NDLEA Ranks, Salary Structure And NDLEA Training Allowance

NDLEA Ranks, Salary Structure And NDLEA Training Allowance | The Amount NDLEA Pay Their Staff.


The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) does Employ fresh Workers any time they are doing a Nationwide Job Recruitment. As a result, Candidates that want to Apply for a Job at National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) are always curious and eager to know more about the government agency.

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The Major Questions People Ask About National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) Salary Includes:

  • List of NDLEA Ranks
  • NDLEA Salary
  • Salary Scheme of NDLEA
  • Rank of NDLEA
  • NDLEA Graduate Salary
  • The NDLEA Monthly Salary
  • NDLEA Ranks and Salary


The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) is a Federal agency in Nigeria charged with eliminating the growing, processing, manufacturing, selling, exporting, and trafficking of hard drugs.

In addition, NDLEA is present in international airports, seaports, and border crossings. It tries to eradicate cannabis by destroying plantings. The NDLEA also targets the leaders of narcotics and money laundering organizations.

List of NDLEA Ranks in Nigeria

NDLEA makes use of the Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure (COMPASS) in its ranks and salary structure. The agency ensures that their staff is promoted as and when due, which they consider a means of boosting the morale of the officers to perform their duties. Below are the ranks available in the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency of Nigeria:

NDLEA Commissioned Officers Ranks

These are the high-ranking officers of the agency, who are recruited through a clear consideration of their academic qualifications. The ranks under the commissioned officers of the NDLEA start from the Assistant Superintendent of Narcotics to the Commander General of Narcotics.

The highest rank, which is the Commander General of Narcotics, comes mostly as an appointment from the President. Every commissioned officer of NDLEA wishes to attain the highest rank in the agency.

  • Commander General of Narcotics (CGN)
  • Deputy Commander General of Narcotics (DCGN)
  • Assistant Commander General of Narcotics (ACGN)
  • Commander of Narcotics (CN)
  • Deputy Commander of Narcotics (DCN)
  • Assistant Commander of Narcotics (ACN)
  • Chief Superintendent of Narcotics (CSN)
  • Superintendent of Narcotics (SN)
  • Deputy Superintendent of Narcotics (DSN)
  • Assistant Superintendent of Narcotics I (ASN)
  • Assistant Superintendent of Narcotics II (ASN)

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Non-Commissioned NDLEA Officers’ Ranks

These are the lower ranks of the NDLEA, which are also considered through the qualification of the officer during recruitment. Some of the officers under this category of rank joined NDLEA with WAEC, ND, and HND. Below are the ranks under the non-commissioned officer category of the NDLEA:

  • Chief Narcotic Agent (CNA)
  • Senior Narcotic Agent (SNA)
  • Senior Narcotic Assistant I (SNA I)
  • Narcotic Agent (NA)
  • Narcotic Assistant 1 (NA I)
  • Narcotic Assistant (NA)

How often do Officers of NDLEA get Promoted?

The most recent promotion of officers in NDLEA was done in June 2021. NDLEA promoted three thousand, five hundred and six (3,506) officers to their next ranks. All paramilitary agencies like the NDLEA expect promotion into a new rank from 2 to 3 years after the last promotion was offered.

Certain factors can, however, negate this fact, as the agency considers the following before a promotion is approved:

  • Conduct of the Officer
  • Years of Service
  • Contributions or Achievement made by the officer
  • Recommendations based on merit

Promotions in the NDLEA Officer Ranks result in an immediate increase to the next level of the agency’s salary structure.

NDLEA Salary Structure | What Their Workers Earn

As mentioned earlier, the NDLEA salary structure is solely based on the level of your ranking and is paid based on the Consolidated Para-Military Salary Structure (CONPASS).

Firstly, NDLEA Graduates are placed on Grade Level 8 Step 1 earn about N888,956 per annum (before deductions). That is about N74,000 per month.

Those on Grade Level 8 Step 2 earn about N900,071 per annum (before deductions). That is about N75,000 per month.

NDLEA HND holders are placed on Grade Level 7 Step 1 and earn about  N483,353 per month (before deductions).

Also, there are some allowances accrued to personnel of the NDLEA, but these allowances are paid based on rank and position occupied by the agency.

This means that the total salary is calculated thus:

Level 8 step 1 = CONPASS + Rent Allowance

₦888,956 + ₦115,849

= ₦1,004,805 (total annual salary). i.e ₦83,733 (monthly)

Then that of HND holders placed on Grade Level 7 Step 1 is ₦573,287.

Level 7 step 1 = CONPASS + Rent Allowance

₦483,014 + ₦92,273.9

= ₦ 573,287 (total annual salary). i,e ₦44,773 (monthly)

Above, are monthly salaries for the ongoing recruitment positions including allowances.

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Summary of the NDLEA Salary Structure

The Apply for a Job team has gone further to summarise this NDLEA Salary structure, in other to make it easier for you to absorb the information.

Rank Monthly Salary Yearly/Annually Salary
Grade Level 8 Step 1 ₦74,000 ₦888,000
Grade Level 8 Step 2 ₦75,000 ₦900,000
Grade Level 7 Step 1 ₦54,000 ₦648,000
Grade Level 6 ( OND/NCE) ₦50,000 ₦600,000
O’level ₦40,000 ₦480,000

FAQ About the NDLEA and Answers

When Was NDLEA Founded?

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) was discovered on January 1, 1990. In addition, the Government Agency was founded by the Nigeria National Assembly.

What do Narcotic Officers do?

The NDLEA Narcotic Officers normally enforce the local, state, and federal drug laws in Nigeria. It’s their duty to employ their professional skills in other to investigate narcotic-related crimes.

Which Leader Found the NDLEA?

This prestigious National Drug Law Enforcement Agency was founded by the National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. During the tenure of one of the Former presidents of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo.

Can one apply to work with NDLEA with an O’level qualification?

If you go through the salary structure of this Government organization, that has been stated above. You will notice there is a salary for O’level holders, which explains the fact that O’level holders have a role to play in the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency.

Functions of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency

The Vision of NDLEA

In other words, the Vision of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) is to become the most proactive and leading Drug Law Enforcement Agency on the African Continent and one of the best in the world through the provision of effective and efficient services to Nigerians by cutting off the supply of illicit drugs, reducing the demand for illicit drugs and other substances of abuse, tracing and recovering drug-related proceeds and contributing to the creation and maintenance of an enviable image for the Nation throughout the world.

We believe we have been able to provide details that will help mainly people that want secure jobs at NDLEA Nigeria. And are eager to know the salary structure plus ranks at the Government organization before applying.

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