10 Major Things To Consider Before Buying A Solar Inverter

10 Things To Consider Before Buying A Solar Inverter. In this article, You will understand that it’s a good idea to make research and also consider somethings before buying a solar inverter.

Solar Inverter

What Is Solar Inverter?

Firstly we need to look at what a solar inverter is. A solar inverter is an important electronic device which converts dc electricity generated from solar panels photovoltaic system or dc batteries system to ac electricity that can be used to operate our household appliances, commercial/ industrial buildings, etc.

This electronic device mainly consists of step-up transformer, voltage regulator, misfit driver and some other small electronics components. There are also three types of solar inverter and they are off grid inverter, grid tie inverter and micro grid inverter, and also each type is used for certain application under certain rules and circumstances.

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In this article, we will be letting you know the important things to consider before buying a solar inverter.



One important thing you should always find out is the authentication of this electronic device. As with any other device, solar inverters too must be checked for their level of safety. It is very important that you ensure that the solar inverter is certified safe by any independent testing laboratory prior to purchasing it and subsequently putting it to use as this is crucial and essential.


Another step before starting to use this device is you trying to understand the use of this technology device, you must be well informed about all the related terminology, so you have an idea of what to look for in your inverter. Watts, watt-hours, amps, amp-hours and efficiency of operation of the solar inverter are a few terms that you must be well versed with.


You need to select the right battery, because how long your battery last depends on your battery. So it is important you look out for the right battery for your solar inverter. Battery capacity is defined as the maximum number of hours that a battery can power all the devices, in other words the effective use of your solar depends on the type of battery it has.


A solar inverter usually comes in different power ratings. The surge rating of a solar inverter is defined as the number of watts of overload handled by the inverter over a short span of time. The surge rating varies from the inverter to inverter and even between the inverters of the same brand.   Ideally, around 99% of the devices can be covered by a rating varying anywhere between 3 seconds and 15 seconds.

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An inverter is required to supply two types of powers, the powers are peak power and the typical power. Peak power is the maximum power that a solar inverter is capable of supplying only for a small duration of time, usually between a few seconds to as long as 15 minutes. There are certain appliances that require a very high power while starting up than they do to operate normally, post being powered on; this is where the peak power comes to use. While the typical power also referred to as the usual power is the one supplied by the inverter on a steady basis post the device it is supplying power to starts up and get stable.


One sixth factor to consider before getting an inverter is also your the workload and work requirements in your workspace. This depends on the number of appliances that you choose to run using the auxiliary power, which includes everything from televisions and air conditioners to washing machines and any type of machines you have in your workspace. The truth is that there are different solar energies for different work spaces, because it is the demand you have in there that will have to be matched up with the right solar energy type for that demand. A solar inverter’s load handling capacity is measured in Volt Ampere (VA), and the higher it is, the more appliances you can run. However, this will also affect the inverter’s price.


There’s need for you to research for the most commonly used inverters, try to find out the type of inverter people buy the most, as that can be a hint for you to know the perfect brand of inverter that you need. Most times it is that product that most people demand for, that lasts better, and so in getting an electronic device like inverter, you should put this plan into action to, as this would be helpful.


One thing you would not love to see is knowing your Solar’s battery doesn’t last well for you, as this will bring frustrate you. Solar Inverters take Solar energy to charge the batteries. If the charging section of a solar inverter is not energy efficient, it will waste electricity even after the battery is fully charged. You can test the same at your home. Turn off all apparatuses aside from the mains supply to inverter, disengage the battery and measure the power utilization for a particular period.


Nothing hurts than getting a home or workspace appliance and it’s not suitable for you. Always look out for solar energies that are suitable for you and your work space, that includes finding the battery duration if it matches longer after charge, also considering the power load requirement of your space too, as this electronic device needs to match up with that too.


Now, most importantly you need to look out for maintenance methods you need to adopt to make this new device last longer for you, as there’s no electronic device that last longer without maintenance. Maintenance should help your inverter last longer and remain stronger.

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Now that you have gained the necessary knowledge from this inverter purchase guide, you can proceed to buy an inverter that is optimal for your power needs. Being the informed customer that you are, you are guaranteed to pick one that keeps your family cool during power outages and of course your workspace is not excluded.

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