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Top 10 Best Blenders in Nigeria and Price

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Top 10 Best Blenders in Nigeria and Price. This article will review the best blenders in Nigeria for your kitchen. As we all know blenders are very essential appliances in every household. What are the best blenders for your kitchen? as you read on, you’ll get to know. 

Top 10 best blenders in Nigeria

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What is a blender?

Blender is a mixer, smash, purify or emulsify foods and other items using kitchen and scientific equipment. A blender is fundamentally an equipment with which you can not live without solid components from smoothies and milkshakes to fruit salads and entrees to a liquid delight. Blenders are multifaceted devices with a range of household applications.

They fluidify and emulate softer foods such as yogurt and fruit that produce a smooth surface and a creamy substance. Some strong versions can also smash frozen food and frozen yogurt.

What are the features of a blender?

Blenders come with different characteristics including extensions and accessories. In addition, blenders are classed on a use basis. Certain blenders are used just for drinks, while some are utilized for smoothie and crushing. In the many types of blenders, the key characteristic is the blades, motor and jars. Also, a blender must also have the following:

1. Power

In device performance, the motor power of the blender is highly essential. The stronger the engine, the better the blender. But a powerful engine is also a bright mixer. The price of the mixer relies primarily on energy. Every blender has the power to usually use the kitchen every day.

2. Appearance

The appearance of the machine is also important if you opt in to a countertop blender. The other culinary equipment you have should match. Other factors need to be considered other from the color and the body. The containers are available in several materials, such as glass, steel and plastic. Plastic jars and glasses are susceptible to damage and rupture. A steel jar is a safe bet every time.

Some glass jars are particularly robust and can maintain a constant blender weight. The blender tends to be unsteady when you slice hard items such as nuts and spices.

3. Capacity

The mixer’s efficiency depends on the size of the pots. In most jars 5 to 8 cups of ingredients are normally available. They can grow overcrowded and begin spilling, if you go into smaller jars. It is usually wise to have a variety of jars.

4. Speed

The velocity is 2 to 4 for most blenders. You do not need distinct speeds unless for a business objective. A mixer with rapid, medium and slow velocities is suitable for daily usage, perhaps with extra Pulse option.

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Types of Blender

1. Hand mixer

Often known as hand mixers, they are only an electronic replica of the ancient egg beater. They may have many appliances, but they are a blender meant to beat things together truly. Since they have various speeds, they are great for a variety of bakes and sweets. When you’re a baker, hand mixers are extremely cost efficient and simple to storage, especially in comparison to a huge bench mixer. Hand mixers make it easier to see where you are for whisking goods such as cream or egg yolk when overbeat is extremely easy.

2. Immersion Blender & Stick Blender

The portable ‘rolls’ on one end are a comfortable grip and on the other a chopping blade is encircled by a safety guard.
One of the finest ways to combine sauces and hot liquids is with an immersion mixer. They are also useful for fast mixes in which powder is mixed with liquid. Protein shakes are all easily created using a stick blender with powdered milk, or even with an instinctual pudding.

3. Commercial Blenders

Commercial mixers are expanded to cover the countertop. They share the same structure and functions in general, but have a stronger composition. And they have a strong engine, their major famous claim. It is designed for a heavy user and is meant to mix more strong components.

Commercial blenders will be excellent if you need to prepare big amounts of dips, sauces or smoothies or icing cocktails at minimum once per day. If you want to produce mixed foods and beverages more than once a day, they are absolutely necessary.

4. Countertop blenders

These sorts of blenders are the only stop for delicious beverages, not to be mistaken with a food processor. They usually have a capacity of 64 units or approximately two liters, thus computer blenders are an ideal choice for a family or a party to consume. One precaution with the use of such mixers is to carefully verify before employing hot fluids. Most mixers are intended for cold or chilly liquids and feature sealing lids.

Top 10 best blenders in Nigeria and their prices.

Here are the best blenders in Nigeria and their prices.

1. VTCL Blender Mixer and Grinder

Price: ₦ 14,200

The Vtcl Mixer is intended for your stirring, and melting needs. Crushing and mixing of nuts, grains and legumes have become smoother with its robust multipurpose blade technology. It is a strong, economical and long-term product with a robust 750-watt industrial strength Pure copper engine that can operate for half an hour nonstop.


