Cost Of Clearing Toyota Cars From Nigeria Custom

Cost Of Clearing Toyota Cars From Nigeria Custom. The Nigerian Customs collects tariffs on the importation of automobiles; the amount of these charges varies depending on the size, capacity, and year of production of the automobile. Here are the things you need to know about clearing Toyota Cars.

Cost Of Clearing Toyota Cars From Nigeria Custom


Used automobiles will be subject to a 35 per cent duty, while newer vehicles manufactured after 2016 will be subject to a levy fee of 35 per cent, the duty of 35 per cent, and a combined tax of 70 per cent. The carrier of your vehicle, such as a shipping firm, will be reimbursed for the shipping costs associated with your vehicle; these shipping costs are solely affected by the weight and size of your vehicle. Trucks and SUVs are subject to additional delivery costs. All of these factors add up to the overall cost of clearing cars in the country of Nigeria.

Taxes such as Nigerian custom duty charges on imported automobiles, port fees, and clearing agency fees will also need to be paid in order for this to be completed successfully, among other things. The method through which the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) charges for processing vehicles has altered since last year, according to the NCS. The cost of the vehicle is now being charged instead of the year of production, which means that they are no longer charging according to the year of manufacture.

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Nigerian New Import Duty Tariff

Tariffs on Imports into Nigeria have been revised. The Nigerian government increased the Import Duty Tariff in 2014 in order to support the country’s automobile manufacturers. The Nigerian government asserts that in order to import any kind of products, you must complete an e-Form M. A valid E-Form M is valid for six months, with the exception of the E-Form M that you open in order to import equipment and plants, which has a one-year validity period.

A Step-by-Step Guide To Shipping From The United States To Nigeria

Let me give you a quick step-by-step rundown of the shipping process.

THE TIME IT TAKES TO GET THERE: From the time the ship departs the port in the United States, it will take approximately 2-3 weeks for the ship to arrive in Lagos.

TRANSIT Moment: From the time the ship docks in Nigeria until the time your vehicle is picked up, the expected transit time is from one to three months.

How to Estimate the Clearing Costs

The fee is 35 per cent of the vehicle’s purchase price plus a 35 per cent levy, for a total of 70 per cent of the vehicle’s purchase price. So, if you paid N2 million for a vehicle, you’ll have to shell out N1.4 million to get rid of it. You’re perfectly capable of doing the calculations on your own. If you can locate a reputable clearing agency, you may reduce these costs.

Cost of Clearing Toyota cars

1. Cost of Clearing Toyota Camry

2003 Toyota Camry ₦400,000
2004 Toyota Camry ₦450,000
2005 Toyota Camry ₦480,000
2006 Toyota Camry ₦510,000
2007 Toyota Camry ₦650,000
2008 Toyota Camry ₦750,000
2009 Toyota Camry ₦950,000
2010 Toyota Camry ₦1,100,000
2011 Toyota Camry ₦1,250,000
2012 Toyota Camry ₦1,400,000
2013 Toyota Camry ₦1,350,000
2015 Toyota Camry ₦1,500,000

2. Cost of Clearing Toyota 4 Runner

2004 Toyota 4 Runner ₦650,000
2005 Toyota 4 Runner ₦710,000
2006 Toyota 4 Runner ₦850,000
2007 Toyota 4 Runner ₦1,050,000
2008 Toyota 4 Runner ₦1,200,000
2009 Toyota 4 Runner ₦1,400,000
2010 Toyota 4 Runner ₦2,250,000

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3. Cost of Clearing Toyota Corolla

2003 Toyota Corolla ₦400,000
2004 Toyota Corolla ₦430,000
2005 Toyota Corolla ₦450,000
2006 Toyota Corolla ₦480,000
2007 Toyota Corolla ₦550,000
2008 Toyota Corolla ₦650,000
2009 Toyota Corolla ₦850,000
2010 Toyota Corolla ₦950,000
2011 Toyota Corolla ₦1,100,000
2012 Toyota Corolla ₦1,250,000
2013 Toyota Corolla ₦1,400,000

4. Cost of Clearing Toyota Avensis

2003 Toyota Avensis ₦400,000
2004 Toyota Avensis ₦430,000
2005 Toyota Avensis ₦450,000
2006 Toyota Avensis ₦480,000
2007 Toyota Avensis ₦550,000
2008 Toyota Avensis ₦650,000
2009 Toyota Avensis ₦850,000
2010 Toyota Avensis ₦950,000
2011 Toyota Avensis ₦1,100,000
2012 Toyota Avensis ₦1,230,000
2013 Toyota Avensis ₦1,400,000

