100 Igbo Names And Their Meanings In English

100 Igbo Names And Their Meanings In English. Get Ideas On Different Igbo Names And Their Meanings In This Post.  

100 Igbo Names And Their Meanings

Are you from the Igbo Tribe or you are interested in Igbo names? Then this article is for you. In this article, I have a list of 100 Igbo names as well as their meanings in English. If you are also looking for the best Igbo names to give your child, then this one is also for you. Let’s get started.

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Here is a list of 100 Igbo names as well as their Interpretations in English:

  1. Udodiri Means: let peace reign
  2. Adamma Means: Beautiful daughter
  3. Anwulika Means: Joy is greater or My joy is great
  4. Chimbusomma Means: My God is so good or My God is so beautiful
  5. Chimdiomimi Means: My God is Mysterious.
  6. Chimdiuto Means: My God is sweet
  7. Chimzuruoke Means: My God is complete
  8. Chinaraekene Means: May God receive all the praise
  9. Chinemerem Means: God will continue to do it for me
  10. Chinuru Means: God heard my prayers
  11. Chinwendu Means: Life belongs to God
  12. Chinwekene Means: All praise belongs to God
  13. Chinyere Means: God has given me
  14. Chioma Means: Good God
  15. Chisimdi Means: God says I shall live
  16. Chisimnuria Means: God gave me a cause to celebrate
  17. Chisom Means: God is with me
  18. Chizaram Means: God answered my prayers
  19. Chizirimuzo Means: God showed me the way or God directed my path
  20. Chwukwubuikem Means: God is my strength
  21. Ekwueme Means: He does what he says
  22. Kasiobi Means: Strong of heart
  23. kelechi Means: Thank God
  24. Kenechukwu Means: Thank the Lord
  25. Kosidinna Means: As it pleases the lord
  26. Munachisom Means: I’m with my God
  27. Kamsiyochukwu Means: Just what I asked God for
  28. Mmesomachukwu Means: God’s goodness
  29. Ifeychukwura Means: What God has said
  30. Gosife Means: Show me the way
  31. Chimamanda Means: My God will never fail
  32. Nkeiruka Means: The best is still to come
  33. Achebe Means: To protect
  34. Adaego Means: Daughter of wealth
  35. Adanna Means: Her father’s daughter
  36. Adanne Means: Her mother’s daughter
  37. Adaobi Means: First daughter in the family compound
  38. Afamefuna Means: My name wouldn’t vanish
  39. Adaora Means: The people’s daughter
  40. Afamefuna Means: My name wouldn’t vanish
  41. Chijioke Means: God holds my blessings
  42. Chimdi Means: My God is a living God or My God is alive
  43. Iyorachukwu Means: Ask God for all
  44. Jayamma Means: Give prasies to God
  45. Ifechukwu Means: Light of God
  46. Ibezimako Means: People have taught me a lesson
  47. Kosidinna Means: as it pleases the lord
  48. Ndidi Means: patience
  49. Nkeiruka Means: The best is still to come
  50. Gosife Means: Show me the way
  51. Akachi Means: The hand of God
  52. Uzochi Means: God’s way
  53. Ebele Means: Mercy
  54. Chizoba Means: God protect us
  55. Oluchi Means: God’s work
  56. Ngozi Means: Blessing
  57. Dike Means: A brave man
  58. Odirichi Means: Its left for God
  59. Chikiama Means: It’s God alone we know
  60. Kamtochukwu Means: Let me praise the lord
  61. Akuchi Means: Wealth from God
  62. Chimezie Means: God restores
  63. Chibuike Means: God is my strength
  64. Chukwuemeka Means: God has done so much
  65. Chizitelu Means: God sent
  66. Obinna Means: Father’s heart
  67. Chimaroke Means: God knows how to share gifts
  68. Chinedu Means: God leads
  69. Iheanacho Means: What everyone seeks
  70. Igwebuike Means: Strength in number
  71. Jidenna Means: Hold on to your God
  72. Ndubuisi Means: Life is supreme
  73. Nnabuenyi Means: Father is great
  74. Kanayochukwu Means: let’s keep begging God
  75. Nebolisa Means: Look up to God
  76. Uzoamaka Means: The road or the journey is good
  77. Okonkwo Means: Born on Nkwo market day
  78. Okeke Means: Born on Eke market day
  79. Obi Means: Heart
  80. Nwakego Means: A child is priceless
  81. Nwadimkpa Means: The child is important
  82. Nnamdi Means: reincarnation of the father
  83. Nkemdilim Means: Let mine be precious to me
  84. Jayamma Means: Give praises to God
  85. 85.Ikenna Means: Power of God
  86. Ibezimako Means: People have taught me a lesson or wisdom
  87. Dilible Means: May you be helpful to people, friends and families
  88. Esomchi Means: I will follow God
  89. Chimuanya Means: My God is awake
  90. Chinaraekene Means: May God receive all the praise
  91. Chimzuruoke Means: My God is complete
  92. Chimkasiuto Means: My God is the sweetest
  93. Chimkasi Means: My God is the greatest
  94. Chimkarifa Means: My God is greater than them
  95. Chimfumnanya Means: My God loves me
  96. Chimeremma Means: God has done something good
  97. Onwugharam Means: death leave me to rest
  98. Chimeremonu Means: God made me joyous
  99. Chimedaramobi Means: God consoled me or God comforted me
  100. Jaachukwu Means: Fear God

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