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How To Become a DSTV Dealer In Nigeria

How To Become a DSTV Dealer In Nigeria. A whole lot of questions must  have been popping in your head. Questions like: Who is a DSTV dealer? What does it require to be a DSTV dealer? How do I become a DSTV dealer?  How much do I need to set up?  This article contains all the answers you need.


How to become a dealer

What does DSTV stand for?

In 1995, MultiChoice launched DStv (Digital Satellite Television), a digital satellite television service in Africa that provides various bouquets of general entertainment, movies, lifestyle & culture, sport, documentaries, news & commerce, children’s programming, religious programming, and consumer channels to subscribers.

South Africa and Nigeria account for the vast bulk of DStv’s subscribers, about 8 million. These two areas are often regarded as the most significant for DStv, however markets like Kenya, Angola, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Mauritius, and Tanzania, despite having fewer customers, are also essential for the company’s operations.

Who are DSTV dealers?

There are two types of dealers. They include:

1. Super DSTV dealer

DStv dealers or agents acquire DStv items in large numbers from the firm and resell them to sub-agents or, in some cases, to end customers of DStv. DSTV distributors or dealers have a variety of DSTV specialists on staff that have received specialized DSTV training and are capable of dealing with sophisticated DSTV difficulties and issues.

2. Sub DSTV dealer.

Individuals interested in becoming DStv sub-agents can attend DStv installation training courses organized by the dealers or agents. Provide clients with technical and advisory assistance in any area in which you are knowledgeable (e.g., DStv goods and services, warranty claims, service charges, and so on), among other things. The provision of technical services such as the installation of the dishes for clients (this is mostly done through installation technicians trained by you). Subscription renewal, Customer service and Activation of new subscribers among other functions.

What are DStv agent requirements?

What kind of agent you want to be has a lot to do with how much success you have. To be a sub agent/dealer, you don’t need any particular skills. There is a good chance that you will only have to pay for the technical training portion. As a result of this, you’ll be required to install appliances, fix things from time to time, and know-how everything works in general.

A great agent/dealer, however, needs a large amount of money. In certain cases, the price tag may be in the millions. Once you’re a super agent, you become a member of the DStv brand. Like a satellite dish installer, it’s much more than that. This explains why it is so costly.

As a super agent, you have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. You are a representative of the company in areas where DStv is not yet available. Help people learn more about the services, their costs, and the quality of those services. This means that you are representing the firm when entering into contracts with potential new business partners or customers.

All of these responsibilities require special MultiChoice training, which must be completed in order for you to be effective and helpful. When you become an agent, you’ll learn all you need to know. If, on the other hand, you want to become a super agent/dealer, you’ll need to own a franchise.

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Where to Establish your DSTV Agency business?

DSTV is in great demand because of the company’s fast development. To break although as a DSTV dealer, experts recommend that you set your shop in a region where there is a higher population density. Most of the MultiChoice dealers reside in cities or large cities that have a lot of companies in them, which makes sense. Just because there are more people who are capable of paying for services in a metropolis, it makes sense. You may expect to be sent on a business trip if you are an agent and the firm plans to grow.

How to Register For DSTV Agent Training?

To become a DSTV agent, you must first obtain a registration form from the DSTV website and fill it out. As soon as you’ve filled out the downloaded form, you’ll submit it to the business through their email. Download the application form to become an accredited Dstv agent. Complete the form with your details. Ensure all items have been filled as this might delay the process. Once completed, email the application to and a consultant will contact you

How much do you need to start?

Franchise fees are required to be paid to the business. As a DSTV agent, you must pay this charge. This is followed by MultiChoice providing you with the guidance, resources, tools, etc. to get your company off the ground.

How do I become a DSTV dealer in Nigeria?

If you live in Nigeria and wish to work for Multichoice or DStv, all you have to do right now is go to any of the Multichoice branches and fill out a form. To become qualified, an accredited installer must nominate and sponsor a person to attend one of the three (3) courses offered by MultiChoice. Aspirant Installers are then graded according to their skills level by attending and passing a formal assessment examination.

How To Become a DSTV Dealer In Nigeria

1. Capital

As a dealer or agent of DSTV, you must pay a premium to be taught. In the absence of payment, the firm will not train you. A distributor or agent for Dstv needs to be financially capable. If you really can handle a large start-up fee, you may want to explore being a DSTV super dealer or an agent for the service. Your firm would be forced to become a DSTV sub-agent otherwise. It’s best to start off as a DSTV subagent to be secure. It’s possible to pay the appropriate charge once you’ve started working as a DSTV sub-agent.

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2. Get Trained to be a DSTV dealer

It is essential to train for a DSTV agent. MultiChoice is DSTV’s parent business, providing training for people interested in becoming certified or trained installers. Schedules for agent registration:

Step 1: Download the DSTV online registration form

Step 2: Please complete the form and submit it to the e-mail on the link shown. However, the business’s training requirements include paying the company a franchise fee. MultiChoice will also provide you with the essential information and resources to start up as distributors or agents. After registration, the candidate emerges as a competent installer: You need to attend Multichoice technical training courses and the official evaluation exams must be passed.

3. Client relationships

A dealer needs clients from all areas of life to become a DSTV. You encounter consumers with various requirements, characteristics and defects. There is the calm, easy-going man who only wants to activate a subscription plan. This kind of client understands what he wants and is courteous. Your consumer experience is probably a positive one.

The loud, arrogant man on his television likewise feels angry about the DSTV E16 mistake. This kind of client wants to retaliate or vengeance. A client may constantly grumble about the services you provide as a DSTV distributor. You serve as MultiChoice agent, therefore this client does not treat you well. This kind of client must be patient. The issue may truly get nasty fast if you do otherwise.

As a DSTV dealer, you have to interact carefully with these clients and ensure that your problems will be resolved. Make sure all your concerns are resolved. Patience enables your customers to develop quickly to become a successful DSTV distributor with excellent interpersonal skills and exceptional customer service. In order to be a successful DSTV dealer, particularly in Nigeria, all these criteria must be met.

4. You’ll have your shop stocked up after your learning.

Ensure the optimal location of your business. Recognize that most DSTV-suppliers live in town. You don’t have to worry about promoting and advertising as much as the business. Just attempt to contact prospective consumers and build a strong relationship with them. Stay up-to-date to learn early enough about new business developments.

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Things to consider when choosing a location for a DSTV shop

1. Electricity access

Choosing the right location is very essential to the success of the business. The whole aim of establishing a business is to make a profit. Therefore, the wrong location might bring about losses. One must consider the availability of electricity. You do not want to spend all your capital on fueling your power plants or generator. If an agent decides to set up where there is inadequate electricity supply, he or she will suffer losses.

2. Orientation in technology

An agent must be technologically inclined. This means that he or she must be able to operate these devices and must know how they run. You do not want to tamper with the device. Selling the devices to make a profit would be difficult.

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