5. Cost of Clearing Toyota Avalon

2003 Toyota Avalon ₦550,000
2004 Toyota Avalon ₦600,000
2005 Toyota Avalon ₦650,000
2006 Toyota Avalon ₦710,000
2007 Toyota Avalon ₦850,000
2008 Toyota Avalon ₦1,100,000
2009 Toyota Avalon ₦1,300,000
2010 Toyota Avalon ₦1,750,000

6. Cost of Clearing Toyota Highlander

2003 Toyota Highlander ₦550,000
2004 Toyota Highlander ₦600,000
2005 Toyota Highlander ₦650,000
2006 Toyota Highlander ₦750,000
2007 Toyota Highlander ₦850,000
2008 Toyota Highlander ₦1,150,000
2009 Toyota Highlander ₦1,300,000
2010 Toyota Highlander ₦1,800,000

7. Cost of Clearing Toyota Venza

2003 Toyota Avanza ₦400,000
2004 Toyota Avanza ₦450,000
2005 Toyota Avanza ₦480,000
2006 Toyota Avanza ₦510,000
2007 Toyota Avanza ₦630,000
2008 Toyota Avanza ₦750,000
2009 Toyota Avanza ₦950,000
2010 Toyota Avanza ₦1,100,000
2011 Toyota Avanza ₦1,250,000
2012 Toyota Avanza ₦1,400,000

8. Cost of Clearing Toyota Matrix

2003 Matrix ₦400,000
2004 Matrix ₦430,000
2005 Matrix ₦450,000
2006 Matrix ₦480,000
2007 Matrix ₦530,000
2008 Matrix ₦630,000
2009 Matrix ₦850,000
2010 Matrix ₦950,000
2011 Matrix ₦1,100,000
2012 Matrix ₦1,230,000
2013 Matrix ₦1,400,000

9. Cost of Clearing Toyota RAV 4

2003 RAV 4 ₦400,000
2004 RAV 4 ₦430,000
2005 RAV 4 ₦450,000
2006 RAV 4 ₦480,000
2007 RAV 4 ₦530,000
2008 RAV 4 ₦630,000
2009 RAV 4 ₦850,000
2010 RAV 4 ₦950,000
2011 RAV 4 ₦1,100,000
2012 RAV 4 ₦1,250,000
2013 RAV 4 ₦1,400,000

10. Cost of Clearing Toyota Land Cruiser

2003 Land Cruiser ₦1,050,000
2004 Land Cruiser ₦1,250,000
2005 Land Cruiser ₦1,480,000
2006 Land Cruiser ₦1,550,000
2007 Land Cruiser ₦1,630,000
2008 Land Cruiser ₦2,050,000
2009 Land Cruiser ₦2,450,000
2010 Land Cruiser ₦3,100,000

How to transport a vehicle on your own

  • Use the Internet or a Local Agency to Find a Shipping Broker.
  • Download the Docket Receipt application form.
  • Depending on the shipping broker’s response time, they will process and deliver it back to you in 1-2 days after receiving your completed docket receipt by fax or email.
  • 6 copies of the docket receipt and 6 copies of the front and rear of the vehicle title are required.
  • Go to the port with your vehicle and paperwork.
  • If your vehicle is approved for shipment, the port personnel will provide you with a receipt as proof.
  • After that, the broker will give you an invoice for the shipping charges.
  • Once you’ve paid, you’ll get a bill of lading in the mail.
  • The originals of the bill of lading should be sent to your clearing agency as soon as possible, preferably via courier.
  • Your clearing agent will take care of removing the vehicle from the port once it has been cleared.

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Shipping any car through a shipping agent

  • Find a local shipping agency.
  • Fill out the paperwork provided by the agent.
  • Give him the vehicle, the keys, and the title that came with it.
  • You may have to pay the shipping cost right away or when the ship departs, depending on the circumstances.
  • The agent will contact you to arrange pick-up after the bill of lading has been completed and approved by the manager.
  • Obtain a duplicate of the bill of lading and deliver the originals to your clearing agency
  • The vehicle is removed from the Port by your cleaning crews.
  • This whole procedure may take as long as three months.


We are sure you’ve learned a lot about the cost of clearing Toyota cars. If there’s any question concerning this post, kindly use the comment box below.

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