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Selecting The Right Mirror For You

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Selecting The Right Mirror For You

Selecting The Right Mirror

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest one of them all? 

Every makeup guru swears by one product that they promise they can’t live without. Be it their sponsors’ mascara, their friend’s new lipstick line, or even their line of eyeshadow; these beauty queens or kings promise that this product will change your makeup game forever. But what is that one accessory everybody truly cannot live without, even for those who don’t use makeup at all? The answer is a mirror — that pretty reflective glass that shows you so clearly the depths of your Saturday morning breakout, the cakey areas of your foundation, or the beads of sweat that linger on your mustache line after a 30-minute home workout. 

A subpar mirror can make or break your entire look. You don’t want to mess up your daily routine by using a mirror that prevents you from seeing yourself properly and where you’re applying your makeup to. 

Buying a mirror might seem like a pretty brainless task, but there are surprisingly many factors to consider when buying a new makeup mirror. You have to take into account how sharply your mirror captures your reflection, how your room’s lighting bounces off the glass, how your new mirror is positioned, and how your mirror magnifies your features. Buying the best magnifying mirror for makeup is a pretty systematic process, so we have compiled a series of things for you to look at when you’re shopping for your new mirror. 


The number one thing you have to consider when buying a mirror is where you want to put it, and how to put it up.

Mirrors typically come in two installation modes: desk-friendly or on-the-wall. The easiest way to decide which design you want to go for is to simply think about how you want to use your mirror, and where it will provide the most help to you. Are there children in your house? Use mirrors fixed on walls to prevent breakage. Do you have a go-to table where you place all your makeup products? Consider getting a desk mirror to save the trip from your study desk to the bathroom on busy mornings. 

If you check yourself out at least once daily, which most of us do, you should consider investing in a mirror that helps you see your reflection comfortably. Factor in the height of your washroom sink, your desk, or anywhere you plan on placing your mirror. Ensure that you can see yourself without having to turn your head in strange positions. Desk mirrors can very easily be adjusted to hit the sweet spot, but on-the-wall mirrors might not be the same. The trick to getting it right is to measure every little detail. Calculate the distance from the wall to where you sit or stand, and always remember to factor in space for you to move your arms about. You don’t want to go through the hassle of mounting a mirror only to dismount it later. So be sure to get your measurements right before you pull out the drilling gun! 

Selecting The Right Mirror For You


Now that we’ve figured out where the seeing glass goes, the next thing to focus on is lighting. Ideally, sunlight provides you with the best lighting you need, but not every one of us wakes up early enough in the morning to enjoy the precious sun rays when doing our daily routine — and the night owls who prepare for their day won’t get to benefit from natural light anyways. We’re here to tell you that using a multitude of light sources works best, just ask your trusty stylist! 

When you find that there’s insufficient light, use lighted mirrors to offset the effect. Nowadays, LED lights may be viewed as an industry standard. However, for those who prefer the traditional glow of incandescent lighting, or the iridescent paleness of fluorescent lights, there are mirrors out there for you too. 

Experts differ on their opinion of the ‘right’ lighting. On the whole, though, incandescent lights can be seen as providing too much glow and hiding your makeup flaws better than you think due to their warmth. However, they’re still pretty good for everyday image-viewing purposes, like shaving, or applying sunscreen. As we said before, nothing beats natural light. When daylight ceases to flood your room, you can opt to use the pale sheen from LED lights or the cool colors from fluorescent lights to mimic that natural glow.

If you can’t choose, why not go for mirrors with adjustable lighting? Opt for mirrors that provide you options to vary between warm and cool lights to mimic the different times of the day. Typically equipped with fluorescent lights, these mirrors work to help you achieve a flawless look under all lighting conditions.  


Selecting The Right Mirror For You

What is next on our list is the degree of magnification you get from your mirror. Mirrors that enlarge your image can help you achieve that perfect winged liner, improve your game when plucking your brows, and get that perfect blend of blush on your cheeks. 

We’re not going to get into the science of things, but to put it simply, these enlarging mirrors only provide you with a sharp reflection when you get close to it. Enlarging mirrors can be helpful to those with poor vision and want to do their makeup without glasses, and anyone who wants to ensure that every detail they have in their makeup is just right. They typically come with two sides: one enlarged and one normal, providing you the option to see your makeup in ‘zoom’ mode whenever you want to. 

For those with 20/20 vision, we recommend using a threefold or five-fold magnification degree. For those who need seeing devices, try mirrors that provide a higher degree of enlargement. However, this involves you getting extra close to the glass, so be sure to factor in placement and lighting when choosing a magnifying glass. 


All in all, it ultimately boils down to who gets their wall placement right and knows what mirror is most suited for their needs. Remember, when you’re investing in a mirror, you’re investing in yourself. So don’t forget the three things you need to buy your next mirror —  placement, lighting, and enlargement — and be ready to be the fairest in the land. 

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