Certificate Of Occupancy – Everything You Need To Know

Certificate Of Occupancy – Everything You Need To Know. Get Valid Information On Certificate Of Occupancy In This Post. 

Certificate Of Occupancy

Do you need information about certificate of occupancy? Then you have come to the right platform for this information. In this article, i am going to take you through everything you need to know about certificate of occupancy. Let’s get started.

What Is Certificate Of Occupancy

It is important that we understand what certificate of occupancy really is before we proceed. Certificate of occupancy is a legal document that is given by the government, particularly the local government or a building department that certifies a building’s compliance with applicable building codes as well as other laws and indicates that it is in the conditions good enough for occupancy.

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In simpler terms, Certificate of occupancy is a proof that one owns a particular land. It is only legal to say that you have not purchased a land if you do not have certificate of occupancy. The land is only on lease.

It is also important that you know that the government can at any time seize your land or property without any compensation if you do not have a certificate of occupancy. One land can only have one certificate of occupancy.

What Are The Characteristics Of Certificate Of Occupancy?

Here are some of the things you would find in a certificate of occupancy when you find one:

  1. Certificate of Occupancy number
  2. File number
  3. Plot number
  4. Location details
  5. Plot size
  6. Survey plan or graphic (plot shape)
  7. Date of issue
  8. Lease term
  9. Initial annual ground rent fees
  10. Land use purpose
  11. Terms and conditions

Application For Certificate Of Occupancy

How can one apply for certificate of occupancy? This should be the question now. Well, getting a certificate of occupancy depends on if the landed property you wish to get is owned by a private individual or the government at the moment.

If you get land from private individuals, you need to be sure that they really own the land to prevent stories that touches the heart. However, if you buy a land directly from the government, it is very much easy and straight forward to get the certificate of occupancy.

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Here are the steps to take to get a certificate of occupancy

Step 1

The first step you need to take is get the form from the ministry’s website under land use and allocation section. You would then need to attach Tax clearance or evidence of being domiciled abroad, 3 passport photographs, An official receipt of #5000 for residential land use or #10000 for commercial use, then collect your evidence of payment.

Step 2

You would then get your letter of application and then pay for the land within 90 days. You would then be given a letter of conformation with plot and block number.

Step 3

The online application has ended and there would then be lots of confirmation within different officers. The governor then signs it off and gives to the officer in charge of printing it.

Types Of Certificate Of Occupancy

There are three types of certificate of occupancy in Nigeria. They are:

  1. Individual certificate of occupancy
  2. Global certificate of occupancy
  3. Government allocated certificate of occupancy

What Is The Importance Of Certificate Of Occupancy?

Certificate of occupancy is very important to land owners for the following reasons:

  1. It is a proof that one owns a land or landed property
  2. It prevents the government from taking one’s land or property without any compensation whatsoever.
  3. If you have a certificate of occupancy, it increases the value of your land especially in urban areas in Nigeria.
  4. It helps in prevention of different people claiming to be the owners of a single property as there can only be one legit owner of a landed property.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Certificate Of Occupancy A Title Deed?

No, it is not a title deed.

2. How Long Does It Take To Get Certificate Of Occupancy?

It takes about 2 years to get a certificate of occupancy done.

3. How Much Does It Take To Get Certificate Of  Occupancy In Nigeria?

It costs about #5000 to #10000 to process a certificate of occupancy depending on the purpose of the land.

  1. Who Is Responsible For Certificate Of Occupancy?

The government is responsible for issuing certificate of occupancy. You cannot just get this document anywhere.

5. Can One Land Have Two Certificate Of Occupancy?

No, one land can only have one certificate of occupancy which means that only one person can own a land.

6. How Long Does Certificate Of Occupancy Last?

Certificate of occupancy can last as ling as you remain the owner of a land.

7. What Is The Difference Between Certificate Of Occupancy And Right Of Occupancy?

Right of occupancy is an offer to occupy a land while certificate of occupancy is a legal document that claims ownership of a land.


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