Maximizing Your Marks in IB Maths: 10 Easy Tips

Maximizing your marks in IB Maths: 10 Easy Tips.

Maximizing Your Marks in IB Maths

The IB diploma pass rate is estimated to be 78.18%. Of this portion, the tiny percentage who score a grade seven in IB maths do so thanks to effective study and question handling techniques. These are what we’ll break down here.

Here are ten easy tips that will take you closer to a grade seven result in IB maths.

Before Starting a Question

It is not advisable to jump straight into answering questions once you receive your IB maths test. Instead, take some time and scan through the paper and identify the easiest questions to answer.

Please read each question carefully and ensure you understand what it’s about. Highlight the important words, affirm your understanding, then tackle the question.

Answering a Question

Answering questions in IB maths is a skillful process. Firstly, you need to ensure your calculations are correct. You can do this using a different order or method of operation for the provided math problem.

Also, ensure that you show your working. Often, you’ll be awarded marks for the method and correct answer. In a longer question, getting one answer wrong can lead to several more wrong answers, so take the time to verify your work.

Working with Diagrams

Do not assume facts from a diagram, especially if marked “NOT TO SCALE.” For instance, not unless specified in the question, do not assume that a corner is at a right angle. Also, two lines may appear parallel while they’re not.

Capture Key Words in Questions

Particular words in questions give direction on how you should tackle them. For instance:

  • State means put the answer down without working
  • Write down means minimal work is necessary
  • Show means show enough working arriving at the answer
  • Evaluate means work out or give a value to
  • Sketch a graph means draw its shape and only show key points such as where the axes cut
  • Plot a graph means work out points and draw an accurate graph
  • Exact value means do not round it to decimal. For instance, 2π instead of 6.28.

Learn How to Use the Graphing Calculator

Calculators are not allowed in IB maths Paper 1. However, you can and should make full use of it in Paper 2. A calculator makes it easier and faster to solve complicated equations than using algebra.

A graphing calculator also makes it easier to find solutions on a graph. Only ensure that you have set up the device correctly.

Have a Log Book of Errors for Revision

Doing past papers is great, but having a log book of errors to help pinpoint where you need to improve makes using past papers more effective.

As you study using a past paper, log all the questions you get wrong, along with their correct answer, and try them again.

Start Studying Early

This is perhaps one of the most cliché advice you can get, but it always works. Moreover, it costs students lots of performance when ignored.

IB maths is a vast subject with weeks of content and projects. You need more than a night of studying to grasp these concepts and pass your exams. So, start early.

Engage Teachers and Tutors

Make time for one-on-one meetings with your teachers or tutors to help iron out complex concepts or topics.

Develop New Study Techniques

Studying can get repetitive or boring. Try new techniques such as the Feynman technique to make studying more fun.

Invest in Online Resources

In addition to the material you get in class, invest in quality  Math IB online resources to help you study better. Great resources come with revision papers and IB prediction exams to get you better prepared for your test.

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