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10 Mistakes That Are Killing Your GPA

10 Mistakes That Are Killing Your GPA. Want To Know Why Your GPA Keeps Going Down? Check This Post For More.

mistakes that kill GPA

Are you a student? Want to know some of the mistakes you make that slowly kill your GPA? Then you are on the right platform to get this information. In this article, you are going to get informed on some of the biggest mistakes you make as a student that in turn kills you GPA. Sounds interesting right? Let’s get started.

What are some of the mistakes I make that kills my GPA?

It is every student’s goal to come out with a very colorful and flying GPA but there are some mistakes we make as students knowingly or unknowingly that reduces our GPA. To create proper awareness of these mistakes, I have put this article together. Here are some of the mistakes we make as students that kill our GPA:

  1. Inability to overcome procrastination
  2. Not taking tests seriously
  3. Not taking assignments seriously
  4. Misplaced priority
  5. Worry and anxiety
  6. Building up stress
  7. Absent from class
  8. Lateness to lectures
  9. Carry over
  10. Peer pressure

10 Mistakes That Are Killing Your GPA


One of the biggest mistakes students make that kills their GPA is inability to overcome procrastination. Procrastination is simply the act of delaying something you are supposed to do. This often leads to piling jobs over time and many times inability to complete those tasks. The most common procrastination that students are guilty of is procrastination to read. A lot of students procrastinate when it is time to read until it is very close to the examination period and of course, they might not be able to complete the entire syllabus. This is turn kills their GPA when the results come out.

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Another mistake that students make that kills their GPA is not taking tests seriously. Many students are guilty of this. They think tests do not really matter because it takes only a small portion of what the total marks would be. This should be so because no matter how little any mark is, it definitely adds up for what your cumulative mark would be at the end of the day. The difference between 69 and 70 is only one mark and they are not referred to as the same thing as we all know.


Another great mistake that students make without knowing that kills their GPA is not taking assignments seriously. Just like I said earlier, many students do not take tests seriously, the same goes for assignments also because they constitute a little portion of what your percentage would be at the end of the day. As little as 5 mark seems, it adds to your mark


Another mistake that students make that kills their GPA is misplaced priority. A lot of students especially 100 level students always show misplaced priority by getting carried away by a lot of happening on campus and outside campus. There are different types of misplaced priority, for instance, a 100 level student might be more concerned with dressing that academics. Others include excessive partying, political activities on campus etc.

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Another great mistake that students make without knowing that kills their GPA is worry and anxiety. Worry and anxiety and build up fear for a particular course and this fear makes you think that you cannot pass that course. Why worry? Make sure you do your best studying and wait for how things will unfold. In anything you do, do not allow worry and anxiety take over you.


Another great mistake that students make without knowing that kills their GPA is building up stress. Stress can cause inability to recall what one has studied earlier. Over reading is also a form of stress on the brain. If you are a student, you should try your possible best to get rid of anything or activity that would stress you unnecessarily.

A good way of also relieving stress is by sleep at least 7 to 8 hours every day. If you are the type that reads at midnight, don’t do this every day. Some days, make sure you catch your proper sleep.


Another mistake that students make that kills their GPA is being absent from class. This is by far of the most important mistakes students make that we should look at. I should have made this my number one focus but of course, it’s not too late. Many students skip class for no substantial reason and if you are in these shoes, you have to stop it. You might think after all, you would collect the notes from your friends and write it but you don’t know that there may be some useful things the teacher had said in class.


Another great mistake that students make without knowing that kills their GPA is lateness to lectures. In as much as being absent in class might kill your GPA, lateness to lectures or class also can seriously kill your GPA without knowing. You might have missed out on some important points made by the teacher before you even get to class. Why not try going to class earlier? It would do you a lot of good.

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Another mistake that students make that kills their GPA is carry over. This particular thing kills GPA more than you can ever think. Make sure you do not have to carry over any course that you are taking as it can be a serious stress the next year when you repeat it. Want to know what’s worse? Even when you repeat the course you carried over, it can never be calculated with its original value, this means that no matter how high you score the next time you repeat the course, it can never add up like when you should have passed it.


Another great mistake that students make without knowing that kills their GPA is peer pressure. Many students are often blinded by peer pressure when they get into school that they even forget why they are I school. Cut out any friend that doesn’t make you do better academically.

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