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How To Pass WAEC In One Sitting Without Stress (WAEC SECRET)

How To Pass WAEC In One Sitting Without Stress (WAEC SECRET). Want The Secret To Passing WAEC In Flying Colors? Check This Post For More.

How To Pass WAEC In One Sitting Without Stress (WAEC SECRET)

Do you want to pass WAEC in one sitting? Are you looking for how to? Worry no more as you have arrived on the right platform to get this information. In this article, you are going to learn the BIG SECRET about passing WAEC in one sitting. Let get right into it

An overview of WAEC

WAEC is an acronym for West African examinations council. This is an examination board that was established to determine the examinations required and acceptable in English West African countries. This board was founded in 1952. I9n other words, WAEC is simply a standardized test in West Africa. From what has been said above, it can be implied that only English speaking West African countries are eligible for this exam.

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What is considered as pass in WAEC exam?

Many people have asked the question of what pass means when you take the WAEC exam. Well, for one to be considered to have passed the WAEC exam, one must have gotten at least 5 credits in his or her area of discipline including mathematics and English language.

How can I pass WAEC in one sitting?

Sitting for WAEC a couple of times can be very frustrating as it would even hinder your chance of getting into the university even if you have met up with other requirements. I have had a lot of cases where people pass other external examinations like JAMB but they have to wait because they failed WAEC. To solve this problem, I have written this article. Below is how to pass WAEC in only one sitting:

  1. Register on time and carefully
  2. Make a study plan
  3. Read ahead of the exam
  4. Study one subject at a time
  5. Avoid midnight reading
  6. Solve or treat past questions
  7. Make use of your textbooks
  8. Avoid examination mal practice

How To Pass WAEC In One Sitting Without Stress (WAEC SECRET)


One of the first secrets to passing WAEC in only one sitting is registering on time and also registering carefully. Many candidates do not take this seriously and even a mistake in your name can make you sit for another WAEC the next year. So, when registering, make sure you register carefully. To also avoid stories that touch, it is best advised that you also register in time.


Another secret to passing WAEC in only one sitting is making a study plan for yourself. Once you have successfully registered your exam or even before you have registered for the exam, you should prepare a well laid out study plan for yourself. A good study plan is one that is well written down, each subject assigned time as well as your goals and objectives written down.

It is advisable that one follows a study plan religiously to get the best out of it.

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Another secret to passing WAEC in only one sitting is reading ahead of the exam. I have seen a lot of people sitting for WAEC starting to read only few days to the exam. If you want to pass brilliantly, this should not be your idea at all. You should start reading at least 2 or 3 months before the exam, this gives you the opportunity to be able to cover u all the syllabus in the subjects you are taking.


Another secret to passing WAEC in only one sitting is studying one subject at a time. Do not ever make the mistake of bringing together more than one subject to read at the same time. The reason being that recalling what you have read after a while might be difficult because you have mixed up a lot of subjects together.

Focus on one subject or topic before you move on to the next. If you feel tired or sleepy at some point, make sure your take short breaks and get back to studying.


Another secret to passing WAEC in only one sitting is avoiding midnight reading. Our parents are always against this as they would always pressurize us to burn the midnight candle but I’m telling you that it is not the best way to read. This because you are writing about nine subjects and you need to relax your brain at night while you read during the day. Reading too much at midnight can eventually leave you bizarre on the exam day.


Another secret to passing WAEC in only one sitting is solving or treating past questions. This is by far one of the most important secrets that candidates do not know. WAREC does not develop new questions every year, they simply pick questions from previous exams which is why you should get familiar with past questions. You might even find some questions you have not come across before while studying and it would help you read in-depth. Again, do not depend on the answers given by most of these past questions as they can be wrong at times. Make findings on the answers yourself and watch how it helps you read even wider.


Another secret to passing WAEC in only one sitting is making use of your textbooks. In as much as past questions are very important when writing WAEC, do not underestimate the power of textbooks as well. Any student in an exam class that does not have textbook for his or her core subjects is an unserious student. Textbooks help you understand areas that are not clear to you.

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Another secret to passing WAEC in only one sitting is avoiding examination malpractice. I always tell people that if they do not wish to write WAEC another year, they must stay away from exam malpractice. Do not allow anybody cajole you to taking anything that would implicate you inside the examination hall.

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