20 Ways To Know A Lady Is A Wife Material And She Is Ready To Settle Down

20 Ways To Know A Lady Is A Wife Material And She Is Ready To Settle Down

20 Ways To Know A Lady Is A Wife Material And She Is Ready To Settle Down

Are you a bachelor? Are you planning on settling down soon? Are you confused on how to make a proper choice of an ideal woman? Then looking out for a wife material lady is what is best for

What does being a wife material mean?

Wife material qualities are those striking qualities a man looks out for when making marriage choices. If a man does not look out for these qualities, it has a probability that the marriage would fail.

What are these qualities? Here are a list of 20 ways to know a lady is a wife material and she is ready to settle down..

20 Ways to know a lady is a wife material

1.  A great cook:

This is one of the primary qualities a man should look out for in a lady is ready to settle down with. A great cook doesn’t just involve making nice dishes, of course it entails being able to clean the kitchen as soon as one finishes cooking.

Food has become one of the greatest priority of individuals in recent times as the popular saying goes “The way to a man’s heart is his stomach”. A great cook should know the proper ingredients to add to a meal as well.

2. God fearing:

Except you’re an atheist, this is a striking quality to look out for in a woman you wish to settle down with, God fearing means keeping the commandments of God and of course having a personal relationship with God. A God fearing woman should also be prayerful.

You obviously do not want woman that wouldn’t be able to stand in the gap and pray at odd hours when need arises.

3. Good management skills:

A wife material lady should have good management skills because there are times things might not be too rosy and even if things are rosy all the time, you do not want a lady that wouldn’t management properly till everything is gone. This doesn’t mean subjecting a wife to poverty by giving her a ridiculous amount to cook.

For example, Lets assume a cup of rice is 300 naira, you then give her 500 naira to cook rice and stew and expect enough meat to still be in the stew. That is wickedness.

4. Submissive:

It is a popular saying that a woman should always be submissive to the man because the man is the head of the family. It doesn’t matter if she earns more, A wife material lady should always listen to her husband.

5. Humility:

A humble woman as a wife is what one should always pray for. It is no longer news how pride goes before a fall, a proud woman can ruin a mans home by attracting things that shouldn’t be to the home. A proud lady will no doubt tell lie just to maintain a standard.

6. Financially independent:

It is very good to settle down with a lady that is financially independent, she would be able to cover some loop holes in the family.

7. Neat and orderly:

Above all, a wife material woman should be neat and orderly, you do not want your house smelling like a sewage. Apart from keeping the house clean and sparkling, she should be able to keep herself neat and appealing to her man.

8. Shares common values:

This is also a very important quality to look after, you do not want to get married to someone you do not share common values with. I mean, no one wants to raise kids with confusing values and you do not want to always argue about little things when you get married.

9. Has a good sense of humour:

A wife material lady must have a pretty good sense of humour that makes you happy even when you’re depressed. Laughter is often said to be the best medicine and as such, happiness builds a home even things aren’t going too well.

10. Highly sensitive:

A highly sensitive woman is one to build your home with, one that knows how you feel and how to make you feel. A highly sensitive woman is one that is Emotionally intelligent and does not nag all the time.

11. Not a drunk:

A wife material lady is definitely one that does not drink to stupor, you do not want to have a wife that would drink to the extent that she throws your kids on the floor when carrying them

12. Enjoys making love to you:

A good wife is one that is very comfortable being intimate with you. Intimacy is vital to your marriage and is key to any successful relationship.

13. Faithfulness:

faithfulness is a key virtue when looking for a wife. A wife material takes the relationship seriously and will never entertain illicit affairs with other men. Unfaithfulness is some thing that has broken a lot of homes.

14. She gets along with her mother:

A good wife material lady would always get along with her mother, she should be her best friend and her mentor. The mother teaches the female children 80% of things they know about home management. Most times, any woman that doesn’t get along with her mother is rebellious.

15. She is confidential about your intimate relationship:

These days, a lot of women tell their friends how the intimate relationship goes between them and their partner. Trust me, any woman that does this isn’t ready for marriage and isn’t a wife material lady. The intimate relationship between you and your partner must be confidential except of course when going for counselling.

16. A good listener:

A typical wife material of course is one who doesn’t talk too much but does alot of listening.

17. Not a liar during courtship:

It is not news that alot of ladies lie during courtship for reasons best known to them. Any lady that lies during courtship isn’t a wife material lady because she will likely carry the same character in as a wife.

If she lied about her age or how many guys she has been with, then she’s probably lying about what she wants out of a relationship, and what she’s willing to give.

18. Hardworking:

A good wife material lady is one who can carry out majority of the duties of a wife without complains. This includes taking care of the home, the children, her husband, cooking nice meals for the family. A lazy woman can get lazy to the point that she doesn’t take care if herself anymore and doesn’t look appealing to her husband anymore.

19. She has dreams of her own:

A woman ready to be a wife must have her own dreams. I mean, doesn’t she know what she wants her family to be like? Her finances, her kids and all other things. If she doesn’t seem to have dreams of her own then she is not a wife material.

20. Spoils you as much as you spoil her:

Over all, a good wife material should spoil you as much as you spoil her. She shouldn’t always feel entitled and that she is the only one that deserves to be spoilt. Women like this are shallow minded.

I hope you enjoyed reading this piece and more importantly, i hope this helps you. Cheers!

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