How To Improve Standard Of Living Of Nigerians

How To Improve Standard Of Living Of Nigerians. Get Proper Insight On The State Of Standard Of Living Of Nigerians And The Solution. Get It Here Now!

How To Increase The Standard Of Living Of Nigerians.

Nigeria is considered as one of the under developed countries in the world. Do you seek the problem as to the standard of living of Nigerians? Are you interested on information on how to improve the standard of living in Nigeria? Then this is the right article for you.

I have prepared a handful of valid and useful information on the problem of standard of living of Nigerians as well as all you need to know on increasing the standard of living of Nigerians. In other to understand complex concepts on the problem and solution of standard of living of Nigerians, we would need to first understand the simple concept of what standard of living really means.

What is standard of living?

Standard of living in clear and simple terms refer to the level or height of comfort ability, wealth, wants and necessities that is available of accessible to a group of socio economic class in a certain geographical area.

What does standard of living include?

People often hear a lot about standard of living but they do not even know what makes up standard of living. It is important to note that standard of living is comprised by some basic things which are:

  1. Gross domestic product (GDP)
  2. Economic opportunity
  3. Life expectancy
  4. Income etc.

Many people have come to identify standard of living as quality of life of a particular people. From research, it has been established that the standard of living of developed countries is generally higher than the standard of living of underdeveloped or developing countries.

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How can a country’s standard of living be measured?

There are institutions that are responsible for measuring a people’s standard of living and it usually measured by considering different factors. Some of the factors that are usually used in measuring standard of living are:

  1. Education
  2. Income per capita
  3. Life expectancy at birth etc.

What are the factors affecting people’s standard of living in rural areas in Nigeria?

There are many factors that have posed a serious threat to people’s standard of living in Nigeria and I have identified them as:

  1. Lack of proper information
  2. Illiteracy
  3. Occupation
  4. Family life


It is no news that people in the rural areas of Nigeria are able to properly access information just like the people in the urban areas. This implication of this is that when there are opportunities that might be helpful to Nigerians, this information might not be gotten fairly by those people in the rural area. People in the rural area can even barely afford sophisticated technology that we use today apart from a few of them that still has their old radio


Illiteracy is a disease, a chronic one indeed. Most people that stay in the rural areas do not really have access to a good education apart from the few younger ones that usually leave to the urban areas for education. On a norm, the people in the rural areas have a terrible mindset about standards of living and do not even have the readiness to do something new and creative. This wouldn’t have been the case if they were properly educated.

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Barely do people in the rural areas of Nigeria have good jobs, even if one gets a good job, he or she would not want to still stay in that area and develop it. Many of them are into petty farming, okada mechanic, bike riders and so on. These jobs can barely even feed their families properly talk more of developing the society which they dwell. They only look forward to the government in helping to provide opportunities for them and improving their standards of living.


The family is the basic or smallest unit of the society. There are things that always affect the family such as work like farming all day, planting and so on and the person only comes back in the evening to meet his or her family which reduces affection in the family. These people in the rural areas make just little money from what they do and are not even ready to take steps to improve their lives as they do not think outside the box. Most of them only want to provide food for their families and do that all year round

What are the ways by which Nigerians can improve their standards of living?

There are so many ways which Nigeria can help Nigerians or its citizens improve their standard of living. I have identified a number of them and they are:

  1. Agricultural reforms
  2. Control of the population
  3. Reduce corruption

How To Improve Standard Of Living Of Nigerians


Utilizing the agricultural resources can determine to a large extent how the standard of living of Nigerians will be improved over time. It is currently being utilized poorly because we do not provide better access to the market for our farmers. We should also put hands together to protect the agricultural sector from too many foreign crops if we wish to improve our standards of living.


I have heard a number of people say that Nigeria’s wealth is not sufficient to cater for the entire population because of how much we are in Nigeria. Being the most populated country in Africa, we can do this by sticking to a two child policy which emphasizes that a couple cannot have more than two children. Population in Nigeria has become outrageous which is one of the major issues of improving the standard of living in Nigeria.

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It is almost impossible to say that corruption should be eradicated from Nigeria because it has eaten deep into our system and we have come to accept it as the normal way of life but to a large extent, if we can try to reduce corruption and tackle people that have refused to adhere, then, we are properly ready to improve our standard of living.

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