Top 10 Differences Between Clifford And Richard Constitution

Top 10 Differences Between Clifford And Richard Constitution. Find Out About Constitutional Development. Check This Post. 

Differences Between Clifford And Richard Constitution

Are you in need of information as regards constitutional development? Worry no more as you are on the right platform. In this article, i am going to highlight the major differences between the Clifford and Richard’s constitution in Nigeria. Let’s get started!

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What Is A Constitution?

Constitution is simply a body of principles guiding a state or a country. In other words, it is the fundamental principles on which a state is governed. A state that does not have a constitution is considered to be lawless.

Types Of Constitution

There are two types of constitution practiced in different countries of the world which are:

1. Written Constitution

A constitution that has been meticulously written down in a single document is referred to as a written Constitution.

2. Unwritten Constitution

An unwritten constitution is quite it opposite of a written constitution because the provisions of the law are kept into writing but they have not been written into a single book.

What Are The Similarities Between Clifford And Richard Constitution?

1. Colonial Constitutions

The most obvious similarities between Clifford and Richard’s constitution is that they are both colonial constitutions in Nigeria. This means that as at the time these constitutions were enacted, Nigeria had not gained independence.

2. Restrictions To Electorate

Another similarity between Clifford and Richard’s Constitution is that they both had restrictions to electorate.

3. Legislative Councils

Another important similarity between Clifford and Richard Constitution is that they both gave room for legislative council.  Clifford Constitution gave room for 46 members while Richard Constitution gave room for 16 official members and 28 unofficial members.

4. Veto Powers

The governor was given the power to veto bills in both Constitutions.

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What Are The Differences Between Clifford And Richard Constitution

Here are some of the differences between Clifford and Richard Constitution:

1. Regionalism

Richard’s constitution was the first to introduce regionalism. Clifford administration was based on protectorate.

2. Establishment Of Newspapers

It was during Clifford constitution that newspapers were established. This turned out to be one of the major achievement of the constitution.

3. Franchise Qualification

Clifford’s constitution qualification was for people that met certain conditions and had a gross income of 100 pounds. It was reduced to 50 pounds in Richard Constitution.

4. Native Administration

A link was provided in the Richard constitution between the native administration and the central legislative council through the regional assemblies. This wasn’t the case for Clifford Constitution.

5. Legislative Council

During the Clifford constitution, the legislative council was dominated by Europeans. The Richard Constitution provided for more representation for Nigerians.

6. Unofficial Majority

The Richard’s Constitution gave room for an unofficial majority in the legislative council. This was not the case for the Clifford Constitution.

7. Sectionalism

The Clifford Constitution was accuses of sectionalism as it included the south but excluded the north. During the period of the Richard Constitution, the North and the South were brought together for legislation.

8. Membership

Membership in the legislative council for Clifford Constitution was 46 while for Richard Constitution, it was 44.

9. Nomination Of Chiefs

The Richard’s Constitution gave room for the nomination of chiefs into the legislative council.

10. Unity

Richard Constitution is well known for bringing the North and South together thereby promoting unity in the nation. This was not the case for Clifford constitution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Year Was Clifford Constitution Enacted?

It was enacted in 1922.

2. What Year Was Richard Constitution Enacted?

It was enacted in 1946.

3. What Did Clifford Constitution Introduce?

It introduced four elected seats in the legislative council. Three for Lagos and one for Calabar.

4. What Are The Types Of Colonial Constitution?

We have 4 basic colonial constitution in Nigeria which are: Clifford Constitution, Richard Constitution, McPherson Constitution and Lyttleton  Constitution.

5. Which Constitution Is The First In Nigeria?

Clifford Constitution.

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