  • System of multifunctional blades
  • Can easily smash and mix rough steel jars, seeds and beans.
  • 100% copper engine that can endure up to 30 minutes without halt
  • Heavy duty engine with 750 watts
  • Function of Wet/Shredding
  • Protector for engine overload
  • Simple control grip jar
  • Strong
  • Amazing pleasure with buyer/user guaranteed

2. Binatone Blender/ Grinder BLG-452

Price: ₦9,660 

Binatone is a household name already and is famous because of its outstanding blenders. Thus, one of the top mixer on the market is the Binatone BLG-452 Blendre / Grinder BLG-450. It’s also a good choice if you think that the 1.5 liter mixer comes with the pulses setting for the remainder of your blending, scratch-resistant glass jar and also a splash-resistant cloth.


  • Capabilities of 5L
  • 2 velocities and mode pulse
  • Goblet Toughened
  • Scratch- and break-resistant jar
  • Function of safety lock
  • Blade of inox steel
  • Splash-resistant deck.

3. Century Blender

Price: ₦ 8,500

In house apparel and electronics, Century is a prominent brand. The mixer comes with a strong 250W and is protected against engine overheating. It is included with a 1.75 L rubber proof plastic jar and an additional molding cup. All components are safe to wash.


  • 2 mixer in 1
  • 2 pulse speed mixer
  • Sustainable blade of steel
  • All metal drives are exclusive
  • 1.75L scratchproof jar
  • Clean Easy Function
  • Additional cup of mill.
  • AC 230V 50Hz 250W

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4. Saisho 3 In 1 Grinder/Blender S-742

Price: ₦6,400

Saisho provides you with a range of blending options that fit all your needs. These products range from several multifunctional blenders such as 2-in-1, 3-in-1 and 4-in-1, making it easier and faster for you to prepare meals. We have several sorts of food that compose our meals and are cooked in various ways.

Blender Saishos are suitable for grinding and blending fruits, peppers, in both your residential and industrial kitchen.

5. Master Chef BLENDER

Price: ₦ 11,500

This unusual mixer effortlessly mixes and melts; it is your ideal friend to the kitchen. It is suitable for both dry and wet mills. They’re both stubborn jars.


  • Garment of stainless steel
  • Powerful motorized engine
  • Awesome performance at work
  • Simple to use and keep

6. Kenwood Blender With Grinder and Smoothie Maker

Price: ₦10,500

Since we all are aware, Kenwood is a brand and company that has ridden about and enjoyed time with a unique experience for decades. This device is a great mixer and grinder, which fuses smoothly. It is durable and user-friendly.


  • Potent engine
  • Mixes quite smoothly
  • For a long time
  • Included molding jar

7. AKAI Blender With Mill and Filter Attachment (Heavy Duty Motor)

Price: ₦9,499 

This blender brand is a kitchen gadget in the home that will help you make your family dishes very quickly. A blender comes with which you mix and grind different food components according to your liking.


  • 5 LT  capacity
  • Full heavy duty 550 watts copper engine
  • Thick plastic jar
  • 100 percent fuse copper engine
  • Stainless Steel Removable Blades
  • Feet that do not sleep
  • For use with nuts and spices, as well as other hard foods

8. Master Chef MASTERCHEF 4 In 1 Juicer, Blender, Grinder And Mil

Price: ₦10,200

If you want things in the kitchen simple, then it’s a necessity. This masterpiece. Get excellent texture for beverages and salsa, beans and more in a variety of meals from fruits and veggies. A household name in Australia is the master chef brand. The brand opened the kitchen to everybody


  • Plastic Jar 2 speed with pulse function for 25 liters of capacity
  • Blades of infinite steel
  • Switch for safety
  • Disc and Strainer Net Stainless Steel Cutting
  • Collector’s cup separate pulp and juice
  • MC-BL6776J Model No

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9. QASA QBL 1861A Blender

Price: ₦10,000

For QASA QBL-1861A, the huge 2 liter jar is a big advantage. But not everything. But not everything. 4 speed choices from 10000 rpm to 13000 rpm are also available. It gives a beautiful appearance. The blender machine allows the grinding of many types of vegetables and fruits with a handle to provide simple mixing.

It is also included with a little jar meant for dry grinding, thus it is also covered by the users.


The machine includes a speed adjustment that depends on the strong motor and still works with minimum noise.

10. Panasonic Mixer & Grinder For Hard Foods – MX-AC400

Price: ₦36,000

It’s strong 1000W heavy duty engine with Samurai Edge blades ensures that even the most arduous job is done in minutes, like molding entire spices. The sharpened razors of steel remain sharp for ever. It is supplied with 4 jars with a unique safety mechanism. The security system guarantees that only the jar is securely locked when the motor is started.


  • Durable
  • Maximum usefulness of high quality
  • Huge cash value
  • 1000W Output
  • Ideal for donations.

Consequently, we have the many mixer brands that you’ll probably find here. All of them have their advantages, some of them hard to use compared with others. Certainly, knowing so much about these appliances will enhance your culinary experience.

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