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Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria That Don’t Need A University Degree

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Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria That Don’t Need A University Degree.  In Nigeria, while you might not need a degree to get a job, you would eventually need it for career progression. Just know those jobs you can apply for without a BSc or HND certificate in Nigeria.

Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria That Don’t Need A University Degree

A lot of graduates in Nigeria these days come out without hope of getting jobs that would help them earn a living and many at times makes them regret the years spent in the university. Are you living in regrets? Well that has to end today as i have put together am article that would be beneficial for you.  This article would help you identify some of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria that you can do without a university degree.

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Some of these jobs require getting a skill while some has to do with talents.

Here are the highest paying jobs in Nigeria that does not need a university degree:

  1. Blogging
  2. Event planning
  3. An actor
  4. A musician
  5. Social media influencer
  6. Farming
  7. Photographer

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Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria That Don’t Need A University Degree


Blogging in Nigeria to be specific and all other the world generally has become one of the highest paying job. One extraordinary thing about this job is that it does not even need a university degree. A blogger is a person that shares information regularly on a website or a blog.

It is the high use of the internet in recent times that has made this job one of the highest paying ones in Nigeria. This is because people often come on the internet to search for information that would be useful in his or her everyday lives. It is said that bloggers also make money while they sleep as long as they have traffic on their sites. All you need is to be able to read and write and be not deceived because one also needs to learn the act of blogging. To start blogging, you would also need internet and a computer.

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Event planning has recently become one of the most lucrative businesses Nigeria. Formerly, people used to plan their ceremony themselves but due to the usual flop and running helter skelter, a lot of people now prefer their events being planned by a professional.

An event planner is a person that organises and manages events or ceremonies of people professionally. It is the duty of the event planner to provide vendors and makes sure that things do not flop. To be an event planner, you do not need to have degree but no doubt, a degree could help you in your career as well.

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An actor is a person that performs in a play or a film. A female that performs in play or a movie is called an actress. It cannot be over emphasized that you do not need a university degree to become a successful actor or actress. One good thing about this job is that it gives you both money and popularity which is also called fame.

All you need to become an actor or actress is the talent or learn the skill to be a good actor or actress. These days there are so many schools that offer programs in acting. A typical example is the Yul Edochie academy. A tip for also becoming a really successful actor or actress is the ability to see opportunities and grab it, it is also important for you to network with a lot of people.


No doubt that many Nigerians are running into the career of Music. Many of them have talents but of course most of them run into Music for the fame and the money that would be benefited. The good thing about being a successful musician is that you can make millions within a short time.

A music is a person that sings, compose or performs music. Music and be done either on stage or in the studio. You have the chance to explore and develop yourself into becoming a better person each day if you are still an upcoming artist.

One thing you should know about becoming a successful musician in Nigeria is not just by having talents but by your ability to grab at opportunities when they show up. Again, you should also try to make connections and network with the right people.


A social media influencer is a person that promotes goods and services for clients through the use of social media. This simply means that if you wish to market your goods or services online, you can do this through social media influencers.

Social media influencers earn a lot of money and the best part about this job is that it can be done at your comfort and anywhere in the world. Most times, you do not necessarily need to meet with your clients to be able to do this. The most important criteria for becoming a social media influencer is amount of engagements you have on your social media platforms. One interesting part about this again is that you do not necessarily need to have a degree. All you need is to be able to pull traffic on your social media platforms.

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A farmer is simply a person that plants, nurture and cultivates food to make a living from it. This job is one of the highest paying jobs in the world at large. This is because food is a very important aspect of life and that we as human need food to survive, we cannot do without eating.

Whichever way, even if the prices of food become so high, customers are always there for the farmer. You do not even need a degree to be able to do this job but you would have to know the dos and don’ts of farming to be able to be successful.


Photography used to be seen as a profession for the poor in old times but in this twenty first century, it has become one of the most sought after profession with very high pay. This trend is because of the fast improvement rate of technology in recent times.

A photographer is simply a person captures an event with the use of a digital camera or a high technology equipment for memories sake. A photographer takes photographs as well as videos of events. The interesting part about this profession is that it does not need a university degree as well.


In as much as Education is very important, not everybody has access to education. Some might not be interested and many other cannot even afford it. If you do not have access to university education and you need a high paying job, you can take up one of these jobs and make sure you are diligent with it. Cheers.



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