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15 Business Ideas You Can Start With N50,000 In Nigeria

Top 15 Business Ideas You Can Start With N50,000 In Nigeria. The current situation of the country has prompted many Nigerians to think of starting their own business. Below Are Top 15 Best  Lucrative Business Opportunities In Nigeria

Business Ideas You Can Start With N50,000 In Nigeria

Are you looking for a business that you can easily start up with a low as #50,000? Look no further as you have come to the right source for this information.

Starting up a business can be tasking and delaying because of lack of capital however, i have put together some business ideas you can easily start up with #50,000 and below. You can look through for any of the businesses that fits your skill and start up something!

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Here are some of the business ideas that you can start up with as low as #50,000 and below:

  1. Sale of drinks and water business
  2. Soap making business
  3. Makeup business
  4. Hair making business
  5. Barbing business
  6. Freelance writing
  7. Mobile restaurant business
  8. Poultry business
  9. Cloth business
  10. Catering services
  11. Tutorial classes
  12. Car wash business
  13. Day care business
  14. Delivery services
  15. Fish farming

Top 15 Business Ideas You Can Start With N50,000 In Nigeria


Water is an essential need in our everyday lives. This means that it is impossible to live without water; many people do not even know that this is a very lucrative business in Nigeria. This is because there is no season for people to drink water as we need to drink water every day to survive, therefore, one would never run out of customers. The case of drinks isn’t very different from water because many people would love to get refreshed after a hard day’s work or so much exposure to the sun.

A practical example of how lucrative sale of water business is; let’s use pure water business for this example. A bag from the truck sells for about #80 to #100 and contains about 20 sachets each, sold for #10 per sachet. The retail price of the bag of water from you should be about #150 to #190 depending on how much you are willing to sell. Imagine selling more than 10 bags a day, which is a cool way to get money without so much stress.

It is very easy to set up this business with not more than #50,000. If you do not have a refrigerator, you can start up using just coolers and ice block to cool your drinks.


Another very lucrative business you can set up with 50,000 or less in Nigeria is Soap making business. It can otherwise be called soap production business. You can start by making bar, liquid soaps for sale. You can spice things up by branding it in your name. You can also choose to make varieties of soap such as kitchen washing soap, laundry soap and also shampoo for hair.

To get more customers to buy your soap, you can choose to advertise on social media. You easily supply other shop owners your soap as well.

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Makeup business is one of the fastest moving businesses in Nigeria presently as some many people want to look really good to attend events regardless of if it is a wedding ceremony, birthday ceremony or burial ceremony. Many people spend well over #20,000 on just a single makeup.

However, you should raise your price too much as a starter in other to attract more customers, focus on getting better with time. You also do not need a makeup studio to start up; you should get good products with your #50,000 and improve as time goes on. For the meantime, you can offer home service makeup.


Hair making business is a lucrative business that you can also start up with less than 50,000. Do not focus on getting unnecessary hair products for the time being like attachments and weave as some of these things can take time to move.

You can start up in your house or do home service for people if you do not have a place or shop to begin which you can get with time. However, this business is not for lazy people that lack patience because you would do a lot of standing and you also have to tolerate some insensitive customer.

All you need to start up this business are essential combs, needles for weaves, shampoo and hair conditioner, hair treatments and any other material without which hair might not be able to be made.


Hair making business and barbing business can come hand in hand as one can merge the two together and can make a lot of money from it. When hair making and barbing are merged together, it is called hair styling.

Starting up barbing business does not require so much money unless you want to get a shop. You can start by get one or two clippers and essential combs and brushes. With time, you can push up this business.


Freelance writing today in Nigeria has become the order of the day as it is very lucrative. However, freelance writing can be time consuming as you would need proper time to brain storm a nice and unique content to your readers. If you have amazing writing skills, then this job is for you.

All you need to start this business is a laptop and internet.

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People these days do not enjoy staying in the kitchen cooking from time to time as many of them are usually overwhelmed with work and other things. What I mean by mobile restaurant business is one that you do not necessary need a shop.

The trending thing people do these days is to order food from online vendors in bowls or liters and store on their houses. You can choose to set up a mobile business if you have the skill to cook properly. The most interesting thing about this is that you can easily use your kitchen at home and the only capital you might need is one that would be used to buy thing with which you will cook your food with.


Starting up poultry is one that is not too hard to start, if you can deal properly with animals. However, if you cannot touch these animals, there is no point for you starting this business as you will have to touch them from time to time.

You can start up with a small cage and then improve as time goes on.


Cloth is an essential commodity that is needed to fit in and live properly in life. Hence, it is profit yielding. This is a business that is very easy to start and is quite lucrative. Cloth business does not necessarily mean that you have to own a boutique with new cloths; you can open a cloth business with less than 50,000 but you might have to start with selling okrika or London used.

Be careful not to open your bail with wears that do not usually move like selling blazers or suit. You can open your bail with female wears and be sure that your customers are always waiting for you.


Catering service involves making food ready to eat available for the public to buy. The business is really lucrative but demands a lot of skill in cooking.

Catering service could include production of fast food such as : doughnuts, samosa, spring roll, cakes etc. You can also make African dishes and intercontinental dishes. Making this choice depends on you skill and of course whar you seem feasible in your location. Spice this up with delivery service.


Tutorial classes are highly profitable and can be done easily with little profit. All you need to do is look for a comfortable space. You can start up by doing home services and then gathering money overtime to get your own center.


Car wash business can easily be set up with as low as 10,000 naira to about 20,000. You don’t need to start with all the sophisticated equipment needed for washing cars. You will improve once you start making money properly.


Day care business is one that you can easily start with little or no available capital. One good thing about running a daycare is that it can be done from home with comfort and with time, one can proceed to expanding the day care.

While starting up, the fee should be one that is affordable for the people around so as to draw more customers.


Delivery services are one that can easily be set up without much stress, you can register as a delivery man for companies and organizations that need agents to run delivery for them. A major disadvantage of this is that you might need to own your personal ride, it might not be feasible if one does not own.

The good thing about this business is that you can run delivery services for more than one organization and make cool money.


Fish farming is also one of the most lucrative businesses to set up in Nigeria and funny enough, a lot of people do not even know this. You can choose to either start fish farming by selling out fingerlings or buy breeding the fingerlings till they become full grown fishes.

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Either ways, you make a lot of money. Fish farming business can easily by set up with as low as 10,000 naira. And a pond? Don’t worry, you can easily start up in a drum and improve with time.


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