Types Of Drainage System In Nigeria

Types Of Drainage System In Nigeria. Get Informed On The Different Types Of Existent Drainage Systems In Nigeria. Check This Post. 

Types Of Drainage System


Are you searching for the types of drainage system in Nigeria? Then you have come to the right platform for this information. In this article, we are going to look at the types of drainage system that exist in Nigeria. Let’s get started!

When one starts a building construction, it is important that one makes a drainage system. what then is a drainage system?

What Is A Drainage System?

A drainage system is a kind of water conveyance system that helps eradicate water from a house or building mainly to avoid flooding or water contamination.

Why Is A Drainage System Important?

Basically, a drainage system is important to avoid erosion as well as flooding.

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What Are The Types Of Drainage System We Have In Nigeria?

  1. Downspout And Gutter System
  2. Subsurface Drainage System
  3. Slope Drainage System
  4. Surface Drainage System

Types Of Drainage System In Nigeria

1. Downspout And Gutter System

One of the most popular type of drainage system used in Nigeria us the downspout and gutter system. When using this drainage system, the downspout is connected to the gutter. The gutter would remove all the excess water that has been stored on the roof of the house. If this drainage system is not constructed, erosion and flooding can happen when excess water falls to the ground.

Basically, this kind of drainage system and how it works is to ensure that the house is not flooded.

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2. Subsurface Drainage System

Next on our list, we have the subsurface drainage system. This kind of drainage system is one that is usually buried in the ground. Basically, it helps to remove the excess water that the soil has retained. This kind of drainage system is great if you have garden where you plant flowers as well as other crops.

For this drainage system, pipes are usually channelled underground which would serve as the drain. Another name for this kind of drainage system is French drain. This kind of drainage system equally helps in reducing the risk of water contamination as well as erosion that can be caused if there is excess water in the soil. One reason why people do not really go for this kind of drainage system is that it is quite expensive to afford and difficult to manage.

3. Slope Drainage System

Another kind of drainage system we have in Nigeria is the slope drainage system. Here, water is eradicated from a house or building through a downward slope. The pipes that are used for this kind of drainage system can be constructed with steel, plastic or concrete. The pipes used to construct this are usually protected against injuries.

This is one of the easiest drainage systems to manage because it cleans itself. If you are looking for a cost effective drainage system, then this one is for you.

4. Surface Drainage System

Lastly, another type of drainage system that we have is surface drainage system. This kind of drainage system is the best for a flat land. If you want to avoid flooding on a flat land, you should opt for this drainage system. Surface drainages are usually constructed as walk ways.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are The Four Types Of Drainage System We Have?

We have downspout and gutter drainage, sub surface drainage, surface drainage and slope drainage systems.

2. What Is Main Drainage System?

Main drainage system is a conveyance system to drain excess water from a building.

3. Can Flooding Be Avoided By Drainage?

Yes, of course.

4.  Can I Build A House Without A Drainage System?

No, it is not advisable.

5. Is Flooding Dangerous?

Yes, it is dangerous to lives and properties.

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