How to Find a Job You Like: 5 Key Steps

How to Find a Job You Like: 5 Key Steps

How to Find a Job You Like

Day after day you go to a job you don’t like, you work hard at something you don’t enjoy, you’re tired of it, and you really want to do something you love and something you’re passionate about? It seems that everything is as easy as playing at or cooking your favorite meal. You just have to decide to change, quit your hateful job and do something you enjoy. But what if you have no idea what it can be? If you don’t know what to choose, try to do the following tasks. By answering all the questions honestly, you will understand yourself better and will be able to see what business can be truly yours.

Why Make an Informed Choice?  

To make an informed choice about the future, every teenager is faced with a list of questions. But what does informed mean?  

Tightly connected to the notion that the profession you choose will permeate your life, help you realize your dreams and ambitions, and not just make money. Choosing a profession is a lifestyle choice. A teacher, an accountant, an economist – can you easily imagine what their day consists of?  

Each profession carries a certain specificity. We choose not only the salary that the profession “guarantees”, but also the daily routine. Will there be weekends, will there be work to take home, will there be nervous overload. Based on statistics, 4 out of 10 students drop out and move to other areas, because only after getting to know and learning, they realize that the field they chose is not something they would like to spend time on.

Personality Type

It’s important to understand your personality type to find a job that suits you. The job you choose must fit your personality, temperament and aptitude. Then the work will be fun.

To understand what type of person you are, you can take special tests, of which there are many on the Internet and study the description of the result. Look and take note of what activities suit you. Then proceed to the second step.

A Perfect Lifestyle

Now you need to figure out what you want your life to be like, what your day should be like. An important part of choosing your life’s work is exactly how you want and agree to work. You need to be clear about what works for you and what doesn’t and don’t consider unsuitable options. Answer the following questions:

  • What does your perfect day look like?
  • What kind of lifestyle do you want to lead?
  • What time should your workday start?
  • What kind of work schedule would be best for you?
  • How much time can you spend commuting?
  • What kind of environment do you need to work comfortably?
  • What should your environment be like?

Consider all of these points when choosing your favorite job.


The next step is to figure out what talents and abilities you have.

The following questions will help you:

  • What are you proud of?
  • What do you do best?
  • What comes so easily that you don’t even think about it?
  • What are the things other people ask you to do most often?
  • Ask your loved ones what they think makes you stand out, what abilities do they see in you?
  • What do you think you can do better than others?

Everyone has talents and abilities. Understanding your strengths is another step toward the work you love.

Desires and Interests

Now think about what you like, what interests you, what you like or want to do. The following questions will help with this:

  • What gives you energy, what ignites you?
  • What topics are you interested in?
  • What would you like to spend most of your free time on?
  • What topics are you able to talk about for hours?
  • What can you enjoy doing for hours on end?
  • What were you passionate about as a child, what did you love, what did you want to do, what did you dream of becoming?
  • What would you do if you didn’t have to think about money?

Find what you are most interested in. And do not worry if you do not have enough knowledge, skills or experience. Everything can be learned.


For your work to be fully satisfying and financially rewarding, it must be meaningful and beneficial to the world and other people. It’s not enough that your work is merely useful. It’s important that the benefit it brings inspires you, that it’s exactly what you want to bring to the world and what you want to help with.

Think about it:

  • What do you want to give to the world, who do you want to help and how do you want to help?
  • What is it that the world needs that is interesting and important to you?

Now think about everything you’ve learned about yourself and make a choice. Next, think about how you’re going to grow and make money from it.

Don’t be afraid of change. Remember the main goal: do what you love to live and work with pleasure.

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