5 Common Misconceptions About Plagiarism That Students Follow

5 Common Misconceptions About Plagiarism That Students Follow

Misconceptions About Plagiarism That Students Follow

Are you currently running through your academics? If so, you might be concerned about your integrity and performance. Well, here’s a question: Have you ever faced plagiarism issues or seen your fellow facing the punishments after being caught in such a context? Today, the prime focus of every educational institution is to evaluate its learner’s originality. And that’s why plagiarism is not tolerable at any cost.

It is easy to comprehend why. Bold threats of corrective action connected with the opacity and sophistication of citation are enough to make even the most dynamic student involved. Still, there are five misconceptions about plagiarism that need to be demonstrated because handling a few things correctly isn’t all. Let’s read this post to the bottom line to learn more!

What is Plagiarism & Why it Has Become a Hot Topic Today?

There is no doubt that most people don’t know what plagiarism is. However, at the educational level, it is the most crucial cause. But still, many people ignore it and don’t understand the backlashes it may cause. Generally, plagiarism refers to the intent of cheating on others’ work and rendering it as if it is yours. It is the second name of cheating that can stamp a title of a cheater on your head.

The reason why it is a hot topic is the fire that this context is sparkling today. Many students who are being caught due to plagiarism hold untrusted future as no one would ever trust them again. Not only this, the efforts, money, and status you have put into it will also get eradicated on the go. Still, after knowing these things, students are under misconceptions. Let’s clear them out today in this post.

Five Popular Misconceptions about Plagiarism – Let’s Clear Them Out!

Now, it is time to reveal and address those pathetic myths that students appreciate. There is no study found about such concerns that students may have. However, it has been proven that these are the misconceptions that learners have made by themselves. It is time to cut them off and bring you back to track. Below we have mentioned the five misconceptions that students have today. Read on!

1.   Citation is Done While Editing

The myth has grabbed out that students believe that citing is difficult while writing. Talking of citations, many scholars think that the best time to add them is while proofreading their paper. However, this directs to skipped citations that can result in accidental plagiarism. If we talk about the best time to add citations, it would be when you are writing. Rather than attempting to place where a point or quote came from, it only makes more logic to do it after you add it in.

2.   Paraphrasing is Only Rewriting

Another myth about plagiarism is paraphrasing. Today’s students perceive it as a normal rewriting process and think that there is nothing wrong with it. Well! In a sense, there is nothing wrong with rephrasing. But the ways that students use to rephrase are wrong. Paraphrasing isn’t about carrying someone else’s terms and cleansing them. It is about composing an idea and details from another content and presenting them in your words and voice.


The most straightforward way to make sure you rephrase accurately is to reread what it is you like to rewrite. And afterward, put it away, do not glance at it. Recall the words and feel from the reader’s perspective. You can also use an online paraphrasing tool for paraphrasing purposes, as it will rewrite sentences in a good and unique way!

3.   All Plagiarism is Equal

Many students think that all plagiarism is equal. Schools, understandably, wish to engrave upon pupils just how severe plagiarism can be. However, what can get misplaced in that speech is not all plagiarism is created identical. No matter how much plagiarism is allowed, you have to make sure that you don’t copy anything.

4.   There is Nothing Wrong in Plagiarizing Once

You know how many lazy and cool-minded students live in this world. It means that such learners think there is nothing wrong with plagiarizing once. Well! That is how the journey of getting involved in plagiarism begins. If someone doesn’t catch it does not mean that you keep on plagiarizing. Believe us! You will end up with a bag of frustrations.

5.   Using Plagiarism Checker is Not Mandatory

Many students rush the writing process, and without proofreading it. And they submit it ahead. On the flip side, many students think that using a plagiarism checker will be an insult as they haven’t copied anything. Let us be clear – plagiarism tools are only for making your side safe as accidental plagiarism can still exist. So, use an online plagiarism detector to check plagiarism on the go.

End Words

These are the five misconceptions that are destroying the future of the students. Don’t put yourself in the hassles and the plight of plagiarism. We suggest you keep the online plagiarism tool, a proofreading tool to evaluate your academic integrity.

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