All About Land Sizes In Nigeria – Plots, Hectares And Acres

All You Should Know About Land Sizes In Nigeria – Plots, Hectares And Acres. Get Informed On Land Sizes. Check This Post Now. 

Land Sizes In Nigeria

Do you need reliable and valid information on land as well as their sizes in Nigeria? Do you know that the sizes of land matters depending on what you wish to do on the land? Then you have come to the right place for his information. This article covers everything you need to know about land sizes. If you are interested, then keep reading.

In Nigeria specifically, Lands are measured either in plots, hectares or acres. There are some  variations in the measurements which you need to understand. Let’s find out.

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Understanding Plots

Basically, a plot of land is a marked out piece of land. In Nigeria, according to the land division, a standard plot fit for construction of a house is 100 x 50ft.

Plot of land is usually the smallest noticeable measurement for lands in Nigeria. While hectares and acres of lands are bigger than plot of land generally. As a potential buyer of land, you should always have it in mind that the measurement of plots of lands differ in different cities in Nigeria.

What Are Hectares?

Hectares is the lest known standard unit of land measurement. Many people struggle with understanding hectares. As relates to acre, an hectare of land is about 2.4 acre. It is also about 15 plots of land.

What Are Acres?  

Acre is also a standard unit of measurement that is used by land sellers on Nigeria. Usually, an acre of land is very much equivalent to a standard football field. There are other terms that are frequently used as far as acres of land is concerned some of them are: Tenth of an acre, half an acre, sixth of an acre.

Variation And Measurements

Knowing the exact variations and measurements of land can help you pick the best land for yourself or for your business. The best measurement used for measuring a land is acre. This is because acres are measured in 60 by 120 feet. One thing you need to know is that the square meters offered for land initially used to be up to 1000 sqm but as the prices of land increased, the sqm for a plot decreased. This differs in all parts of Nigeria.

For instance, in Lagos, a standard plot of land is 648sqm. In Calabar, you can get up to 1000 sqm. Depending on the area. These days, you can get a plot of land from 400sqm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Standard Size Of A Plot Of Land In Nigeria?

Normally, a plot of land simply means a marked out piece of land that can be used for the purpose of building or farming. Hence, the size of a plot of land can vary in different parts of Nigeria for different reasons but the standard size according to Nigeria division is 100 x 50ft.

2. What Is The Size Of Half Plot Of Land On Nigeria?

I want you to understand that half plot of land largely depends on the size of the plot of land.

3. How Many Plots Of Land Make One Hectare?

One hectare of land is most likely equivalent to 11.1  plots of land.

4. What Is 1 Plot Of Land In Meters?

One plot of land in meters differs depending on how big the land is. Usually, it is 18m x 36m = 648 sqm. It is important that you ask for the measurement of plots of lands in Square meters.

5. What Is Square feet?

Square feet is the plural of square foot. This is simply an area of a square with sides that measure 1 foot in length.

6. What Is Meter?

Meter is base unit of measurement that can be easily converted to other measurements. 1 meter equals 100 centimeters.

7. What Is Square Meter?

This is one of the most popular measurement used as far as lands are concerned. It is important that you always ask for the size of a plot of land in square meter so that you do not get cheated.

A square meter is an area of a square whose sides measure 1 meter in length.

8. How Many Plots Of Land Make An Acre?

Usually, an acre of land is equivalent to 4.5 plots of land. This however largely depends on how a plot of land is measured in that area.

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9. How Many Plots Of Land Make An Hectare?

Usually, an hectare of land os equivalent to 11.1 plots of land. This also is largely dependent on how a plot of land is measured in that area.

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