How To Verify Adsense Account Without PIN (Link To Adsense PIN)

How To Verify  Adsense Address Without PIN. How To Verify Adsense Account Without PIN (Link To Adsense PIN When Did Not Arrive). Solve PIN Verification Problem If You Requested For Adsense PIN and Didn’t Receive It.

verify adsense address without pin

Are you looking for ways on how to verify Nigeria Adsense Account with and without PIN (Personal Identification Number) or want to know the alternative

Verify your Adsense account fast without PIN. The verification could be completed within 10 minutes and yes without Adsense Pin.

Guide on Adsense Verification Without PIN. You will learn how to verify Google Adsense account, this steps happen to be available in Nigeria, India, Ghana and other less developed countries. I guess it’s because of their poor post office operating system.

So now we will be preparing this tutorial in twos, with or without address mailed pin verification. In this post, i will show you how to quickly and easily verify your Google Adsense identity and pin verification.


Adsense PIN is a Personal Identification Number mailed to each Adsense Publishers upon reaching the adsense request pin threshold, which is $10.

Adsense PIN comes in 6 digits which is to be entered in adsense pin space provided in each adsense account to have the adsense account verified to receive payments from adsense.

I believe there’s no doubt that Adsense is the greatest and quickest way to make money from your blog, but in order to take complete use of this service, you must complete all of the necessary registration and verification steps.

When your website is accepted into AdSense program, Google Adsense will ask you to verify your account identity upon reaching 10$, and you will also be asked to verify your address data by having a verification mailed to your local post office.

This pin verification should arrive in 3-4 weeks from the time you request it on your adsense account dashboard. Though some individuals grumble that getting this pin delivered from their local post office branch is difficult, I believe it is one of the reasons you are reading this.

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The first step in the verification process is to verify your AdSense  account identity with a valid government issued id card, such as an Original Plastic Voters Card, a National ID Card, or a Driver’s License. If you don’t do this right away, Google will stop showing ads on your account until it is verified.

NOTE: There are two types of Adsense account Verification which includes (Identity Verification and Address Verification).


1. Access your dashboard account by logging in here.

2. Select the verification action card by clicking on it.

3. Prepare your identification card and snap a picture of both the front and back of it.

4. Use scanner to scan the document you want to upload.

4. Upload and wait for Google to verify it for 6 – 12 hours.

NOTE: For Nigerians, if you don’t have any plastic government issued ID but you have your NIN registered, you can login to your NIN App and get your National Digital ID. Adsense will accept it. Or simply use someone else’s ID but change every details on your adsense account to theirs.


NOTE: Adsense address verification which is the second step in verifying your AdSense account, to be able to reach this, you must first be eligible.

To be eligible for an AdSense verification pin, you must have at least $10 in your AdSense account in order to submit your payment address details to be used for pin verification. Once you have met this minimum level, complete the procedures below:

1. Go to your AdSense account and log in.

2. When you get to the bottom of the page, you’ll see a verification card. Click on it to verify.

3. You will receive a success email with the time you will receive your pin.

#NOTE : You can only request this pin for a limited time (4 tries), so make sure the address details you entered are correct, especially your postal code, which will be used to locate your nearest post office to send the pin to.

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If you have reached the second step and your adsense PIN hasn’t still arrived at your registered post office then follow this guide below to verify with without PIN.


◾ Voter registration card.

◾ National Identification Card.

◾ Driver’s License.

◾ Bank Statement.

NOTE: You just need one from the above list. Before attempting this, make sure your ID address and Name on your adsense profile are the same, and that you have requested your pin verification up to 4 times.

1. Visit This Link to access AdSense without pin verification dashboard.

2. Fill in your Name and ID exactly as they appear on your Adsense account and ID.

3. Next is to enter your Publisher’s ID.

4. Fill in your Google Adsense email address.

5. Take a clear snap of the ID’s front and back together, just like shown above.

6. To make it one, use scanner or picture editor.

7. Then upload it.

8. Finally click on submit, you’ll receive a successful confirmation that your adsense account has been verified.


To obtain your adsense publisher id,

1. Log in to your account.

2. Select Account from the sidebar menu.

3. You will find your publisher id.

4. Then go ahead and copy it.

I tried this and this worked almost immediately, you can just be so lucky as I am to have verified my adsense account without PIN fast and easy.

NOTE: Be aware that this last option to verify your Adsense account without PIN, will only be available when you’ve requested for your PIN 4 times and yet no PIN arrival.

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◾ Is It Possible For Me To Use Someone Else’s ID To Verify Adsense

Yes, it’s very possible to use any person’s id to verify your Adsense account, what is important is your Adsense account’s name and address must match.

◾ What If I Don’t Confirm My Account?

Google will put a restriction on your Adsense account, and you won’t be able to see any advertising on your website until it has been confirmed.

◾ Is It Okay If I Use My Personal Information To Make A Payment?

Yes, even if the address details are different, you can use your personal details to pay for your adsense account.

◾ Is It Possible To Use The Same ID That I Used To Validate My Identity For PIN Verification?

Yes, you can use the same identification to verify both your identity and your pin, but make sure the name and address are identical.

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