Court Marriage In Nigeria | Court Wedding (Complete Guide)

Court Marriage In Nigeria | Court Wedding (Complete Guide). Get All The Information On Court Wedding In Nigeria Here. Check This Post Now.

Court Marriage In Nigeria

Are you planning your wedding? Do you know what it takes to court marriage in Nigeria? Well, i have brought you good news as you have come to the right platform for this. In this article, we are going to be looking at everything it takes to do court marriage in Nigeria. First, we need to see what court marriage really is and what it is not.

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What Is Court Marriage

Court marriage is simply a marriage done that indicates that one is legally married to an individual. So in other words, court marriage is legal marriage.

Difference Between Court Marriage And Registry Marriage

There is actually no difference between court marriage and registry. The marriage conducted is always at the marriage registry and not at the court registry but they typically mean the same thing.

Although if your marriage has fulfilled all the rites and customs after you have applied at the registrar’s office, you would be given a registered marriage certificate. On the other hand, if you are yet to perform all the rites and customs, the marriage would be performed in front of the officer and after 30 days, a certificate would be issued to the couple and that is called court marriage.

Consequences Of Court Marriage In Nigeria

Talking about the consequences of court marriage in Nigeria, we all know that when a couple decide to be divorced after they have been legally married, the properties are to be shared. Hence, nobody would leave the marriage without anything. This makes it quite difficult for people to get divorced as it is usually a complicated process.

What Are The Rules Of Court Marriage in Nigeria?

For men in Nigeria, he must not get married to the following people:

  1. Mother
  2. Daughter
  3. Father’s mother
  4. Son’s daughter
  5. Sister
  6. Wife’s mother
  7. Wife’s daughter
  8. Father’s wife
  9. Father’s father wife
  10. Wife’s mother’s mother
  11. Wife’s daughter’s daughter
  12. Sone’s son wife
  13. Wife’s father’s mother
  14. Father’s sister
  15. Mother’s sister
  16. Brother’s daughter
  17. Sister’s daughter

For women, it is prohibited that they get married to:

  1. Father
  2. Son
  3. Father’s father
  4. Daughter’s son
  5. Brother
  6. Husband’s father
  7. Mother’s husband
  8. Daughter’s husband
  9. Daughter’s daughter husband
  10. Husband’s mother’s father
  11. Father’s brother
  12. Sister’s son
  13. Brother’s son
  14. Mother’s brother
  15. Father’s brother
  16. Sister’s son

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Requirements For Court Marriage In Nigeria

Here is a full list of everything you would need if you want to do a court marriage in Nigeria:

1. For the husband:

  1. Birth Certificate or Declaration of Age.
  2. Passport Photograph.
  3. Indigene Letter
  4. Sworn Affidavit of Bachelorhood from a Law Court/ Bachelorhood Certificate (if bachelor ) .
  5. Affidavit of Marriage (if already married).
  6. Evidence of Divorce – Decree 90 and Decree Absolute (if divorced) .
  7. Death certificate of Previous Wife (if a widower).
  8. Evidence of Annulment from Court (if previous marriage annulled).
  9. Sworn Affidavit of Single with Child/Children.

2. For the wife:

  1. Birth Certificate or Declaration of Age.
  2. Passport Photograph.
  3. Indigene Letter
  4. Sworn Affidavit of Spinsterhood from a Law Court/ Spinsterhood Certificate
  5. Affidavit of Marriage
  6. Evidence of Divorce – Decree 90 and Decree Absolute
  7. Death certificate of Previous Husband.
  8. Evidence of Annulment from Court
  9. Sworn Affidavit of Single with Child/Children.

It should be noted that all the documents need to be uploaded online.

3. Oath Taking

  1. Return to the Registry on your selected Date of Oath.
  2. You are required to provide one witness each on the wedding day from both parties
  3. You are expected to present 2 Rings (male and female) or a Bible/Quran as the case may be.

What Is The Dress Code For Court Wedding In Nigeria?

  1. Wedding Dresses and Suits.
  2. Native Attire.
  3. Corporate Ensemble.

Short sleeves, shorts and jeans are not allowed for court weddings in Nigeria.

What Are The Benefits Of Court Marriage In Nigeria?

Marriage is a beautiful thing, have you ever wondered what the benefits of court marriage are? Well, below are some of the benefits of court marriage that you should know:

  1. It is less stressful to do
  2. It is very much cost effective
  3. There is no dress code for the guests
  4. It is time saving
  5. It is a legalized form of marriage

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How Much Does It Cost To Do Court Marriage In Nigeria?

Usually, it does not cost so much to have a court wedding in Nigeria. Here is a break down of what it cost:

  1. For special marriage: #35,000
  2. For ordinary marriage: #21,000
  3. Change of venue: #30,000


It is recommended that couples undergo court wedding in Nigeria so that their marriage can be legally recognized.

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