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How To Start Peanut Burger Business In Nigeria: Production & Marketing

Here Is A Complete Guide On How To Start Peanut Burger Business In Nigeria: Production & Marketing. Do you know you can start Peanut Burger Business with little capital and make huge profit? Yes Peanut Burger Business is a very lucrative business.

Peanut Burger Business In Nigeria

Peanut burger snack is a very simple crunchy snack you can make for kids at any time.

Peanut burger business is another fast money business just like chin-chin. This is a mixture of groundnut also known as peanut with flour etc. I shall be interchanging the two in the course of this write-up.

Someone said with food business you never can go wrong. Living things generally cannot do without food and man in particular. Most times whatever is available at a particular time becomes food. Little wonder why people rush snacks instead of searching round for food. Example of such people are those who goes to stadium to watch match etc. Snacks automatically becomes their immediate food.

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The peanuts supplied to markets are not enough often times it will be scarce for weeks even up to a month before the next supply will come. Meanwhile you can count the number of peanuts brands in the market. At least in my location I can only mention only but two.

So peanut burger business is not crowded. The first product burger has been there for such a long time before it started having a few competitors. Yet it is not enough judging from Nigeria’s population I think we need more peanut burger companies because the few we have cannot cover everywhere for now their concentration is on major towns and cities what happened to those in other cities and rural environment who would have loved to snack about with this product. This is one of the reasons I am writing this post giving clarion call that more people should be involved in producing delicious peanut burger for our teeming population. Young and industrious people..

In this post I shall be highlighting on; how to prepare peanuts burger in Nigeria, ingredients needed for the production, burger packaging, profitability, marketability and finally why you should do the business.
It should be noted here that Ghana peanut burger production is the same with that of Nigeria is just that the production started in Ghana before Nigeria. As a matter of fact the burger the first peanut in Nigeria is produced in Ghana.


  1. You have to go for training from an experience and successful confectionary. You can also attempt it after researching on how to from materials , you can do trial and error until you get it. But with the steps I have outlined in this post you should be able to make a tasty peanut burger without stress.
  2. The next thing to do is to map out a plan to follow such as the quantity to produce, i always advice people to start a business which they are new in small-scale after which the can expand after gaining much experience.
  3. Another thing is the target market although it is not difficult to identify but still write it down so you can follow it to the latter when supplying. Others are; the amount to start with, packaging to use etc.


  • Groundnut 4 cups
  • Flour 4 cups
  • Sugar 4 tablespoon
  • Egg 4
  • Salt ½ teaspoon
  • Baking powder 1 teaspoon
  • Groundnut oil for deep-frying
  • Flavour 2 drops or as desired (optional)


  • Frying pan
  • Frying spoon
  • Containers/packaging
  • Sealing machine
  • Bowls
  • Tray
  • Source of fire


  1. Sieve flour into a clean bowl add salt, sugar and baking powder. Mix them together (all the dry ingredients)
  2. Take another small bowl break the eggs into it and whisk until it becomes watery.
  3. Carry another bigger bowl and pour tour groundnut into it. Soak the peanut in hot water for 15 minutes after you must have selected bad groundnut, stones and dirt out. Wash and allow water to drain. Pour salt and mix with the peanut spray them in a tray or flat surface to dry.
  4. Smear 4 tablespoon of whisked egg add flavour it and turn or twirl. Make sure you hold the edge of the bowl and rotate the groundnut use your hand to separate any nut that gum together. Until all the groundnut are coated with the egg. Pour flour into it and twirl, do this little by little until everything is well mixed.
  5. Put your frying pan on fire pour groundnut oil into it and allow the oil to be hot, then deep fry the peanuts burger until golden brown. Pack them out from the oil into a colander or any other draining material. Pour them on a flat surface to get cold. Package your peanut burger for sale.

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It is only fresh groundnut that can be used for this purpose.
The reason for twirling the contents is for the groundnut to be uniformly coated, without any excess flour.

For the peanut to be smooth do them in batches and rub the egg mixture before frying. The egg mixture in turn binds the flour to the nuts
Do not use too much flour.


Na this one be the koko. Try and use a packaging material that is attractive. Burger actually did well by making their packaging attractive for people to have patronized them even when they were yet to consume such product before. The recent peanut burger in town now. COFCO I so much like their product apart from the fact that their peanut is always very fresh and good their packaging is the bon

In other to beat or penetrate the market where some big companies have been making waves for decades you must have to up your game by starting with an appealing packaging.

Approach people who are into the business of deigning packaging materials to do that for you. Is not anywhere in the market for you to buy. You can use different materials for your packaging such as cups, containers and nylon. The kind of packaging you use will attract people to your product.

And since you are just starting why don’t you go for something that both the rich, the average and the poor can have a bite.

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  • It is very easy and straight forward to produce.
  • Peanut burger business does not require huge amount of money for a start.
  • The ingredients used can be sourced locally
  • Peanut burger is a very good business with high profit
  • Anybody can do the business it doesn’t require special qualification for it.
  • It is consumed by all, there are no restrictions due to any belief etc.
  • Groundnut burger is a business that can be done at home.
  • Peanut burger is a sustainable business because no day passes without people consuming it in large numbers.
  • People serve them in occasions as; appetizers, souvenirs, others just like snacking around with it. This means there is a ready market for it and that is why peanut production will continue to thrive.


The profit in peanut burger business relies solely on overturn. The more you produce and sell the more gain you stand to gain. To maximize profit you must learn to buy things in bulk such as sugar, flour, groundnut (in bags) etc.

Snacks generally are very profitable, it can provide from 70%-100% and over. Take chin chin business for instance the profit is high. IN case you want to venture into it you check it out and read, is one of my early post. Peanut burger business is more profitable than chin chin, I stand to be corrected. It is a business that is not crowded. You don’t add all the ingredients used in chin chin in peanut.


Make sure you use a tasty groundnut. There are different varieties of groundnut but the small ones are said to be tastier than others. Groundnut is what makes peanut burger please select bad or spoilt ones away bad groundnut means bad burger.

Produce only quantities you can sell quickly, remember the more groundnut stays the more it get spoilt. So always produce fresh and tasty peanut burgers. Use vegetable oil that is best suited for frying not the ones that the nuts can drink.

You can mix different flavours until you arrive at a unique taste. You can also spice up your burger with ginger, pepper etc. Or produce a sugar-free burger for diabetic patients or people who don’t like sugar instead use honey.
Once you start your peanut burger production please don’t go down on the taste and always make the product available in the market before another person on sits you.


If you are starting peanut burger in a small-scale #20,000 can start that up that means you will buy the ingredients on a retail price meaning the profit wont be much compared to buying in bulk. Medium will be from #200,000 while large-scale will be from #1,000,000 and above. This will involve getting a car and hiring a driver, marketing staff, production staff etc.


One of these will be competitors especially those who have been in peanut burger business for a long time. And has already made a name in the market. To overcome this, use good packaging, increase the quantity in each pack and produce a tasty peanut burger.
Increase in the prices of ingredients used in producing them.
Not exhausting already produced burger fast. Which can give rise to change of taste because the more it stays the more exposed the groundnut are to spoilage.

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Locate schools and be supplying your peanut burger to them. Others are; churches, markets, supermarkets, shops, roadside vendors especially those selling in the traffic etc.

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  1. Thanks very much I really appreciate you sharing this with the upcoming entrepreneurs

    I believe this will help me in my business

  2. Thanks very much I really appreciate you sharing this with the upcoming entrepreneurs
    I believe this will help me in my business

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