10 Best Ways To Invest Money In Nigeria And How To Invest It

10 Best Ways To Invest Money In Nigeria And How To Invest It.

Best Ways To Invest Money In Nigeria And How To Invest It

Are you willing to invest money? Are you troubled and confused on what really to invest it into? Do not panic anymore as this article has answers to your question. We have comprehensively complied ways to invest your money in Nigeria and how to invest it.

What is an investment?

An investment is simply the purchase of goods or services that are not consumable today but are kept for future use in order to get more profit. It can later be sold for a higher price as well. The whole idea of investment is that it should bring it more money than was put in.

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What are the benefits of investing?

There are so many benefits of investing. Some of them are:

  1. It places you ahead of inflation
  2. It helps you build wealth
  3. It helps you meet your financial goals
  4. It helps you with early retirement

How can I invest my money in Nigeria?

There are numerous ways by which you invest your money in Nigeria however, I have outlined some of the best ways. Here are ten best ways by which you can invest money in Nigeria:

  1. FBN savings bond [FGNSB]
  2. Investment apps online
  3. Mutual funds
  4. Online agric investment portals
  5. Money market instruments
  6. Stock market
  7. Investing with gold
  8. Invest into real estates
  9. Inland waterway transport
  10. Construction companies

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10 Best Ways To Invest Money In Nigeria And How To Invest It


This is simply a retail program created to help Nigerians regardless of the amount of income you earn the opportunity to contribute to national growth by lending the federal government money. The minimum amount you can invest is five thousand naira while the highest is fifty million naira.

The debt management office [DMO] will one behalf of the federal government issue the FBN Savings bond.


There are currently many investment and savings apps by which a random individual can start investing or saving his or her money without so much stress. Some of them are:

  1. I-invest: it assists retail investors to invest in bank deposits and treasury bill with a very little amount of money. You can download it and start to save your money and invest it as well.
  2. Piggy bank: this has become one of the most popular investment apps that would help you save your money as well as earn high profits with it. It can also allow you to lock your money for a particular period of time.
  3. Pay Vest: this is a module investment in the pay later app which is an app that can be used to borrow money from. The minimum one can invest here is fifty thousand naira and you can leave for a period of about thirty days to one year.

Please note that each of these investment apps earning differs.


This is another wonderful way to invest your money in Nigeria, you can do this with a small amount of money, as low as five thousand naira, you can invest in mutual funds and grow your money.

This scheme is a collective one put together up by professional money manager, funds are pooled from different people and it is then invested in profitable entities. This investment scheme is best for people who do not have in-depth knowledge of the financial market on their own as well as people who have small amount of money to invest.

Some of the mutual funds in the market are:

  1. Stanbic IBTC money market fund
  2. Cordros money market fund
  3. Coronation money market fund
  4. United capital balanced fund
  5. Stanbic IBTC equity fund


This is an app that offers you the opportunity to invest in agriculture by being a sponsor for different farm projects depends on the one you want. It offers up to about fifty percent returns of the farming cycle.

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This instrument grants an ordinary individual the opportunity to invest with a little amount of money. The most popular money markets which one can invest are the commercial banks in Nigeria with a savings account or a fixed deposit account. Before you do this, you should look for the bank that has the highest and best interest rate.

This way of investing has proven to be the most active way of investing in Nigeria.


A lot of people are ignorant of the fact that even an average individual can invest in stocks and it is not a business for the rich alone. You can invest in stocks with as low as five thousand naira.

There are many companies which one can buy shares and grow them. If you do this properly, you can get huge returns.

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Gold is one valuable that can be used as an investment in Nigeria because it never depreciates in price. It can serve as a way of storing value but o be able to do this, you must first learn the rudiments of gold business. This means that you should know how to measure them, weigh them and value them. This is a good source of investment because you can get a lot of gain from it.


Acquiring properties in Nigeria now has proven to be one of the most secure investment that one can make owing to the fact that Nigeria is still a developing country. Before investing into properties in Nigeria, you will have to consider the city where the property is located. Investing in properties in well developed areas like port Harcourt, Lagos etc. cannot be compared to investing in properties in areas like Benue, zamfara etc. in terms of the profit.

Another thing you should consider when investing in properties if you do not have so much capital is to acquire lands in local parts that have great chances of developing after a while.

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Many people do not even know that there are a lot of opportunities in the transport sector and one of the areas which you can invest in to make huge returns. A network of inland waterways that Nigeria has is rivers, lakes, seas etc.


Our dear country Nigeria is a developing country which will definitely develop in the future. To this end, you can invest in big constructions on going by construction companies. This investing idea is not for people who have little capital.

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