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Insurance Company Salary In Nigeria (Is It Worth It?)

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Insurance Company Salary In Nigeria (Is It Worth It?). Want To Know If The Salaries Of Workers In Insurance Companies Are Worth It? Find Out In This Post.

Insurance Company Salary In Nigeria (Is It Worth It?)

Who does a staff in an insurance company earn? Do you want to know if the salary of an insurance staff s really worth it? Then you are on the right platform. In this article, you are going to have a glimpse of what the salary of a staff in the insurance company is like. In case you do not know what an insurance company is, I would love to give you a run-down of what an insurance company is as well as the services they basically offer.

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What is an Insurance company?

An insurance company is simply an organization that is set up to compensate and support anyone that might lose his life or his property. Although, it is compensation, it is not free of charge; you would have to buy it.

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What does the salary of a staff in an insurance company look like?

We know very well that they salary earned by staffs in work places differs and depends on the position that they maintain. Typically, the salaries of employees in workplace are not often revealed to the public but from our research, we have been able to acquire some reliable information on what an employee in an insurance company earns.

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Here is a list of positions in insurance companies as well as what they earn on the average:

  1. An actuarial analyst earns about 445,000 NGN per month
  2. An actuarial assistant earns about 331,000 NGN per month
  3. An actuary earns about 468,000 NGN per month
  4. An adjustment insurance clerk earns about 129,000 NGN per month
  5. An assistant broker earns about 204,000 NGN per month
  6. An assistant claims manager earns about 355,000 NGN per month
  7. An associate insurance representative earns about 172,000 NGN per month
  8. An auditing insurance manager earns about 494,000NGN per month
  9. A broker earns about 348,000 NGN per month
  10. A claim advocacy professional earns about 347,000 NGN per month
  11. A claims adjuster earns about 131,000 NGN per month
  12. A claims analyst earns about 176,000 NGN per month
  13. A claims examiner earns about 168,000 NGN per month
  14. A claims manager earns about 485,000 NGN per month
  15. A claims processor earns about 122,000 NGN per month
  16. A claims representative earns about 152,000 NGN per month
  17. A claims resolution specialist earns about 357,000 NGN per month
  18. A claims supervisor earns about 345,000 NGN per month
  19. A complaints specialist earns about 295,000 NGN per month
  20. A compliance officer earns about 272,000 NGN per month
  21. A consultant earns about 339,000 NGN per month
  22. An eligibility specialist earns about 355,000 NGN per month
  23. An insurance account manager earns about 422,000 NGN per month
  24. An insurance accounts executive earns about 379,000 NGN per month
  25. An insurance agent earns about 208,000 NGN per month
  26. An insurance analyst earns about 313,000 NGN per month
  27. An insurance appraiser earns about 335,000 NGN per month
  28. An insurance claims clerk earns about 119,000 NGN per month
  29. An insurance examiner earns about 311,000 NGN per month
  30. An insurance investigator earns about 306,000 NGN per month
  31. An insurance manager earns about 570,000 NGN per month
  32. An insurance operations manager earns about 551,000 NGN per month
  33. An insurance policy processing clerk earns about 128,000 NGN per month
  34. An insurance pricing assistant earns about 261,000 NGN per month
  35. An insurance program manager earns about 459,000 NGN per month
  36. An insurance project manager earns about 432,000 NGN per month
  37. An insurance quality assurance agent earns about 296,000 NGN per month
  38. An insurance sales director earns about 575,000 NGN per month
  39. An insurance team leader earns about 338,000 NGN per month
  40. An insurance under writer earns about 257,000 NGN per month
  41. A loss control specialist earns about 336,000 NGN per month
  42. A loss prevention investigator earns about 347,000 NGN per month
  43. A loss prevention manager earns about 466,000 NGN per month
  44. A loss prevention specialist earns about 361,000 NGN per month
  45. A marine under writer earns about 259,000 NGN per month
  46. A medical auditor earns about 336,000 NGN per month
  47. A monitoring and performance officer earns about 238,000 NGN per month
  48. A payment services specialist earns about 335,000 NGN per month
  49. A policy change director earns about 530,000 NGN per month
  50. A policy change supervisor earns about 351,000 NGN per month
  51. A policy change technician earns about 167,000 NGN per month
  52. A risk analyst earns about 391,000 NGN per month
  53. A risk management director earns about 650,000 NGN per month
  54. A risk management supervisor earns about 402,000 NGN per month
  55. A risk manager earns about 635,000 NGN per month
  56. A risk modeling manager earns about 609,000 NGN per month
  57. A title insurance typist earns about 292,000 NGN per month
  58. A training manager earns about 356,000 NGN per month

This is a simple average salary that each of these workers earn. However, it can differ slightly in different insurance companies.

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Types of insurance companies

Some of the most popular insurance companies we have in Nigeria are:

  1. Aiico insurance plc
  2. Royal exchange plc
  3. Niger insurance plc
  4. Continental reinsurance
  5. Corner stone insurance plc and many others.

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