Who Is Patricia Noah? Everything You Should Know About Trevor Noah’s Mother

Who Is Patricia Noah? Everything You Should Know About Trevor Noah’s Mother. Get Detailed Information About Patricia Noah. Check This Post. 

Who Is Patricia Noah

Have you been looking into knowing who Trevor Noah‘s mother is? Do you want to know who Patricia Noah is? Then this article is for you, as we will be telling you a brief biography of Patricia Noah and everything you need to know about her.

Who Is Patricia Noah?

Sometimes people don’t even know the parents of popular figures in the world, not like they don’t want to know, it just doesn’t cross their mind to ask or know. Trevor Noah is one prominent figure, who many people do not even know who his mother is. The South African comedian, actor and television host is the son of Patricia Noah and she is a well known South African Mother. She played a pivotal role to getting her son where he is today.

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Trevor Noah, after becoming the first black man of African origin to host the Daily Show, he gained worldwide popularity. Now Patricia was born in South Africa but we have no idea of where in South Africa but of course we do know the names of her biological parents, Temperance and Florence Noah were both the parents of Patricia Noah. The South African woman had four biological children and their names are Trevor Noah, Andrew Shingange, and Isaac Shingange.She was famously known to be the mother of the South African comedian and actor Trevor Noah. Patricia Noah was born and raised in a Christian Family.

Where Does Trevor Noah’s Mother Live?

Patricia Noah was born and raised in South Africa and this is where she still resides.

What Work Does She Do?

Trevor Noah’s mother usually worked on the family farm, she also later received secretary training.

What Was Patricia Noah’s Educational Background?

We do not really have a compiled reports of schools Patricia attended but we do know about her educational pursuit of a missionary school she attended when she was 21. While she was in school, she learned how to read and write in the English Language and it was reported that she moved to Soweto and joined a secretarial school there, where she learned how to type also. Patricia later moved to the capital after her studies and also to avoid the black tax too.

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Who Is Patricia’s Husband & Was She Married To Robert Noah?

Sfiso Khosa is married to Patricia Noah, they both married in 2009 and it is rumored that only friends and family members were invited to the small wedding. She was previously involved in a relationship with her famous son Trevor’s Dad, which birthed the popular comedian. Sfiso Khoza is not Patricia’s first spouse, her first, Trevor’s father was a white foreigner living then in the city of Johannesburg, made their love affair more discreet than usual. She moved to Johannesburg to earn a living but that was a bit difficult because of the law against South Africans to live and work there but Patricia found out a way to live there and survive undetected, she usually disguised herself as a maid, which was the most available job for blacks at that particular time. Well she later able to get a typing job that paid her well and so she rented an apartment in Hillbrow and this is where she met Robert Lloyd, Trevor’s biological father.

How Did Patricia Play A Prominent Role In Trevor’s Career?

The South African mother played a key and crucial role in the success of her son, of course, as well as in the career path he chose. Trevor personally admitted that he got his humor skills from his mother, he claimed she had taught him how to use humor to cope with the injustices they faced.  Trevor has so many huge love and respect for his mother’s personality, most especially as she was always calm in troubled times. Through his mother, he also learned forgiveness and how to be loving, unlike his step-dad who mistreated Trevor’s mum. Trevor published an inspiring book titled “Born a Crime” in 2016, in this book he wrote an autobiography of himself and this book is one of the best selling in U.S. This book explains Trevor’s upbringing and the notable roles his mother played in his life, and in this book he also occasionally mentioned his father Robert Lloyd. This book was named one of the best books of the year by The New York Times.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Is Trevor’s Mum Still Alive?

Yes, the mother of Trevor Noah is still alive.

2. Does Trevor Noah Have A Wife And Kids?

Noah isn’t married and has no children.

3. Who Is Patricia In Born A Crime?

Patricia is Trevor’s mother in Born a Crime.

4. Why Did Abel Shoot Patricia?

Abel explained to his youngest son that he had shot Patricia because he was very sad.

5. Did Trevor Forgive Michael?

After everything they’ve been through in GTA 5, Trevor ends up forgiving Michael.

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