. Having said this, the pet food industry has also seen growth over the last 5 years, with raw dog food purchases showing an increase of 147%.

There are a plethora of food options available for pet owners to choose from. There are also reliable stores like PETstock that provide good quality dog food.

However, you need to know that not all kinds of dog food are suitable for your dog. What might work for your neighbor’s dog, may not be right for your four-legged best friend.

How to Feed Your Dog in a Proper Manner.

To prevent you from following the crowd, I’ve enlisted some tips below that will help you feed your dog in a proper manner:

  1. Figure out the right kind of meal for your dog

Pick out the type of food well suited to your dog’s life stage- whether it’s a puppy or an adult or a pregnant one. For instance, the best food served for puppies is high-quality kibbles.

Some owners like feeding raw meat to their dogs, but one also needs to be informed with a few important pointers pertaining to it. It’s advisable to go for human-grade meat as other kinds of meat products contain preservatives, harmful to your dog’s health. Make sure that the food is hygienic. Read the food packages properly to see if there are any ingredients in it, not fit for intake by your dogs.

You can also take the assistance of a veterinary nutritionist to form a balanced diet for it.

You can also feed bones to your dogs, but make sure that it is raw as cooked ones can severely harm your buddy. Further, make sure that the bone’s size is big enough to prevent the dog from ingesting it all in.

  1. Decide on the portions required

The quantity of food required by your dog depends on a lot of factors like its age, size, and breed as well as its activity level. The amount should be precise enough as less of it can cause nutritional imbalances and more of it can lead to obesity.

There are dog food packages that have a table printed on them to help you decide the correct amount for your dog’s consumption. However, you don’t have to follow it like a Bible. For instance, if you see your dog losing weight, you can always add on some extra calories for optimum nourishment.

Also, take care of your dog’s water requirements and ensure that it’s hydrated at all times.

  1. Schedule the timings of feeding your dog

Formulate regular timings for their meals daily, so that they know when they can have their next meal. It’s alright to feed snacks to your dog occasionally, but be consistent with the mealtimes to avoid overeating.

You can train them by keeping the food in front of them at specific timings in a day and then removing it after a while, depending on the speed at which your dog eats. This makes them grasp the timings of the availability of food.

It’s also advisable not to keep the food bowl left out all day long. This will make your dog hog the food throughout the course of the day, making it difficult to control their appetite. Most dogs need meals twice a day, except for puppies and pregnant dogs who consume more calories.

  1. Refrain from making food treats a large part of their diet

Dog treats should constitute not more than 5%-10% of your dog’s diet. You can take the help of your vet to calculate this amount on the basis of your dog’s weight and how active it is.

If you require these treats in their training process, use small pieces to feed them. This will keep them satisfied without harming them.

Over to you…

Every dog is different, so it’s completely natural for each one to have a different feeding pattern. As an owner, you need to be careful and patient enough to find out what kind of diet and in what quantity works out the best for your dog. Just follow the tips mentioned above religiously and you are good to go!


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