How To Apply For Law Internship (Complete Guide)

How To Apply For Law Internship (Complete Guide). Get All The Tips You Need For Applying For Law Internship. Check This Post. 

How To Apply For Law Internship

Are you looking into practicing law and you are looking for how to go about applying to law firm as an intern? Do you want to know the right steps to take before applying for law internship program? Then this article is for you, as we will be guiding you with the right tips on how you can apply for law internship.

What Is Law Internship?

This is a period of work experience offered by a law firm or chamber to law graduates for a short period of time usually 2-3 months. This program can be free or might have attached fees., that is to say some offer these program to law students for free, while some others collect money before even starting the program.

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Why Is Law Internship So Crucial?

Most people do not even have the idea of how crucial and important Law internship programs are, some see it as a waste of time and don’t find it necessary. In this article, we will be giving you some of the advantages of internship;

  1. Internship Fastens learning.
  2. Internship Also Fosters Learning.
  3. Internship Improves Your Resume.
  4. Internship Gives You Experience.
  5. Internship Gives You A Snap Of The Practical Side Of The Law Profession.

Advantages Of Law Internship

1. Internship Fastens learning

Of course, practicals puts you on a better edge to learning a particular trade faster, and that is also the same when it comes to law internship, it makes you learn every more faster.

2. Internship Also Fosters Learning

The very much importance as to why you should apply for law internship is solely because you will learn lots after the experience.

3. Internship Improves Your Resume

With the vast and fast growing law graduates all over the country, you need something different on your resume to stand out. Internship is one of best ways to put an upgrade to your resume.

4. Internship Gives You Experience

Most law firms don’t even employ lawyers that do not have any internship experience, they see them as too cold and think they have no idea of the profession, and this is because the law profession is a very practical one and so most employers believe that students with much internship program will be able to handle legal matters. Experience is another reason why you should consider law internship crucial.

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5. Internship Gives You A Snap Of The Practical Side Of The Law Profession

This is the last on our list. You should never forget that the legal profession is a very practical and systematic profession, it is even more practical than theoritical. The practical side is so much different from what you are been taught in school and that is why you need to have that law internship experience.

How To Apply For Law Internship

  1. Decide On The Firm You Want
  2. Do Your Research
  3. Networking
  4. Be Ready
  5. Prepare Your Resume And Cover Letter
  6. Follow Up Your Application

How To Apply For Law Internship (Complete Guide)

1. Decide On The Firm You Want

First on our article is for you to decide on the firm you are going to apply as a law intern, this is very important, as almost 95% of law students will want to apply for internship in firms that are well known and popular  and will most likely offer better pay too. However, in my own interest, this might not be a good idea because many top firms might not give you that important learning that you seek and most of these tops firms might not have your best interest at heart and so i’d recommend you go for a growing and good law firm, that has not gained too much name yet but are of the right and perfect calibre for you.

2. Do Your Research

Second on our list is the need to research about the firm of interest. Some of these firms have shorter periods for interning while some do have longer periods, like all year round, so conducting that research will let you know the best time to send in your applications. Also you need to know where the firm is located too, it might be difficult to find all of these necessary informations online, i’d recommend you ask some of their past students, as this will be easier for you.

3. Networking

Most people say network is your net worth and that are so right! Networking does not to involve your physical presence, you can use your social media accounts like twitter and bling as your networking medium, or even LinkedIn. Target the right connections that work in your desired firm, send in a message and always keep it polite and simple, as you do not need to say too much. Most importantly, check in on some of them always to remind them of your interest but don’t push too much, as this can unsettle them.

4. Be Ready

You need to be internship ready, there are no better actions than this, because your prospective employer looks out for the push and drive from law interns applicants.

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5. Prepare Your Resume And Cover Letter

This is a very crucial step in applying as a law intern. The firm you are applying doesn’t expect you to have too many experiences as a student but then you need to be professional, because like we earlier stated in this article, so you have to write like someone in the law field.

6. Follow Up Your Application

Last on our list of steps to take in applying as a law intern is the need to follow up on your application. You don’t need to be relaxed after applying to your choice of law firm. You need to be assertive, follow up with sending a mail if possible, you can as well even make a call to the frim, demanding politely to speak to the Talent Acquisition Manger or even the Human Resource Manager, asking him or her on progress.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Do Law Students Go For Internships?

As a law student, internships are important as they help build on what has been learned in university.

2. When Should A LLB Student Do Internship?

Start interning from Year 1.

3. Who Is Qualified For Internship?

Interns are usually undergraduates or students, and most internships last between a month and three months.

4. Can I Do Internship After LLB?

Eligible and interested candidates can apply for these internships on legalaffairs,

5. Do All Interns Get Hired?

Employment statistics show that 66.4% of interns that were paid during their internship received a job offer.

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